YouTuber Vs Musician! Roast Yourself Challenge (Diss Track)

YouTuber Vs Musician! Roast Yourself Challenge (Diss Track)

Epic roast battles of YouuTuube! Emma Blackery VS Emmaaa Blackery! *slow clap* Well, I liked it Hey everyone, I hope you liked this video If you did then please let me know by hitting that thumbs up button down there 🙂 Or down… Still don’t know how to do YouTube And please share this video around! I know a lot of people ask that at the end of videos And that’s usually when people click off But, It would mean a lot for me because I don’t think I’ve ever worked this hard on a video Ever Three days straight! I have not slept This video is of course based on the Epic Rap Battles of History series You can click here to watch them They’re a lot better than this I’m not affiliated with them And I don’t want them thinking I’m just ripping them off This is more like a.. Terrible tribute So, go and watch them if you haven’t already If you haven’t, I mean come on I also have some daily vlogs up here I’ve started using my old beauty channel as a vlogging channel now Uhm, it’s not every day But It is Uhm Sort of Daily Anyway, I need to go ‘Cause my memory card is running out of space I hope you enjoyed it! And thank you for watching And I will see you guys.. Next month according to my own rap! Bye!


  1. This is amazing Emma!, especially considering that you had to play both Emma's in this video. A very well done indeed:)

  2. Personally I think both won. Vlogger Emma made her career but Musician Emma continued. The people who began watching her through comedy, then grew up and preferred her music. So I think both won.

  3. I feel like this deserves way more views. Its one thing to write and produce a rap, but the video production on this is amazing! It's way more creative than any of the other Roast Yourself Challenges I've seen. Still remains one of my favourite Emma videos.

  4. this was one of the first videos i watched of Emma's and i instantly knew i would love her. skip forward two years and I've seen her twice in concert and can't remember how many times I've watched this video and screamed the lyrics each time! Thank you Emma for all the happiness you've brought! Xx

  5. I FUCKING LOVE YOUR GORGEOUS SELF. THIS MADE MY LIFE. Also I think that you are underrated. You deserve all the subs, I'll always watch you and love you cuz you put a huge smile on my face

  6. My favorite part about this is how musician Emma is slightly taller than youtuber Emma and honestly I love it

  7. My god, this video makes so much more sense now. "So what, you're gonna take it all seriously now?" gave me chills.

    It's so interesting, because this has been my favourite video of yours since it came out, yet it's so sad knowing what was going through your head up to this point.

    "I liked you better when you were funny" – perfect visual representation of what you've said in the newest video, holding your head in your hands and the comments coming through, god.

    I found you ages ago through Luke and liked more and more every time that you uploaded videos with your dad. He's always been super funny just like you.

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