Teens React To Top 10 Disney Songs On Spotify

Teens React To Top 10 Disney Songs On Spotify

– (sings along)
♪ Let it go, let it go ♪ – Another Moana song? ♪ (punk rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) I hope you’re ready for some magic, because today you’re gonna be
listening to songs from some of the happiest
films on Earth. – So it can only be from one place.
Disney! Oh, I’m excited! – Like Disney songs? I love Disney songs! – (FBE) We’re gonna be showing you
the top 10 Disney songs on Spotify, and we’re gonna see if you can
correctly place them in order from one to 10.
– Oh, okay, okay. I have Spotify, so hopefully
I’m familiar with these songs. – I’ve seen a lot of Disney movies
growing up, you know? I feel like every kid my age has. Disney always has killer soundtracks. – Disney songs,
which has musical songs, and to be honest,
I don’t like musicals. – (FBE) This list comes from
Entertainment Weekly, who credits UK outlet
Play Like Mum, who looked at all the Disney songs
available on Spotify from the early films of 1937
to July 2019, and then ranked them
by the number of times that they’ve been streamed
on the platform. – Oh wow, that’s a lot of work. I feel like the ones from like 1937,
I feel like those aren’t so popular. – (FBE) Before we get started,
we wanted to let everyone know at home that we’re gonna be making
a special episode of Sharing Buds on FBE2 featuring the SuperFam’s
favorite Disney songs. – Alright, that’s sick, let’s go. – (FBE) So if you’d like to have
our cast check out your favorite, click the link in the bio
to join the FBE SuperFam and send in your pick!
– Ooh, so exciting! – I hope they pick Be Prepared,
’cause that’s my favorite. Or at least something from Hercules, because that’s the most under rated
Disney film, I think, when it comes to music,
of all time. – ♪ I can open your eyes ♪ – Oh my God, oh I love this one. – This is a very popular song. – Ooh, A Whole New World.
This one’s popular. I know this one’s popular, especially
’cause the new Aladdin film. – I never liked this movie. This was like, I feel like this
was one of everyone’s favorites. – This was probably pretty high. This is like one of their
most iconic songs. – ♪ A whole new world ♪ – Just a magical song. – Definitely one of the most
popular ones for sure. – (sings along)
♪ No one can tell us no ♪ ♪ Or where to go ♪
– ♪ Or say we’re only dreaming ♪ – ♪ A whole new world ♪ ♪ A dazzling place we never knew ♪
– So romantic! – Oh my God,
they sound so angelic. – As a kid, wanting to fly
on a magic carpet, I would like sit
on my carpet in my room and pretend that I could fly. – This one is popular,
so I’m gonna put this at a five. – That’s in the top three at least,
I’m just gonna put it as three. – I’d probably place this at five. – I’ll put it at seven. – Number five.
It’s a classic, but it’s not like the top classic. Everyone knows it,
but not everyone knows it, you know? – ♪ I messed up tonight ♪ – Oh, ooh, this song goes hard
from Zootopia! – Shakira! Okay. – Oh my God, it’s Shakira, what?
Oh, Zootopia! – ♪ From hitting the ground ♪ – This movie is so good. – ♪ I won’t give up ♪
♪ No I won’t give in ♪ – I don’t even know
what movie this is. – Oh this is low.
Nobody ever sings this. – Okay, this probably isn’t that big,
’cause like, oh no, ’cause it came out recently. – ♪ I wanna try even though ♪
♪ I could fail ♪ – This is such a good movie.
Oh my goodness. – I love that movie, first of all. Like when I saw that, I was
obsessed with it for like a week. – I’m gonna give it a nine. I’m gonna put it that low. – Nine, right now? – It’s gotta be like four!
Zootopia was so good. I love that movie so much. – I’m gonna put it at,
maybe number three. I’m gonna put Shakira up there.
Shout out to my girl Shakira. – ♪ Tale as old as time ♪ – Okay, Ariana Grande.
– Ariana, look at you. She looks like a fairy. – Is it from Beauty and the Beast?
Yeah. – This version? This specific version’s
