Renzo Piano. Workshop Visit

Renzo Piano. Workshop Visit

The building is rooted in a place. It’s not an object moving around. The first thing I do all the time, and not
just me, all the office we do that way, we never design something without first going
to the place. Taking a walk, you know. Because “place” tells stories, they have
a story to tell. Well, you just have to listen. There’s a building here that was built on
nothing, that’s the Kansai airport, it was built on water. When I went, we went, the first time, there
was nothing, not even the island. We went on the boat. So it was just floating in the middle of nothing. Even there, there was something; there’s
a story. The size of the book is special, not
because being bigger is better but being bigger gives you, well, you’ll never get in the
building by picture, for sure, but you get close. I think the size is great. When we send around the work models, we love
to take attention to the way we do the crate. A crate is always hiding something precious;
there’s something inside the crate. It’s like watching a little red line from
the beginning to the end. Life is like that, it’s a little red line. It’s surprising when you look back and you
see all this, you can’t believe. It’s surprising how much you can do, if
you don’t stop all life, if you keep going.


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