Wayétu Moore reads “A Song”

Wayétu Moore reads “A Song”

My name is Wayétu Moore. I’m going to be reading “A Song” by Paul Laurence Dunbar. This book of poems was a gift from a
really great friend of mine in college. He was the friend who encouraged me to
pursue creative writing. He bought me this book and he said “you should check
it out”. And so we would read the poems together, and this particular poem we read quite frequently and he was the inspiration for my creative career and
so as a result this poem is very important to me.


  1. Can we get the soundtrack edit to cut out harsh s sounds in future videos, please? This video was very piercing to listen to

  2. Gosh, the "who knows" at the end is hopeful and hopeless at the same time. There are so many contradictions in this poem, and they all make so much sense.

  3. This was the first poem on this channel in a while that was beautiful to me. Idk man sometimes you just need a break from non rhythmic, non rhyming poems and have a traditional poem. Who knows, who knows?

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