really popular? – My heart! – ♪ Just a little change ♪
– Damn, John Legend? – John Legend too?
I haven’t seen this. – ♪ Both a little scared ♪
– Oh. This is such a sweet song.
– ♪ Beauty and the Beast ♪ – Oh, they’re so good. – This is an iconic duo right here. I’ma place them at number two.
– I put this at a five. – Number two, for now. – Seven? I don’t think it was
like super popular, ’cause that’s like from
the new Beauty and the Beast, right? – I’m gonna put that at an eight.
I can’t imagine it’s high at all, especially compared to the original. – ♪ Under the sea ♪
– Under the sea! – Oh yeah,
this is what I’m talking about! – This movie’s so fun!
I love it. – ♪ What do they got ♪
♪ A lot of sand ♪ – This is a really
popular song, by far. – ♪ Each little clam here ♪
♪ Know how to jam here ♪ ♪ Under the sea ♪ – This one’s gotta
have a lot of streams. – This is also a movie
I wasn’t like that big of a fan of. – I feel like a lot of people
would listen to this, reconnect to like their childhood. – I’m gonna do Under The Sea
as number two. – This is a strong four right here. – I’m gonna put it at four for now. – Da-da, da dun-dun, da-da-dah,
number three! – ♪ You’ll be in my heart ♪
– Ooh, Tarzan! – Oh my God, I forgot about Tarzan! – Tarzan, I don’t even remember
what happened in this movie. – I don’t remember
a single song from Tarzan. – ♪ You’ll be there, always ♪
– Aw, this is such a good movie. – This is such a nostalgic song!
– ♪ Always ♪ – Damn.
What a throwback. All these, I’m just like
“wow, my childhood.” – I’ll put a six.
– I’m gonna put it as like a seven. – I’m changing this all the way around. I’m gonna put it
right under Aladdin though. ‘Cause I think you’re gonna show me
some, one and twos later on. – ♪ Life is a highway ♪
– Life Is A Highway? Oh, this is one of my favorite songs!
– ♪ I wanna ride it all night long ♪ – This song introduced me
to Rascal Flatts. Loved them ever since. – Ooh! (sings along)
♪ I wanna ride it all night long ♪ Ooh!
This is a good one! – I feel like this would be higher,
just because it’s like also a well-known song.
– (sings along) ♪ All night long ♪ Woo, Life Is A Highway. – Six.
– That’s a six. It’s just in the middle,
everyone knows the song. – I’m gonna put this at two. I feel like there
might be a bigger one. – I’m gonna put that at three. I think that was a pretty popular one. I remember that one a lot. – I definitely think Moana and Frozen
have to be, they have to have a song
from Moana and Frozen. Those are like the most popular. I would put those in one and two. – ♪ I know it’s a lot ♪
– Alright, Moana. – Love Moana. – (sings along) ♪ What can I say ♪
♪ Except, you’re welcome ♪ – Wasn’t he played by The Rock?
I love The Rock! – Can’t believe The Rock sings,
like that’s so weird to me. – I’ve never seen Moana either. – I’ve never seen this movie.
– Look at the tattoo. – ♪ When you were waddling yay high ♪
♪ This guy ♪ – (laughs) Cute. – This one’s gonna be so popular. I’m gonna put it at like two. – I’ll put this at a two. – Number two, it’s like new
and it was really popular. – Number three.
You’re Welcome. – ♪ I wish I could be the perfect ♪
– Another Moana song? – This movie had so many good songs. – ♪ No matter how hard I try ♪ – I love this song. – ♪ Every turn I take ♪
♪ Every trail I track ♪ – I really need to see
this movie, Jesus. – I left the theater with my friends,
and we all bought the album like immediately after we left,
and just blasted it for weeks. – This song gets stuck in my head
more than it used to. – (sings along) ♪ No one knows ♪
♪ How far it goes ♪ My sister, ridiculous
when this song came out. – Hey! This was big when the movie came out. – What a great song. She’s so pretty.
– ♪ No telling how far I’ll go ♪ – I love this movie.
Makes me cry every time. – This song is big. I think the other Moana song
is probably bigger. – I’ma place this at number one.
– That’s number one. (laughs) That’s number one! – This is like a probably number four.
