Sesame Street: Johnny Cash Sings Nasty Dan

Sesame Street: Johnny Cash Sings Nasty Dan

OSCAR: Who goes there? JOHNNY CASH: You back? [MUSIC – JOHNNY CASH,
“NASTY DAN”] JOHNNY CASH: [SINGING] Oh, Nasty Dan was the meanest
man I ever knew. He’d stomp and scream
and be real mean the whole day through. OSCAR: Yeah? JOHNNY CASH: [SINGING] He’d frown a bunch, he ate
nails for lunch, and he’d never laugh. OSCAR: Wow, I’d like him. JOHNNY CASH: [SINGING] He’d growl and yell,
and I heard tell he never took a bath. OSCAR: Wow. JOHNNY CASH: [SINGING] Nasty Dan– OSCAR: [SINGING] Nasty Dan. JOHNNY CASH: [SINGING] –was a nasty man. OSCAR: Yeah? JOHNNY CASH: [SINGING] Hard to understand,
that Nasty Dan. OSCAR: Hmm. JOHNNY CASH: [SINGING] Now, Nasty Dan was a nasty
man the whole day long. OSCAR: Good for him. JOHNNY CASH: [SINGING] He’d go where he could and he’d
try real good to make things go wrong. OSCAR: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. JOHNNY CASH: [SINGING] He’d jump for joy when
a little boy would trip and fall. OSCAR: Really mean. JOHNNY CASH: [SINGING] And the only words that he ever
said were, “I don’t like to you at all.” OSCAR: Yeah, right on! JOHNNY CASH: [SINGING] Nasty Dan was a nasty man. Hard to understand,
that Nasty Dan. Now here’s the best part. It’s about a girl named
Nasty Pearl. OSCAR: Oh, she sounds OK, too. JOHNNY CASH: [SINGING] Nasty Pearl was a nasty girl
who met Dan somehow. She said, “You’re like
me, rotten as can be. Let’s get married now.” So they
went and they did and had a nasty kid, and I must confess,
that Dan pretty much leaves everybody alone now and
he doesn’t bother anybody anymore, because he just lives
in his nasty ol’ house with his nasty ol’ wife– OSCAR: Yeah? JOHNNY CASH: [SINGING] –and his nasty kid– OSCAR: Yeah? JOHNNY CASH: [SINGING] –in nasty happiness. OSCAR: Far out! JOHNNY CASH: [SINGING] Nasty Dan, he’s a happy man. Hard to understand,
that Nasty Dan. OSCAR: Wow. That was really great. JOHNNY CASH: You liked that? OSCAR: And say, aren’t
you Johnny Trash? JOHNNY CASH: Cash, Cash. OSCAR: Cash, Cash. JOHNNY CASH: Have
a rotten day. OSCAR: Yeah. Wow. There goes my kind of guy.


  1. Johnny Cash sure was a down to earth humble guy. He's one of the most popular well known people in history and here he is on a silly kid's show

  2. lol "r'nt u johnny trash" XD 4 once, sesame street has made something that ppl over 2 yrs old will enjoy πŸ™‚ (jk sesame street, u know i love u πŸ˜‰ )

  3. What a great performance. Such a smooth and natural delivery. That retort to Oscar at the end is classic and made me chuckle. Johnny can sure jam with those muppets.

  4. Gotto love Oscar, he really isn't all that nasty at all.

    I'd say in a town of grouches he would be mayor but his local government would include:
    – Shikamaru Nara from Naruto as the sheriff
    – Grouchy Smurf as the leader of City council
    – Grouchy Bear (of the Care bears) as the principal of the local school
    – Squidward as the leader of the local theatre where ballet dances and clarinet concerts are performed
    – Daria Morgendorffer as the head of the local library.

  5. I just hope that Johnny Cash knew how much we loved him and how important of a person he was. His heart was as big as he was and you don't see that often with celebrities, he was very down to earth and didn't think he was any better than anyone else, which he most certainly was. I think I speak for the majority of real Americans when I say… "I love you Johnny." RIP Mr. Man in black!

  6. Oscar is so lucky to have Johnny show up at his home and start performing. Wouldn't that be great? To have Johnny Cash show up at your home at random and start performing a song?

  7. Oscar the grouch has been my favorite mean and smart aleck character of all. Inside his trash can home he always has a tennis court, dancing girls, swimming pool, condo, and few others. He is absolutely fine and funny guy.πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜…

  8. β€œHey aren’t you Jonny Trash” says the doll in a trash-can, to the man with cash, Named Cash…so much irony

  9. Johnny Cash knows how to to make Oscar's day for. I never seen Oscar that much happy on Sesame Street for sure. Thank you Johnny Cash you will be miss for sure.

  10. Nasty Dan wasn't a grouch like Oscar; he was just outright mean. Yes, Oscar was a grouch, but I've never seen him being seriously mean. In fact when one of the characters on the show needed to get to the hospital right away, it was literally Oscar to the rescue!

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