Swipe & Woosh Transition Sample Pack – Sound Pack for edits

Swipe & Woosh Transition Sample Pack – Sound Pack for edits

Hi, this is Mattias I’m here today to
talk about my new sample pack it’s called Woosh Transitions #1, it’s a
perfect sound pack if you’re doing infographic animations or you’re working
with film or maybe you’re doing Unity games. You can also use it as in sound
design and for your musical pieces. You can get all those silky smooth
transitions for all those moments. Let’s take a look. Yeah, and you can also use
transitions in a musical context like in this sample. Listen carefully how to swoosh
transition into the kick. I hope you enjoyed these smooth transitions in your


  1. Need some silky smooth woosh transitions for your film project or in your Unity game? This is where to start. I created 100+ whooshes in various categories from smooth and subtle to more eccentric and grungy. Grab the pack from my online store:

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