Why Don’t Some People Have Rhythm?

Why Don’t Some People Have Rhythm?

If you’re like me, you can’t dance. Actually
if you’re like me you’ve been politely but firmly asked not to dance. Whatever, I’m
just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake shake, baby, shake it off. Hello there, dancing machines, Julian here
for DNews. I’m a firm believer that everyone should march to the beat of their own drum.
As it turns out though, it may be physically impossible for some people to keep a beat. Researchers at McGill university and the University
of montreal recently published a study comparing 2 people with 2 metaphorical left feet to
32 controls. They had all of them clap out a beat of their own, then keep pace with a
metronome, and finally clap along with a metronome that changed tempos randomly. At first nobody had a problem. When everyone
kept their own beat or followed a steady metronome, they all had the clap. This rules out the
possibility that there was something wrong with their motor functions. But when the 2 tuneless souls had to keep
time with a changing rhythm, they were hopeless. And I don’t mean they were just clapping
on the one and the three beats like a little old lady in church, I mean they couldn’t
swap to the new tempo like everyone else could after just a few beats. They would try, but
be off the new beat by big gaps. They were certified beat-deaf. There’s no explanation yet for why some
people have rhythm and some people don’t, but the hypothesis is something’s off with
their biological rhythms. We all have biological rhythms like your heartbeat and your day/night
cycle. Even the way you talk has a rhythm to it. but apparently for some people they
just aren’t able to adjust their rhythms based on external cues. Before you use it as an excuse to avoid the
dance floor, it’s an extremely rare condition. One previous study at the International Laboratory
for Brain, Music and Sound Research in Montreal interviewed dozens of volunteers who claimed
they couldn’t keep a beat and only found one qualified test subject. As a sidebar, I think it’s interesting both
these studies were in Montreal. I don’t like to play to stereotypes, but we all know
French Canadians can’t dance. Mathieu Dion was the unlucky soul, and at
one point in his life he actually was a Mascot at an amusement park who had to dance in shows
as part of his job. Eventually they stuck him in the back so he could copy his fellow
dancers, but it probably helped that no one could see him. The study had him dance to a variety of music,
because scientists are cruel. They found the only genre he could keep up with was Techno
because of it’s loud steady pulse. Dion had a good attitude about it, saying,
“I am the first diagnosed in the world of having no rhythm, which is something great.”
Way to stay upbeat, Mathieu. Even if you are beat deaf, I still say you
just go for it. You do you. Dance like nobody’s watching. Even though everybody is watching.
Shame on them, you have a condition! Aside from making you feel awesome and chasing
your cares away, Dancing might have some other cool side effects. Cristal’s got the deets
on the beats here. Are you afraid of busting a move? Would finding
out you’re beat deaf give you more confidence or make you find a different hobby? Let us
know in the comments, and I’ll see you next time on DNews.


  1. I myself cant synchronise my left and right hands to different rhythms! I just cant! So i cant play a piano or play the drums. Its annoying sometimes because i love music.

  2. I need to be tested. My high school English teacher noticed my difficulty in picking up on iambic pentameters, alliteration, and dactyls. She took me to the music department head teacher and he tried having me match pitch, jump on a beat, and other stuff with notes and octaves. In the end, they both agreed I was tone deaf and attributed it to me learning simultaneously both English and Arabic as a child and that caused it because I could think in both languages since I learned both at first languages.

  3. I spent a third of my life thinking I couldn't dance until a girl taught me. Then dancing classes started to make a lot of sense.

  4. All this time I thought when someone said they didn't have rhythm that they just needed practice and/or weren't trying. Wow that's amazing

  5. I hate it when people have to clap in a certain rhtythm and they start getting faster… argh! It's not that hard to clap in the same rhythm! 

  6. as a DJ, i think i'm pretty good at keeping a beat, i can recognize the BPM of a track that has an irregular beat… not sure if that's everyone but i can

  7. What the fuck happened to all the fine as fuck sexy ladies on this show?? That's why dNews is loosing viewers. Put Big Tits Laci Green back on!!

  8. First off I love DNews, but this is the least informative video you guys have ever created. Please don't entice me with an interesting question and then, "…researchers still don't know why." -_-

  9. @stressfreegaming

    Lol. What an ignorant racist tool you are. You do know it was white peoplethat fight and died to end slavery for blacks yes?

    Thousands and thousands and thousands of years and years of slavery and white people finally freed blacks. Didn't have to. Did it of their own volition and lost a lot of lives doing it. Ironically, you use this newfound freedom to speak badly about the very same race thst freed you.

    Astounding ignorance.