– Definitely number one. I really like this movie,
and the soundtrack was amazing and I hear it on
everything all the time. – I’m dead! – I forgot about Frozen, okay. – I knew I’d see some Frozen. – ♪ Love is an open door ♪ – This is probably one of
my favorites from this song, from this movie. – Aw, this has to be up there.
Aw, this is so hard. – (sings along) ♪ Love is an open ♪
– ♪ With you ♪ – ♪ With you ♪
– ♪ With you ♪ – ♪ With you ♪ – Heh, I mean he’s crazy, what?
We finish each other’s sandwiches! That’s what I was gonna say! – (FBE) ♪ I never met someone ♪
– ♪ Who thinks so much like me ♪ – (FBE) Jinx!
– Jinx again! – I’m gonna put it as nine
for right now. – I’m gonna put that at seven.
– I’ll put that at number nine. – I’m gonna put this at 10. We still have to fit in Elsa’s song. I bet you that’s gonna be this one. I know that one was
probably bigger than that song. I knew, I literally knew it. – ♪ Don’t let them see ♪ – Oh, another, this is…
– ♪ Always have to be ♪ – This is just the first song I think of when
I think of a Disney song. – ♪ Let them know ♪ – I think is like
an objectively good song, I’ve just heard it so so many times. – (sings along)
♪ Let it go, let it go ♪ ♪ You can’t hold it back any more ♪ – This song was played
like for two years, like every Christmas.
– ♪ I don’t care ♪ – So good. – (sings along)
♪ What they’re going to say ♪ (laughs)
– ♪ Let the storm rage on ♪ – She’s a badass. – (sings along)
♪ The cold never bothered me anyway ♪ – Look at her,
she’s such a queen. – I’m really excited for Frozen 2. I will always be a Disney fan.
Always have been, always will. – So I have that as number one. – I’m putting it at eight. – So I am gonna change this
around a bit. But for sure that’s number one. – (FBE) So now we’re gonna give you
a chance to rearrange. – Okay, so, Let It Go,
I think is gonna be number one. – I’m gonna put Tarzan as 10. Little Mermaid, four,
I feel good about that. Aladdin, three, feel good about that. – How Far It Goes, number one. And then I’m gonna put
Let It Go for number two. – So Life Is A Highway
is now seven, and A Whole New World
is now six. Tarzan’ll stay at number eight. Love Is An Open Door
will stay at number nine. Everything else is staying,
final answer. – (FBE) You get two points for
every answer you get exactly correct. And one for every answer
that you’re only one off. – Okay, cool. – (FBE) Number 10 is Under The Sea
from The Little Mermaid. (buzzer rings)
– Wow, really? – (FBE) With 109 million streams.
– That’s weird to me, I thought that would be higher.
That’s like a really big song. (buzzer rings)
– Really? Really? (buzzer rings)
– Oh my God! I ranked that so highly! Sorry Tarzan,
I really didn’t think so well of you. – (FBE) Number nine is
Love Is An Open Door from Frozen. – Oh, I put it at eight! – (FBE) That one has
113 million streams. (buzzer rings)
– Love Is An Open Door, okay. Nine from Frozen, okay. (buzzer rings)
– I have that as six. So I did have that as 10,
and then I changed it. (bell rings)
– Got that correct! Right on the money, baby!
Two points. – (FBE) Number eight is Try Everything
from Zootopia. – I was one off.
– (FBE) With 119 million streams. (buzzer rings)
– Jesus Christ. I don’t think I got
any of these right. – Okay, I was one off
on that one, okay. – Oh I got that one right!
Cool! – (FBE) Number seven is
A Whole New World from Aladdin. (buzzer rings)
– Oh, really? – (FBE) That one has
121 million streams. – Okay, I was one,
one number off with that. (buzzer rings)
– Really, okay. I though that was gonna be
like top five at least. – I had Aladdin at eight.
So I get a point. Oh, wow!
– Oh, I’m one off! I’m one off, damn! I was so close! (buzzer rings)
– Wow. That’s like one of their
biggest songs ever. That’s so weird to me. Maybe it’s just ’cause it’s older. – (FBE) Number six is
You’ll Be In My Heart from Tarzan. (buzzer rings)
– I’m just, wow, okay. I put that at 10. – (FBE) That one has
132 million streams. – Six is Tarzan. Alright, I put that at 10.
