1. Me and my girlfriend have dreamed so much you, guys, to come in Italy.. then, one date in Milan was announced and we bought two tickets istantly. Unfortunately, the concert has been deleted due the virus outbreak…

    Hope that these dark times will pass soon… till then, we'll waiting for you to bring your beautiful songs in our lands again, one day. You're awesome, guys.

  2. Is that a song about the same girl you sang you took your things and wasn't ready ahead of yourself. Now she's gone. You should have thought better. Girls power haha

  3. Trying to think of the right adjectives to describe this. I can't. It's beautiful, and that's not enough. LOVE IT!

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  5. Such strong goosebump invoking vocals! Love when he plays the sax! The blue tuxes reminiscent of my high school prom(1984) #nostalgia:)

  6. Honestly one of the greatest songs I've heard over the last few years! Please keep being you and releasing stuff this great! I love you all! A shame your concerts are cancelled 🙁 Hope to see you live someday! Till then, keep slaying!

  7. Half way in and I know for sure this is something that will be staying a long time on my playlist not that it's sad but the rhythm and vocals render it 🔥

  8. Get ready for all the covers, auditions, being played in trailers, in movies and renditions on tv shows, on this song…


  9. Sam Harris is up there with the like of Ryan Tedder, Chris Martin, and i think, they should do a collaboration, so they can kill us all the fans with excitement, this is my Favourite Jam though

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