Why Lean Became Rap’s Most Wanted Drug

Why Lean Became Rap’s Most Wanted Drug

posting posts in my favorite posting sip touch my lips i'm comatose in double up my cup discover my lust you got my attention but i don't think love is enough daddy taught me stands hard but i rather we lean tried to before i was 17 so my lifestyle into a dream i know it made me think less about the and i see i know the that i seen most people wouldn't believe it and if i had the choice i would leave it lean which is essentially a mild opiate made from mixing codeine cough syrup with sprite has always been popular in the south but recently it's had a bit of a resurgence also known as scissor dirty sprite or purple drank lean is made by mixing prescription-strength cough syrup with soda and sometimes fruit flavored candy the beverage has become popularized in hip hop music over the years with famous rappers featuring and drinking lean in their music videos which in turn has made it more popular on social media where fans try to imitate their favorite rap stars it's really easy to overlook what a huge effect this weird little purple concoction has had on rap music but it's changed rap music more than heroin change rock music everything has become more strung out slower and with that strung out slower music there's also a kind of strung out slower personality that you see people who listen to this music have and it's kind of like everyone's sort of Tooting out a bit so we're about to meet a rapper named Cassie who raps about lean a lot when we first came to Florida I sort of assumed that lien was a cheap easy to get drug I mean it's basically pharmaceutical cough syrup mixed with sprite but now we've learned that bottles go for the $3,000 I mean it's this highly sought-after status symbol and I'll be interesting to see whether he actually does like lean or whether for him it's just another part of the image it I guess nobody dating me standing there something night amongst rappers and other people you know how big is lean lean is big as everybody sleeps lean or everybody wants to sibling listen it all right once the sibling acts like this sibling act like they knows my discipline ass like they could get lean but and what about personally like what's your experience with lean oh my lightning I got was like me first time a sibling was with click-clack was in the studio and I just wanted to sit because like just like we was i doing drugs every once a while and stuff like that smoking do another but yeah like we want a sibling in the studio and we made music and it was five foot and and and Elena's kind of it is an opiate right yeah definitely a lot of use in the hood and niggas don't know that it's a Hopi but then after a while you drink so much then they want us to take it hurts they may want to start taking purposes and then they'll know why they like the person I think it tastes good yes some taste is good like you would think for something to have opiates and all that in there be nasty yeah if you put that up some spray a little cook yes off it makes you feel good it makes you feel like I do a great version here so yeah and now we gonna pop what using is behind this recent upsurge in people doing mean definitely rap culture MC Texas really started that way but now that we're in the age of social media I feel like it's gotten a new leap because you know it's like it's a cool drug it's expensive it's hard to access it's exclusive you know what's weird about lien is like it's not have weed right and you you could all have weed nobody nobody's cooler if you got lien in here most of us probably don't have it so it's like is this a status you know it's a Luisa prima Calabria legolas house so even though liens having a bit of a moment right now it's actually been around since the 90s and to get a little bit of historical context about how you culture has changed you're gonna go meet a guy called Abel he's a graffiti artist who's tag is basically a giant stone cup of lien but he's also kind of like the world's leading lien aficionado we're actually meant to meet with him this morning we found out he was in jail and should be heading back to his house diamond why do you like lean so much I don't know I guess I grew up with it I don't know it's more like it's like my childhood back in the days when people couldn't afford to get on other drugs we just skip to robitussin Berlin when you're young and you just go through your mom's medicine book the around sack that nyquil all night how do you get your name I'm gonna prescribe and what what condition is it meant to be treating serious cough and bronchitis and all sorts of okay do you actually have serious coughing bronchitis yes sometimes well I'm smoking right yeah why does it come in a double-cut people don't even know that that so your hand doesn't warm up the drink inside so you don't know the ice is that's what it originated for but people you started a trend with it now everybody holding a double cup so that must feel really weird to see people rapping about this and when for you is just like the only drug you can take because it was the cheapest yeah and cuz I that prices went up on everybody demand for lean is so high these days that we've heard of some dealers actually robbing pharmacies at gunpoint just to get their hands on it and we're actually heading to a trap house right now to find out how they're getting it and also why the demand has been increasing so much so you sell the full bottle by itself right yeah if they money right we sell the whole bottle of stuff I guess it is very expensive otherwise you're selling out otherwise we just break it down in measurements like she could show you what's going on right now three ounces right there so you sell just a this errbody you mix the drink for them from no I just saw the syrup set up right so three ounces just double cup oh is that a double Cup it was that why is it always have to be in a double Cup that's just what it is that'll be in a double Cup that's how you know you're serious so how much of this stuff can you sell in a day if you got the right cartel this whole ago people love this it's the highest it's a hot commodity right now this is four dollars a bottle this brand right here this is the low breath is it true that somebody will use Instagram to sell it you know it's big Instagram is a platform for you to sell a lot of things back in the days when I had no clientele I jumped on Instagram yeah and used to DM people like y'all have this I got that so yeah it was a bitch I feel like they use Instagram more so to promote it as far as okay we using it and this is how we feelin right now this is the vibe we on we on that mellow chill vibe we not snorunt cold we're not doing heroin you know they're promoting that we cool we buy them like yeah have you noticed an increase in young people specifically buying this kids is listening to the music they following