[TF2] Soldier Sings the Canadian National Anthem (ft. George Hoctor)

[TF2] Soldier Sings the Canadian National Anthem (ft. George Hoctor)

SOLDIER: Today is a special day! It is a day for TRUE patriotism, for TRUE love of your nation – That is right. I am talking, of course, of CANADA DAY! Is that the day? Canada Day. It’s called Canada Day. America’s anthem is better, maggots! DEAL WITH IT!


  1. As a Canadian, I've always thought of America like our brothers in arms. I just don't think Canadians and Americans have it in them to hate eachother…unless Trump ruins that bond somehow.

  2. Feel like instead of them playing the normal version of the national anthem at schools they should play this version instead

  3. I sung this in an assembly at my school and the principle suspended me for like 40 days almost all of my school progress gone
    I guess he’s racist against Canada

    Just kidding got ya LOL (yeah that is not funny)

  4. I’m surprised that Soldier is being nice to Canada, since he dislikes nearly everywhere except the USA

  5. What if Soilder was Canadian? I mean, what if why he hates Canada so much is because he doesn’t fit in there as a flaming ball of American rage. It would add more variation to the team as well given there are already 3 Americans on it

  6. An Alternate universe where:
    Spy is British.
    Pyro is a Reptile.
    Heavy is American.
    Scout is from Chigago.
    Sniper is from New Zealand.
    Demoman is from Ireland.
    Engineer is from California.
    Medic is from Austria.

  7. There are many things going on in that picture, but the one thing I can't stop thinking about is why soldier is holding a railroad signal.

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