Sad guys in Mii masks play Wii music

Sad guys in Mii masks play Wii music

CORRECTION: The Mii Channel is not shutting down but the Wii Shop Channel is. The online parts of the Mii Channel were ended in 2013. Wow. What a fantastic video. If you want to listen to this song in high quality, There’s a download link in description to a lossless audio file, and for that, you can thank BenQ who is our sponsor for today You’ve probably know BenQ for their fantastic range of monitors and projectors but it turns out to make electrostatic Bluetooth speakers too Now to most of you that won’t mean a lot, but some of you may know that Electrostatic speakers come with huge benefits and it’s incredible that BenQ have been able to get one in such a small form factor In fact, it’s the first of its kind. So what is an electrostatic speaker? What a great question. Well, here’s one and in particular these two parts here are the electrostatic parts What you might notice about them immediately is that they are very thin compared to conventional speakers, and that’s because they work in a very different way to a conventional speaker. So in a conventional speaker, you would find a cone with a magnet, and the cone is what moves up and down to produce the sound, but in an electrostatic speaker instead of a cone they use a thin membrane or thin film placed in between two perforated metal plates – and that’s what moves back and forth in just this very narrow gap, and that will create the sound. So the benefit to this foreign method of creating sound is that basically reduces distortion and speaker by a lot. In the treVolo S in particular, there’s 10% of the distortion of a conventional speaker In particular conventional speakers tend to have a inaccurate mid-range and treble reproductions but in electrostatics that problem is gone. It sounds very crisp natural and true to life as if you’re in the room hearing it live. You can probably tell just by looking at one of these things that there is not a lot bass to it. It’s not really beefy enough for that sort of thing But that’s okay because BenQ have included two beefy subwoofers to make up for that lack of bass. I think possibly my favorite feature about this is it’s great portability – these two bits fold away Which is just damn cool if nothing else Easily fit this in a bag, maybe your pocket if you’ve got big pockets very portable You get fantastic great stereo sounds with this which you can bring to life even further with the 3D mode So I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now and I really think it’s great. Up till now I’ve been using this Bose speaker, which is fantastic and admittedly has much stronger more powerful bass But there’s something you really don’t get those speakers like this Which is those those crisp sounds and you just don’t know what you’re missing out on until you try one. If you like what you hear, you can buy one for yourself. There’ll be links in the description to a couple of amazon pages where you can check that out. There’ll also be a 5% discount code which isn’t much but if you do think you might buy it please use that code because they both help me out quite a bit. I haven’t really got anything else to say, so thank you very much for watching. I’ll catch you in the next video [This is a beautiful BenQ song which is well worth a listen. Not sponsored. I just think it’s funny as hell.]


  1. These videos take months to make, but we definitely plan on doing more! If you're new, subscribe so you see it when we do!

    What song do you want to see next?

  2. I would love to have some sheet music for this. Not only so I can learn this masterpiece, but know the hours of dedication put into it.

  3. Imagine playing this in a jazz bar filled with old people who really think that they have composed this themselves.

  4. Hey man, i've been subbed to your channel since 50k subs and its crazy how far it has come. Great video.

  5. Its 5/24/19. Approximately 3 months after the day we all dreaded. 2:58 is how I feel every time I think about it.

  6. Person in 2013: goes in coma

    Person in coma: * wakes up in 2019 *
    Person: sees that wii shop is gone
    Person: *goes back in coma*

  7. almost a year later i am still crying because i remember opening my original red wii the day it hit the shelves.

  8. This was fucking amazing i loved the wii so much and seeing the miis face one last time as they played the songs till the severs go down.

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