  10. You are the universe, everything is you. "Dance like no one is watching"- No, dance like you are observing and appreciating your self. Because that is what you are doing. "Having rhythm" and people who "do not have rhythm" is not real. Our universe was created by different wave lengths, everything is relevant and is creditable as a whole. Everything is different, do not judge anyone for moving in any way, what so ever. Rather have some thing move any way to anything and appreciate it like it everything then have nothing exist at all. You judging someone else, is really you judging your self. 

  11. I'd like to know why some people have a sense of pitch and can easily figure out how to play instruments by ear, when most people can't do that.

  12. learning how to dance is something you need to learn as a child its not something you can learn easily as a adult. I think if this guy had black friends or black parents he would have learned rhythm.  

  13. I play saxophone and I play sheet music well, but if someone tells me "Play G natural" I'd go to the back of my book and check what the note is what. I just can't see notes as letters.

  14. What a misleading title to this video. Halfway through the dude says "there's no explanation yet for why some people have rhythm and some people don't." WTF

  15. Really? People just overcomplicate stuff like this… Everything is chocked up to genetics. Here is the honest truth from a black dude… Black people tend to have an easier time keeping up with rythms not because of some magical genes. Most of our soft characteristics have more to do with our upbringing. The music that black people tend to listen to typically is polyrythmic in nature and tend to have irregular cadences (Gospel, hip hop, rap, blues, jazz). A great deal of the music that white people tend to listen to as they grow up isn't (Choral, classical, country, electronic, etc). Because of this reality, if you then try to follow polyrythmic music with irregular cadences in your later years, you will find it challenging. No magic and no genetics either people…

  16. I was kinda looking for someone to laugh at.  and now I'm more smarter. I found a Squirrel. he can't clap, at all.

  17. People say i don't have rhythm in me but when i dance zumba i see in the mirror that i do have rhythm…why is that?

  18. Does anybody how how you can help it?
    What you can do to learn rhythm even though you were born with no sense of rhythm?
    Because I'm pretty sure I can't sense rhythm at all and it always been a riddle to me but I' d like to change that!

  19. I go crazy once I hear a song because the beat just latches onto me like a leech. I can't walk to a song without walking to the beat.

  20. I've given up completely in dancing. I've left some many ladies stranded in the floor as I watched them dance on the floor. I'm a handsome, athletic good looking guy who cannot keep a beat yet I'm coordinated in sports. I have a beautiful running form just no dance form that looks handicapped at best. I can even do the quick feet ladder drills but I can't keep a beat whatsoever. I never danced much but a bunch of women recorded me and laughed their hearts out when I tried dancing with them. They said I was too stiff, couldn't keep a beat but it literally is very hard for me. I'd rather look dysfunctional on the dance floor I really don't care anymore. I gave up on dancing, gave up on dating or marriage. I'm sticking with sports!

  21. Don't listen to this video because I had the worst rhythm ever so I decided to start playing drums to see if I could gain any, and now I am really good at drumming and I have really good rhythm.

  22. A beat is a construct of modern man. Not everyone has developed a ear for it because music is not a necessary thing for life to continue. No matter what you feel. Nature does not care about what you feel. Get over it.

  23. You do know that SOME forms of dance are NOT rhythm oriented? Ballet for example – THAT is a more MELODIC form of dance and based on fluidity and grace rather than rhythm.

  24. I love music, but I actually have no rhythm and it is really bad. I love to sing and tried so often to learn just simple dances and several instrumments. Everybody keeps telling me I have no rhythm – thanks to all does idiots that wasn‘t thankfull at all and hurt my selfconfidence when I was younger. I understand I may never become a great musician and thats ok but shut up and let me have fun at the dance floor.
    To all of you who have rhythm be thankfull for the gift god gave you, have a nice day 🙂

  25. It never ceases to amaze me how many musicians I jam with fit into the category of those with no rhythm. Yet they still play on, unaware of how godawful they sound. And then I have to drum to their nonsense.

  26. No that not true it you white people cant dance 💃🏽 for shit. You guys do not know how to dance to rhythms or beats haha 😂

  27. I literally can't dance …I have rhythm I play music.. it's just my limbs just don't work that way. I've been laughed at because of it

  28. People assume all black people can dance well most of us can.. but it's not due to genetics. its mostly due to the fact that dance and music is heavy in all black cultures around the world… I do know a few who can't and these are blacks that grow up in suburban areas….

  29. The thing is, I just went to a wedding where I was the only black person and I have a lot of questions about culture and musicology and I don't know where to find the answers.

  30. It's not racist. I was a DJ for 7 years and I can tell you first hand that most white and Asian people have no rhythm. I would say 95% of them. Asians are typically worst than White people but they are in the same ballpark. Most black and Spanish people have rhythm. I would say 90%. I wouldn't have known this was on a big scale if I wasn't a DJ for so many years. I actually googled to find out why and that is how I came upon this video. Obviously nobody knows why White and Asians are so out of rhythm.

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