SOUNDS ANIMALS MAKE for Kids, Babies and Children – English Vocabulary

SOUNDS ANIMALS MAKE for Kids, Babies and Children – English Vocabulary

let’s learn the sounds animals make in English. cat, cats meow sheep, sheeps baa elephant, elephants trumpet bear, bears roar horse, horses neigh pig, pigs grunt lion, lions roar dog, dogs bark cow, cows moo duck, ducks quack turkey, turkeys gobble wolf, wolves howl deer, deers bellow kangaroo, kangaroos squeak giraffe, giraffes bleat tiger, tigers roar monkey, monkeys scream dolphin, dolphins click donkey, donkeys hee-how cheetah, cheetahs yelp hen, chickens cluck goat, goats baa squirrel, squirrels chirp zebra, zebras bark mouse, mice squeak rooster, roosters crow frog. frogs croak goose, geese honk parrot, parrots squawk snake, snakes hiss owl, owls hoot chimpanzee, chimps scream polar bear, polar bears roar hippopotamus, hippos wheeze leopard, leopards growl hyena, hyenas laugh canary, songbirds chirp orangutans, orangutans hoot eagle, eagles screech seal, seals bark cougar, cougars snarl gazelle, gazelles snort african buffalo, buffalos moo moose, moose bellow snow leopard, snow leopards chuff rat, rats squeak otter, otters chirp raccoon, raccoons trill walrus, walruses groan rhinoceros, rhinos bellow guinea pig, guinea pigs squeak Thank you for watching this video on Kiddopedia Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to watch more educational videos for children.


  1. Hippos 🦛 are some of the noisiest animals in Africa. Other sounds include bellows, grunts, honks, snorts, and roars.

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