1. I'm so happy to see this lovely score available alongside a new digital transfer of "The General." I can only guess at the many hours you invested to bring this about.

    Thank-you so much for your generosity and labour. God Bless you.

  2. I grew up on William P. Perry's piano scores watching silent movies on public television. There's an innocence, simplicity, and joy behind the man's music; the perfect match for a gem like "The General." Thank you for posting.

  3. In this version that you made, are any of the scenes in the wrong order, are there any scenes missing, how accurate is it to the theatrical version?

  4. Thanks for all the work you put into this! What an excellent score – too bad the composer didn't have the full version of the film available to him!

  5. YES!! Been trying to find this version for years ever since seeing it with this score on A&E way back in the 80s as a kid. Loved it then and especially love now more than ever. The piano score fits so perfectly IMO versus the other myriad scores that have attached to this film. I really appreciate all the hard work you put into making this a reality.

  6. Thank you so much for putting the time and effort in to uploading this film in such high quality! I LOVE The General and I think Buster Keaton is one of the best actors and filmmakers to ever exist! THANK YOU!!!

  7. One of the best movies ever made, along with Chaplin and Lloyd. I'm a bit of a Harold Lloyd fanboy, but Buster is awesome.

  8. The simple one shot of the train bridge crash was the most expensive single shot in the history of Silent Cinema – $42,000 or around $1.5 million today ! The entire local town turned out to watch and cheer. The wreck sat in the river bed for the next two decades until bought for scrap in WW2.

  9. Can I ask you why this version is three minutes shprter than other versions on youtube? Does it run slightly faster than the other versions or is it missing something?

    Thanks for uploading with this score! 🍻

  10. FYI the remastered version of not in the public domain. Once they remaster it and clean it up and add their own soundtrack it becomes a separate work.

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