BLACKPINK! 3, 2 ,1 Hiya Sisters! *Throws Up* EwTana *Laughing* Disgusting Howdy Sisters, were back from Coachella Weekend One!


  1. It’s crazy how when this first came out NO ONE WAS SENSITIVE ABOUT IT now we have a bunch of crybaby bitches crying on wahhh they are not ones to judges like stfu everyone judges outfits tired of you sensitive ass bitches frfr

  2. when James said “miss mongeau” all I could think was …

    bitch it’s mrs paul

    …even tho they filmed this before tana was married but ok

  3. The way james talk to Antonio Garza outfit is too much! And yeah, i was satisfied that james had scandal with another MAN, and i be like, AND I OOPS, at least she is not show off the ass and she's wear for the music style, not the stripper like u james!

  4. "YOU ARE SO RICH!!"
    So spend all of your money on dumb shit like us!!
    So what? Antonio Garz was smart enough to not spend all of her fucking money on a dumb ass outfit.
    She still looked great tho, & had a good time without being super fucking extra. & in my opinion better than yall.

    – I know the point of Coachella is kind of be extra but there are also people there for just the vibe and music…. It is a music festival so.

  5. O👏K👏A👏Y hunti Austin and Catherine have CHILDREN perhaps they don’t want them to see them wearing inappropriate outfits when they get older and they aren’t gonna buy clothes that are super expensive when they have children🍵

  6. james wtf did you see your ugly ass outfit like holy shit XD your funny you should let us roast you just KYS nobody likes you

  7. Why did they hardly show the actual outfits of these people. It shows how much they have to be the center of attention, while talking about other people….

  8. james doing damage control for 26 minutes and 16 seconds straight to make sure tana doesnt say some dumb shit

  9. Well u lot r out here talking trash about ppl like, check ur man friend cause he was bare showing his cheeks like somebody wanted to taste that shit, u ppl can talk a lot, check ur fashion sense cause some ppl actually tried. And Antonio looked STUNNING u two could neverrrr

  10. the fact that tana literally was talking about jake like he was a stranger and then like a year later, gets married to him💀

  11. James Charles: This is what beauty and finesse and style is.
    Tana Mongaueuauae: I HAVE A PUSSY AND I DON'T TRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ISNT THAT DOPE????????

  12. 8:39 when James was not trying to get into beef or anything and brought tana Down to earth was soo 🤣🤣🤣

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