all these big-time celebrities a lot of kids are doing it a lot of kids going on the soda and candy and leaned masked the taste of the coffee medicine which often contains the powerful drugs promethazine and codeine codeine is a highly addictive opioid and when ingested in large amounts produces feelings of euphoria alleviates tension and anxiety and decreases aggression all of which has contributed to liens popularity over the years but prolonged lean consumption can lead to dependence an increased use of opioids and potentially fatal overdoses Emelia Villere is a prevention specialist at the United Way of Broward County and has been working as a drug counselor in Florida since 2011 are you going out to schools and giving talks in schools currently yes drugs is very prevalent in Florida we have a very serious opioid epidemic going on right now and it's killing two people a day to be with a day so people in Florida yeah in Broward County you're just in Broward a day yeah and do you see lean as one piece of that opioid epidemic well you know lean has an opioid in it yeah so and that's something that people don't realize I had kids who are testing positive for opioids on the drug screens they were like no I've never done that before and I'm like pretty sure they had no idea that they had an opiate in their body and what effect does it have on their lives when they're doing me if you're high all the time you can't pass class you're falling asleep in class and keeps falling asleep in counseling sessions like out they're out talking to them and they're out and lean is not cheap it's a very expensive so then they're stealing to get the lean it's an addictive substance people say that it's it's mild well means not that serious it's mild but what's the ratio of of promethazine and codeine that you're using to your sprite you don't know if you're taking a sip from someone's cup you don't know how much of of the medicine they put on there versus a sprite so yeah you might have a really potent white Styrofoam cup with a lot of coating in there and you don't know it so yeah that's gonna create a higher addiction and you have really good-looking rappers who's got all the honey's he's got all the girls you know and he's drinking this he's always got a white fire foam cup in his hand and he's on this then maybe if I do that I'll get the hunt I'll get the Lambo I'll get the Maserati you know things of that nature they're making that association even if that associations not really real one of your lyrics says I think these are amazing it says Dancing with demons and goblins we don't see it cuz we too entangled in the comments you won the perks and the lien too much our generation probably seeing too much iPhone information overload it's being too much God has disconnected with our own self because we see a lot of people through the screen we don't do all we do is dream and okay yeah do you worry that there's a problem with our generation I mean yeah like oh the reason I said information overload and that thing is because like we're in this age of like consuming you know everybody's consuming you know UK you're always on your phone watching other people's lives watching other people's and so you we always are getting fed this like false perception of reality and that's where I think all the problems come because then people feel more like empty they don't they feel like they're lacking you know all the times that's why we use drugs and you know fake on Instagram it's like all the same thing you know a lot of people might say that rappers are to blame for people doing lean but is it is it really that rappers are promoting a drug culture or are you just reflecting address you know generation I wouldn't say rappers are to blame for anything because robbers we're just people you know so if you listen to the music ain't nobody saying hey go get some bling a old another cook that um they're talking about what they doing I'm pulling a cook I'm sick for some lean which I pulled a butt which if we're gonna be honest though that's in a way promoting because everybody want to be like us but at the end of the day like I still think they're like rappers were just people we're not the yeah you get money for everything because they're popular right well I think we're just they're a byproduct of what they grew up around I grew up around jug so it wasn't that I was ever trying to promote drugs and that was just that was the experience I had to talk you know something is for the same for all rappers you know we all grew up in our environments and most people you know at least get rappers we're just talking about the stuff that we've seen and been around so that would be like blaming a reporter for a mass shooting you know it's like now we're talking about what's going on around us hey man cheers brother my cup look at this here's the oh that's actually perfect yes that's that's the mythical poopoo you want to try to do that green for not permit there's a lien trade going on yeah you know it's like a supreme Louis you know so what do you guys yeah a long time this party's a lot like all the kind of stuff you see on Instagram if you follow these rappers it's fun than its chilled never is having a good time but then it's also very real I mean he just got a face tattoo that said suffering across his face so you can tell it like yeah there's the good fun side to drugs the recreational side but then there's also the kind of escaping side of drugs and there's obviously a lot of emotion there to escape from are you feeling the green yeah and they're definitely I mean it's like I feel like you go rap absolutely not absolutely no if I couldn't rap before and I did but I I don't know just like people would say things and I wouldn't quite properly hear them yeah and I would see things and not fully ignored them yeah almost like I wasn't really acknowledging the world around me almost like I was tuning out from the world and I can see if you keep doing that then it's like a very very short step to getting a face tattoo yeah okay when you say that you were when you say that you were tuning out do you mean that um like your focus on yourself or tuning it out it just I think focusing less on myself and less on the world around me that's interesting I I think that's the important downfall yeah it's important to focus on both of those things but especially right dude thank you so much I appreciate y'all really appreciate the opportunity to talk and I'm suggesting really there are a lot of potential reasons as to why lean to be coming back right now the easiest thing to do is to blame rappers and Instagram which have kind of served as liens ultimate marketing tools but codeine at its heart is a prescription based opiate and rappers didn't invent the opioid crisis all opiates are used to try and escape something so maybe the bigger question here is why is our generation trying to escape


