Wolftyla “All Tinted” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Wolftyla “All Tinted” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

A lot of fans have been hitting me up, saying it’s not summer, you should have released this earlier but the point, first of all, the gag is it’s summer somewhere, it’s
getting warmer somewhere. So really the song’s
just supposed to put you in a relaxed state, it’s
supposed to just calm the anxiety a little bit, make you breathe a little bit easier. So, that’s the goal. I was actually going through a break up, I’m a free agent now. I took the song, I
flipped it into something that was just bright
and happy and uplifting, I think that’s just how you
have to channel the energy when something negative
in your life happens. I went into the studio and this record’s actually
produced by Jay Lewis and Ransom. And they just played it and
I was like oh, this is funky. Just the beat alone, I was like, I feel like I’m at a barbecue, cause I feel like I’m a very old soul, like I’m 23 but I feel like I’m 75, with arthritis. I was like, this could definitely
bring all the aunties out but it could also make
the little kids dance so it was just about finding that medium. Anybody who is around me, anybody that I’m keeping in my space, I am telling them all that from the jump. This is what I need so if you guys are out
here giving me bad energy, y’all got to go. And that’s that on that. Period. Trust, loyalty, honesty is everything. So when I say put your trust in me, I’m telling you that you can trust me. Nothing can work if there’s no trust and especially if we’re
going into the summertime, that’s when you need the trust the most because people will be here wildin’. I’m not gonna lie to
you but I could though. Even still, if I was
choosing to lie to you, I would still be on your mind. I think that’s the other
side of Gemini talking, to be honest. Two sides of the Gemini, one
is saying put your trust in me, you’re good and then the
other one’s probably lying, I don’t know, I don’t know her. People become hoes in the summertime. Not me though, I’m just sayin’, some people, they get
a little loose out here and I feel like it’s difficult sometimes to hold a relationship
because of temptation. People are always goin’ out to parties and being, I guess, put
in environments where it gets a little sneaky, sneaky so… It’s hard to, I guess,
keep something going if it’s not for you, if it’s not real and it kinda just falls off. To make it out of the summer and have a relationship with me, I feel like you just have to be honest, you’re just real with what
you have done within this time and you’re just truthful with me, then I feel like, what’s the problem? At least you were, at least
you kept it a hundred with me, at least you told me, this
on the third happened, so it’s like, I gotta respect honesty. I was not in a coupe,
I was not in any type of luxurious car, it
was just a little Flex. All tinted in the coupe, tinting out the windows in the coupe just represents privacy, it also represents not being out here, lookin’ like a clown. I wipe the makeup off my face, I’m no longer a clown anymore because really the song is
just based about a break up so I think after you
get out of a break up, you’re kind of to the point
where it’s just like look, what you all tryin’ to do cause I’m out here to love
and you all are playin’. So it’s really just about asking someone whether you get into another relationship or whoever you’re with or just vibin’ with throughout the summer, just being very straightforward
with the person. I feel like that hook
part was really catchy so I was like nah, see I gotta
bring it back one more time but just in a different type of way. I think when I go high, it kinda gets stuck in people’s head. You don’t really expect for it to go up, it’s like oh she’s about to
say the same line one more time and then you’re like mmm, mmm. I was just trolling cause I want to see if people get that note in the crowd. I was just like, ♪ All tinted in the … ♪ Oh, okay. Overthinking will kill your vibe, it’ll kill your confidence, it’ll kill the actual
reality of the situation cause you can literally stay up all night and think about a situation
over and over again and it’ll just, you’ll
get nowhere with it. So I’m just like look, don’t overthink it, let’s just do it, it is what is is, we’ll worry about it later on cause really, the song is just about living, kind of in the moment and just vibin’ with whoever
just makes you feel good and who you love to be around. When I thought of that line specifically, I was thinking of the
song Dance With Me by 112, Let’s Groove, Earth, Wind and Fire. ♪ Let’s groove tonight ♪ ♪ Du du du du ♪ That right there, aunties comin’ out the woodwork, breakin’ their ankles, everything, bustin’ it on the floor. Those were the type of songs
I was like I need to get some kind of record in that feel, to make people feel good because those songs can
play and you can’t just not dance. If you don’t dance, you’re just weird. I would say get that checked out. The response has been
crazy, absolutely insane. All Tinted, it hit the radio and then I see little kids dancing to it
in front of the screen, they’re watching music
videos and I’m seeing, old people or just older
people, just two stepping to it so I’m like wow, I feel like it’s just a universal kind of song.


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  8. "get the aunties out of the woodwork.. if you don't dance I think you should get that checked out." love groovin to your music, Tyla! So cool to watch you grow <3

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