The Clues: Ladybug | Season 2 Ep. 5 | THE MASKED SINGER

The Clues: Ladybug | Season 2 Ep. 5 | THE MASKED SINGER


  1. That 'Pieces of me' seems like a really well intended misdirect..i don't think it's ashley simpson I don't believe she's done much hosting I think the people saying Kelly Osbourne are definitely on to something tho!!!

  2. Okay I revisited the clues from the first round. I think this is Maggie Sajak, Pat Sajaks daughter who is a country singer. A lot of her first clues point to wheel of fortune

  3. Ima take a random guess she said lifetime drama family fued every thing was good but it was bad idk maybe Melissa Ziegler or Brooke Hyland? Worse guess’s every but

  4. Kelly Osbourne. The lime hanging from the ceiling cause she was diagnosed and then undisguised with Lyme’s disease.

    Best host cause her mom was a host

  5. Obvious Kelly Osbourne early on with the ham clue referring to The Osbourne ep where her mom through ham through neighbor’s Police..lime..lime disease..UK’re welcome guys 👋🏽

  6. Family Feud and Best Host award. The Queen(s) taught her how to be a lady.
    Shannon Nicole Dawson.
    Daughter of Family Feud’s Best Host, and British actor, Richard Dawson.

  7. She doesn't sound like Kelly O to me plus Kelly is way too short. She is only 5'2". This person was closer in height to Nick Cannon.

  8. Ashlee Simpson is a good guess but she was not born into the spotlight. Jessica did not become famous until she was a teenager.

  9. I personally think it's Demi Lovato because she said "But im sorry not sorry if i go all out". But i can be wrong, i suck at the masked singer

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