1. Hate you reminds me of Jaypark, Letting go reminds me of Junhyeok, and This song Levanter reminds me of Woojin. Life isn't easy eventhough probably u already tied down by your dreams. The road is so rugged and hard to survive on. Move on from one step to another. It hits me deeper since I could understand while singing along with them.

  2. The subtitles(captions) on the mv said different stuff and this girl made a cover of levanter and it also said different stuff so I’m confused

  3. 1:30 shouldn't it be I'm like the autumn breeze? Cause it kinda doesn't make sense for leaves to be blowing? Oe am I wrong?

  4. Yes, skz can sing love song, English song and mostly motivational songs.we are proud of them and very proud to be a stay☺

  5. 😍😍😍 my heart thumped thumped when Changbin popped up on the sweet voice! 😍😍😍 And Chan I know he can speak English but oh my gosh I'm crying! So beautiful! ALL OF THEM! JUST BEAUTIFUL 😍😍😍

  6. i hate how i misread the "to win it all and that you were the prize." to "to win it all and that you were the pizza." hjdjjdkckdkd i hate myself 😭

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