UN sounds alarm on cash crisis, running deficit of $230 million

UN sounds alarm on cash crisis, running deficit of $230 million


  1. Gee, another government bureaucracy which cannot perform accounting and bankrupted themselves? And they want to run our lives?

  2. Dismantle it brick by brick! Rebuild it in the Middle East! So sick of these criminals coming here and hiding behind diplomatic immunity! 90% of these diplomats are criminals and hate the U.S! The woman speaking is obviously a friend of AOC!

  3. UN- 1. Den of Spys, 2. And excuse for corrupt officials from other countries to bring their family here on vacation so their wives can shop in New York, 3. A black hole for the American taxpayer, 4. Their mission is to solve nothing. Put it in Saudi Arabia.

  4. USA has been dumb for long😂😂 but it is now waking up after Trump came in.🤣🤣paying for everything worldwide..

  5. Please dont send a penny until they fix their budget, ask for full transparency and allow an announce audit. Time to tighten the UN's belt.

  6. Lol, losers, cry me a river.. sucks when you have to start paying your bills and daddy USA cuts you off. Try 20 trillion.. jokers

  7. Pay your dues USA it’s currently running over a billion dollars, stop holding the UN to ransom like you try to do to NATO member states, typical US hypocrites.

  8. Christina asks such a stupid question! Let the UN go bankrupt! We don't owe them a dam thing! They have been nothing but a bunch of thief to put our money in their pockets!

  9. The UN is not part of the will of the people We the People Dont benefit from the United Nations so why fund it when we don't benifit from it

  10. They are out of money because the only countries they help are the ones that don't pay there share for one reason or another and that money is stolen by the leaders of the country. the countries that don't need them are the ones that are paying.

  11. Evict the cadre of anti-freedom/ anti-Semitic bureaucrats in custom made silk suits whose only productive decisions are where to go to lunch in a NY fine dining restaurant. Move the UN to Mogadishu. These will need to pay for their own security & less for a NY cocktail party. Renovate the iconic building into low income housing.

  12. look up UN Agenda 21 & Agenda 2030 – globalist genocide for 90%+ of humanity – only enough left for select slaves. PERIOD!

  13. The tax payers of the United States have had enough of our hard earned money being shipped overseas for swamp creatures that work against us.

  14. That beautiful, huge building that Trump commented on while he and all the other world leaders were there. And I’m sure there many, many other things that the UN have wasted taxpayer money on.

  15. The lone woman agonizing over the US losing strength– that's a laugher. The rest of the panel rightly realizes that the only benefit of "strength" vis-a-vis the UN is the honor of funding the corrupt organization. Their response shut her down like an arctic blast.

  16. Let them fail. Immoral bunch of self important globalists communists. I can’t believe our government uses our tax dollars to support this heaping pile of crap group of morally corrupt elites. I hope Trump doesn’t dish out. Tell them to figure it out. These people are ignorant. They debate and prop up evil and try to impose their warped view in the world. Put them in their place. Tell them they are irrelevant to solving world problems. They are more of some type of a world socialist forum than any legitimate political group.

  17. Try doing what your intent is and not try to run the world and you would be fine U.N.
    We better not give them a dime to bail them out.
    We owe them nothing.
    How the he'll is China still receiving developing nation status?

  18. Well the u n is soooo concerned about climate change…shutting the building down and stopping all the plane flights to attend would go a long way!

  19. No More UN, This is Freedom time, and Nationalism is on the rise. Remember, President Trump said their time is up, “The Future is for the PATRIOTS and NATIONALS”

  20. I taught school in central NH when, at the time, teachers were some of the poorest paid in the country, but we had to buy our own school supplies because the district would literally run out of pencils and paper. Many kids had no money for winter clothes and their big meal of the day was school lunch. My point is somewhere in recent history backwoods America was forgotten while the UN and other global hack organizations are paid billions of dollars every year.

  21. Audit it, make them file bankruptcy then disband the organization like they should have done decades ago. We must stop footing the bill for a scam organization.

  22. More and more we are realizing that the U N is CORRUPT. IMO They are the deep-state. Maybe the $400 billion that we are saving by exiting the Paris Climate Accord is really gutting their slushy funds. Even with them having to cut out the Chem Trails they still haven’t got enough to fund their world take over without our money………….TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  23. The U.N. needs to be disbanded. When they show up and say they're here to help it really means were here to invade and take your freedom and money.


  25. Let the UN goto Iran, or N Korea or China or Russia or Venezuela for their bailout. Those countries have money to 'burn" as evident by their 'sabre rattling' & military buildup!! The US SUCKER (taxpayers) aren't going to foot the bill for anti-American hating leftist nations, ANYMORE!!

  26. To hell with the UN, let the New World Order pay their bills. All the Elite Pricks they allow to influence them, and who's agendas they are pushing like the Global Warming Fraud ! We are sick of carrying the burden for a bunch of A Holes who want to tell us what to do in our own country. Let them disband the useless IPCC and other waste !

  27. Don't forget our President reduced our $$$ already earlier in his term and he blasted the crooked UN and other countries about chipping into the fund. Screw the UN

  28. we got hundreds of thousands of homeless in our own country and yet we're wasting billions on these idiot bureaucrats who don't even live here… that is akin to flushing money down the toilet… and for WHAT?

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