I had that way lower. (buzzer rings)
– Why did I move stuff? (buzzer rings)
– Okay, that was 10. Sorry Tarzan, my bad. – (FBE) Number five is
Beauty and the Beast. (buzzer rings)
– Wow, wow. I’m so wrong! – (FBE) And that one has
148 million streams. (bell rings)
– I got that! Right on the money. (bell rings)
– Yay, that’s what I put! (buzzer rings)
– Oh my God, I literally just switched it
from there, you’re kidding me! Ugh, I thought the classic
would beat it out! (buzzer rings) – I’ve never heard
that song personally, so I like, for me I was like
that one’s probably down there. Then again it’s Ariana Grande
and John Legend. Like I feel like
that definitely plays into it. – (FBE) Number four is
Life Is A Highway from Cars. (buzzer rings)
– What? – (FBE) That one has
153 million streams. – Right, should’ve put that higher.
Yeah, okay. (buzzer rings)
– I had it at number four! Why’d I switch it? – I’m one off on that,
I have it as five. (buzzer rings) – I have Life Is A Highway
as number two. So if that’s that low,
that makes, top three is gonna be crazy. – (FBE) Number three is
You’re Welcome from Moana. (buzzer rings)
– Okay. I put that as number four! – (FBE) That one has
181 million streams. – That’s one point off. – I put that as two,
so I’m one off. – (FBE) Number two is
How Far I’ll Go from Moana. – No way, really? – (FBE) That one has
205 million streams. – Damn, okay.
I switched it at the end. (buzzer rings)
– I had it at one at first! What the hell? (buzzer rings)
– Moana’s in the top three for two songs?
That’s really good. – (FBE) Which means
the number one song is Let It Go from Frozen,
with 298 million streams, which is 90 million more
than Moana at number two. (bell rings)
– That’s ridiculous. Doesn’t surprise me at all,
but that’s ridiculous. – Oh my God, wow. I’m happy I got one right, but that’s insane that like,
they did that well. (bell rings)
– I knew that one! I knew that one for sure. (bell rings)
– I knew that one had to be top. Like, that’s the most successful
Disney song of all time. – It sucks that
I switched it at the end. If I, literally if
I didn’t switch anything, life woulda been fine.
Life would’ve been a highway. (rim shot echoes) – Thanks for watching
this magical episode of Teens React, and shout out to Christian Knight. – Let it go
and subscribe to our channel so you never miss an episode. – Bye everyone! – Hi guys, it’s me, Alicia. Thanks so much
for watching Teens React. It’s been a blast,
I’ve had such a fun time here on the React community, and this is my last episode
of Teens React, but don’t worry
’cause I’ll be on Adults React. So keep watching,
and I’ll see you there. Buh-bye!


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  2. My favorite song from Disney is a tie between I'll make a man out of you from Mulan and I see the light from Tangled.

  3. I’m a little disappointed that none of the songs from Mulan, Lion King and Pocahontas are particularly popular with people

  4. Let it go is the only Disney song that matters. when it came out, everybody and their mamas was making cover videos of it.

  5. Where’s lion king original can you feel the love tonight? ☹️ or be prepared? Or other Disneys songs.

  6. I got 15!! Am I the only one who had never heard the Tarzan song💀 “I see the light” and “Reflection” should’ve definitely been there

  7. The beauty and the beast song is good but it’s only in the top 10 bc of Ariana Grande and John Legend🤷‍♀️

  8. presses right arrow key every time the words Super Fam are heard
    I prefer the movie versions of the songs not the ones re-done by celebrity singers.

  9. I'm sorry guys but Speechless crushed Let it Go the second it came out… Not hating on frozen i love its just Speechless is a much better song in my opinion🤗

  10. Sad that all the oldies are low 😢 but I’ll give the win for how far I’ll go and frozen. The old Disney songs are so iconic and nostalgic

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