Robotic Drumming Prosthesis

Robotic Drumming Prosthesis

I see a future where, whether it’s
sports or music, in this sense, where actually the disabled, people who lost a limb or people
who have disabilities, are augmented in a way that lets them actually, maybe run faster,
if we’re talking about legs, or play more interesting music, is maybe the next step.
And it will be interesting if, as Jason just mentioned, if some metal drummers that are actually
envy of him, envy of a drummer without an arm. That will be an interesting scenario to watch.
Never did I think that there would be a robotic drum arm built. I
always entertained the idea, you know, creating mine, my simple mechanic one. I was like,
“Oh, this would be awesome if it was robotic and had some bio-electrics in it and all
that.” And it’s like, “Ah, you know, maybe one day.” [DRUMMING]


  1. This is awesome. Jason Barnes lost his arm two years ago, but now he's back to drumming thanks to device created by Professor Gil Weinberg. The robotic cyborg prosthesis not only allows Jason to play on his own, but listens and plays along with him. #AmazingResearch —

  2. I applaud the engineering & your triumph over you loss that's awesome but there are 1000's of drummers that play like machines these days & not enough feel players around & music is becoming boringly predictable, but good luck with the project,.

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