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  2. They all huddled around that dude poppin a bottle of GREEN 😂. If it ain’t caraco, they legit just drinkin pain Prometh, which they don’t get, so they’ll be wondering why their normal dose isn’t getting them out of dope-sick-ness cuz there’s no codeine, but hey, they don’t know, you know why? Cuz they’re fuckin TREND SIPPERS. They tend to even think NyQuil counts as lean, they’ll even pour that shit themselves thinkin they up there with the real ones

  3. Codeine is da name
    Lean is what rappers call it
    But I call it "sweet heroin"
    And unless you got exp. Wit opiates and know how to come off it w/0 a struggle.
    That purple drank will sipp you and shit you alive.
    So cheers!!

  4. Ignorance is bliss and i think you have added to it.People get addicted and it ravages the body.Its an opiate not a fucking fizzy drink.Scary the way the "pour" becomes such a ritual.
    My dealer in London offered me some,i might export it to the states…….

  5. Who the fuck would wanna even pay 3k for damn bottle of that bullshit here in Canada is for 40 dollars a bottle and nobody really drink them smoke that good medical marijuana and u good to go

  6. I don't see anyone drinking kombucha.. a healthy gut is more beneficial than getting high on cough syrup in high fructose corn syrup 🤓👍

  7. They drink lean but they get a belly tho because of lean I wouldn't drink that shit, just keep smoking tree and dabbing 💯, stay high Hydrated guys.

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