Victoria, Season 2: Silent Piano

Victoria, Season 2: Silent Piano

(“Wedding March” by Mendelssohn) (noteless piano keys clack) – So there’s a lot of
piano music on Victoria, because obviously that was the
main source of entertainment in that era. We prep all the music, and
then we come up and work with the actors to make it look
as convincing as possible on the screen. – The problem being is, well… (noteless piano keys clack) (laughs) – It doesnt’ make any sound. – The music that you hear on
the actual broadcast version of the show is you playing. – [Tom] Yeah, mostly. – Most of the time. So
all of the live music that you will hear is
recorded in post-production, and then layered on top to
match our hand positions and the like. I’m having a hard time
not looking at the lens. – Why are you looking at the lens? – I feel bad for– – Don’t look at the lens. Go back, do it again. – That bit where I told you
that you were good at your job. – Yeah, exactly. – Okay, Tom is really good at his job. – Don’t– (laughs) – You just need to find it. – Lots of the actors, apart from this one, are actually relatively
musically literate, so– – Hey… – Hey, did you see what I did there? – Yeah.
– I just put you down, yeah. – You put me down. My mum’s gonna’ watch this. – I know, I know, sad. – They want us to play
instruments as much as we can. I went to Daisy, and I said,
well, I can play the clarinet, and she went, “Well, that’s not very sexy, so we don’t want you to play that.” (laughs) – It’s wonderfully low-tech what we do because essentially this is
just a very fancy MP3 player. Quite often what will
happen when there is dialog in a scene, is that we’ll
play three seconds of audio. The burst of music at
the beginning gives both the actor, unless he’s incapable, (laughs) a chance to get into whatever
it is that they’re doing, and also gives us something
to then sync up to in post. (“Wedding March” by Mendelssohn) And then yeah, right hand. (sings tune) Yeah great, really, really good. – And that’s how you
play piano on Victoria. – And that is how you
play piano on Victoria.


  1. Sigej poniendo como novedad y no se entiende nada ponganlo subtitulado al español
    Argentina Capital, Gracias

  2. The only problem was that during the season there were a couple shots of them playing that showed the inside of the piano- you could tell they weren’t actually playing because the hammers never moved….

  3. Make a playlist or an album with victoria’s soundtrack, both seasons! it’s so soothing and charming

  4. Can anyone tell me the song played by albert and earnest on piano at the end of season 2 ep 2 at 40min – 48min?

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