Sounds of the Nightmare Machine

Sounds of the Nightmare Machine

– [Mark] There’s the rulers. (low chime) The reverb tank. (metal clanking) The ebow. (ominous, high-pitched whine) – [Tony] A normal instrument. You’re playing it and you’re
expecting it to have a sound that is pleasing. But with an instrument like this, the goal is to just produce sounds that, in this case, are disturbing. (nightmare machine blares) (low strings music) – [Mark] The Apprehension
Engine was an instrument that creates a variety of really creepy and some would say horrifying sounds. My name is Mark Korven. I’m a film music composer and lately, I’ve been focusing on horror movie scores. (ominous strings) Two of my biggest hits as far
as horror films are concerned was from the late nineties, a film called Cube. And, most recently, The Witch. (ominous music) (tapping) I originally commissioned
the Apprehension Engine because I was tired of
the same digital samples, which resulted in a lot of sameness of a lot of horror musics. (ominous music) So, I was looking for something
more experimental, more acoustic that would
give me a little bit more of an original sound. That’s where I contacted my
friend, Tony Duggan-Smith. – So, Mark called me asking me
to create a crazy instrument for horror films. Because I’d never done
anything like that before, it made me empty out all my
pockets and all my drawers of any knick-knacks and bits of bobs I could possibly string together
to make it happen for him. And this is what came of it. (off-key string music) You’re dealing with things
that stir primal emotions and feelings. And there actually is a skill
set that you have to acquire in order to get the most out of it. (off-key string music) – [Mark] It expresses what
really can’t be expressed any other way. It’s not music in the
traditional sense, at all. But, let me put this way. The Apprehension Engine
definitely evokes an emotion, so I would call it music. (tapping) (grinding)


  1. The music did gave me a gloomy or horror vibes to this video. Even though it literally just another interview videos like others Great Big Story's videos if you ignore the music.

  2. I give it to the guy to just stir such awful sounds and to tolerate the discomfort. Pretty amazing. I didn't hear nails on chalkboard, but worse

  3. This is so creative! Certainly a knowledge about sound, that is very unusual and necessary for film. I’ll bet he gets a lot of work. Creepy has its place.

  4. This is not an 'instrument'. It is a collection of gadgets, used separately for decades, that make sound. Also, nothing fuckin spoo-ky about it. Un-fuck your ears.

  5. This will make watching horror movies alot easier. Youll be trying to figure out which part of this contraption they are using instead of anticipating the proverbial cat scare

  6. Used to close my eyes in the theaters not cause of the scene, but because the damn music was like a cue for the jump scare 😂

  7. That night mare machine will come to life at 12 midnight when nobody touching it. It plays everything while you asleep.. Hahahahha

  8. Awesome I keep seeing this super tall hooded figure outside in the woods at night I'm glad it's just someone with one of these bad boys, oh man what a good day time for a night time walk.

  9. I gasped when he mentioned he was involved in 'The Witch' movie . That movie was so simple but oh those sounds took it to another level .

  10. It's mainly just a percussion instrument. With a few tweaks, you could make it tonal. That would open up more options.

  11. This should be mass produced. Or… please make me one. I wanna give somebody acid… then douche around about an hour or so later… get somebody else to start playing it. Pretend I don't hear it.

  12. so this is how kitchens nightmare or hotels hell sound effects were made when the chef or the owner had
    caught did terible things there..haha

  13. If I had one of these I think my fears of leaving my home unattended for more then a hour would be solved.

    Just sit in my kitchen ( Because I think I could get some amazing echoes in there.) And just let my thoughts and fears out playing this.

    ( I would record every song I make and play them randomly during the week.)

    Just to keep the It's not safe to come in here aura.

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