1. whoo~hoo the first to comment!!! 😀
    do u kno when the music video is coming out? isn't it supposed to come out today, the 11th?
    can't wait…love this song!!! <3

  2. i dont understand this language and i know its about him loving somenone then stops liking her, then she becomes interested and he doesnt like her anymore, sorry sorry sorry sorry!!!

  3. can anyone tell me what is the names of the boy 2nd from the right and the one 4 from the right in the first picture that would help alot infact can you tell me all the names from the right cuz im still getting use to super junior and it would really help

  4. I'm not supposed to be reading romanized lyrics for awhile but I'm sneaking this one in. I love all the people who take the time to sub the videos like this for English speakers. LOVE YOU.

  5. انا بحب كورية كتير وانا مهوسة بكورية هلق ما عم فكر غير بكوريا وبسوبر جونيور

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