1. its crazy how yall think memphis where the ones that put south side on the map all yall foos forgetting about houston,tx and Louisiana where it all started

  2. Gangsta Pay was the first Memphis rapper to release an album on a major deal. Atlantic records in 1991. There's some history for you. The world only wanted to listen to LA or NY though. Early to mid 90s was Playa Fly, Tommy Wright, Gangsta Pat, Skinny Pimp, DJ Spanish Fly and Paul, etc really. Some of the stuff people call old Memphis was 5-10 years after these dudes paved the way. People don't realize Yo Gotti can do that Bone type flow before it was a "Bone" flow.

  3. I'm from Louisiana but I listen to a lot of Memphis rap. I started with 3 6 mafia
    I know most of these rappers you've listed. Another good trio rap group from Memphis is Devilish Trio.

  4. Here's another example of the most sampled song (Dj Zirk – 2 thick) – And listen to at least 3 more vocal samples from this song !!! XD
    (Im german and i am more memphis than you!!!) XD XD XD

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