Singers: are you in vocal DISTRESS? | Release Throat Tension | #DrDan 🎤

Singers: are you in vocal DISTRESS? | Release Throat Tension | #DrDan 🎤


  1. Hmmm, very interesting video Dr Dan! I am going to try this and update you in a couple weeks. Thank you🤗🤗🤗

  2. You're s resource of wonderful tools and knowledge. Thank you for starting this youtube channel :). I learn so much.

  3. 7 months after being diagnosed with an oral cancer, and getting through chemo and radiation, my voice is finally coming back. I have to relearn some things, remember others, but this video lesson is worth trying. Thanks for your great lessons!

  4. hey Dr Dan, thanks this is great advice. I tried it as you showed, then I was drinking warm water at the time, so did it into half a glass of water!!
    thought I'd discovered a new exercise!!!😱.. but then googled and found others recommend it?!! What do you think ? many thanks as always,😊. Linda.

  5. I really want to ask this but I don't have any professional teacher around me so your reply would mean a lot. I feel a light headache on the back side of my head after singing high notes, but I don't feel any strain or anything like that anywhere in my body. This has started after people told me and I realized that I was singing too much in my chest and that's the reason I couldn't sing lower notes. Now my lower notes have become clear and audible but when I sing high, I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I get headache after a while. Also I'm taking proper breaths while singing. I really love singing and I sing a lot. And I'm really nervous of this causing any serious issue. Please help! Thank you.

  6. Hey Dr. Dan, I'd been using the straw technique for quite a while before I blew my voice out (through oversinging) and lost my belting power and my upper mids, higher range and my falsetto. A fellow singer suggested that the straw technique may actually have contributed to this happening as he had the same thing happen with the same part of his range after using Ingo's straw technique for a few months beforehand. Given that you're a genuine expert in this field both practically and theoretically, I'm a bit confused as to where I may have been going wrong when using straws since I know you wouldn't recommend a technique that was potentially damaging to the voice. Are there any particular issues we should look out for or perhaps ways in which this technique would be applied incorrectly?

    It's only now, after 20 years of basically belting everything that I'm learning to regulate my air pressure and compress correctly so I suspect that my own bad vocal technique probably caused the problems in the first instance. It seems really obvious to write it down now, but would a lack of control in air pressure while using this technique still cause similar effects to oversinging, albeit in a less severe way?

    It's really interesting to hear you discuss this particular approach 'cause I did find it VERY useful, but my friend's advice really turned me off and I stopped using straws entirely for fear of further damage. Have you heard of anyone having issues with this sort of thing before?

  7. Again, great tip and exercises. 🙂 Unrelated question: I discovered the "Messa di Voce" exercise you explained in one of your video, and was wondering if you have other great/advanced exercises like this one that you might gather eventually on a Voice Essential Volume 2?

  8. As a singer and a teacher, I really enjoy watching your videos, your approach is more technical than mine and very informative. I am subscribed to your channel and also get updates from a linkedin group. I'm in the uk.

  9. You are absolutely amazing! Once again this video has helped me so much! I can't thank you enough!☺

  10. sir is this lip ripping good for me?? pls reply….i m suffering by swelling..

    nd loss my voice in high pich….

  11. Sir I want to send you my recent voice condition….then u can….understand my acctual problem nd which are best for me….nd Sir i want ur lip trills cd… can i Get this Sir?? Sir can u pls gv me ur Whats App no Sir??

  12. With this exercise i've noticed that with every single note that I go higher, I tend to run out of air faster. Why is that? I will continue doing it since my balance and air pressure application is not correct, but the breath management and running out of air- when you go higher, you run out of air faster or is it just my perception of how to produce that sound?

  13. Hi Dan, my coach teaches me to do this to help with my tension in singing but this exercise really stiffens my jaw muscle in just 2 seconds. I was talking/singing ok today, is there something wrong? I feel like my larynx just locks me out on this exercise and only this exercise. Additionally, I relax into the straw and nothing comes out.

  14. I was singing a few weeks ago, and noticed that there was some slight soreness/tension right around my larynx and under my chin.. Thinking it was just over worked, I rested it for about a week then tried again. Its still there! When I sing, it seems fine, but I can see my larynx moving up quite a bit. Is this bad? It seems to be contributing to the tension… HELP!!! What can I do to relieve this?

  15. Thanks Dan for that after I watched this video a 2 weeks ago I started experimenting tension release exercises.
    I found the perfect balance for me between Relaxing and Tension.
    First I imagine notes as something smooth, and I use my hands to guide me through the notes, for high notes I lower my hand imagining my voice going down and it really help, because thinking how to hit the high notes by pushing my voice actually cause me more stress. I also use my hands to draw virtual curve lines in the air, imagine the music as curve line instead of straight harsh line so that everything goes works for me.
    But first, you have to master and practice other exercises like breath management and so on.. so that you won't lose concentration…but do one at a time.. I was practicing breath management for a two weeks nothing else…I hope that help others..

  16. Hi Dr. Dan i love these videos but I'd like to ask some questions about my own voice, im a beginning singer and in the last few months whenever i sing my throat would begin to hurt while singing and sometimes afterwards, I have also found that it is harder to sing some of the higher notes i was able to sing when I first started, it has also gotten to the point that when I talk it sometimes hurts as well, just wondering on your thoughts

  17. Hi Dr. Dan, I'd like to know, do I have to 'breath' first before I sing a note / through a phrase? I really have no idea how to control air pressure when singing.

  18. Hi I have a problem of my voice….i am 13 and it's been 3 years my voice doesn't comes out fully I mean it is full of hoarseness just like sore throat and I don't have a pain even when I speak it also cracks everytime I speak when I press my throat then my voice fully comes out but when I put it back it is like before and I also don't have any disease,it is also very deep and unclear but I am a girl…..Any solution??really need your help,school is gonna start soon…. Thank you😊 and when I am very nervous my voice is also gone😢😢please help

  19. I can barely hum at all when I hold my nose, even with no straw. So should I continue, what if I cant do it? How will it help?

  20. I hurt my voice several months ago, I’m not back at 100% but really trying to learn to sing again but without stress to my throat. Am I still straining to much? Here’s a video of a performance. Any input would be really helpful,, thank u for your videos I’m also a big fan of Tim’s

  21. Sir, I am a teacher, I have talk and give lectures for four hours for two days every week, can this damage my singing voice. If yes, are there any solutions

  22. Thanks, really enjoying your videos! Been trying the stifled laugh one the last few days, feels kinda weird I'm getting used to it tho. Would go and grab a staw right now, but my voice is super hoarse atm :/ Thanks again!!

  23. Is this the same as not being able to sing somedays? Somedays I’m like wow I can’t believe i sound this good. It lasts for a few days then I have trouble singing the next few days.

  24. Can you tell me exactly the aim of using the straws? Vocal chord closure? Breath consistency? Forward placement? Resonance?
    Thank you. I appreciate your clarity and always responding to the thousands of questions you must receive.

  25. Erm was singing and accidentally swallow air and now is stuck in a throat, anyone help? It is very discomfort ..

  26. Dear Dr. Dan this video gave a simplistic and visual example to explain the concept for the term use less air. Thanks. I think I'll incorporate it in an upcoming vocal workshop.

  27. Dr.Dan eu entrei na sua plataforma e gostaria de sugerir que você ponha opção de legendas para que pessoas de outros países possam estudar pelo o seu curso, obrigado.

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