Recording the Sounds of Extinction

Recording the Sounds of Extinction

(crickets chirping) – [Voiceover] Every place
in the world sounds unique. These soundscapes tell us
a story about that place. They tell us the ways
in which global warming is beginning to change
the natural soundscape. Just before the sun rises at first light is the dawn course. (nature sounds) The birds begin to sing and the insects and the amphibians. And that’s the time of day
to go out and listen. I’m a soundscape ecologist and I record animals for a living. This is Sugarloaf State Park. Every spring, I can
probably be found there once a week recording in the same spot using the same kind of
equipment so that I could repeat these recordings
over and over again and compare them. And I have quite an archive of material which shows, over time,
this habitat has been changing pretty radically as
a result of global warming and the California drought. (birds chirping) The first recording made
in 2004 shows a very robust habitat with a signature of a stream. (nature sounds) In 2014, things were changing radically. It was already the second
year of a major drought in California. And then 2015, we had what
I call a silent spring. Over 50 percent of my
collection comes from habitats that are so radically
altered they’re either altogether silent or
can no longer be heard in their original form. Here’s an example from Costa Rica. (nature sounds) That’s before logging, this is after. (soft hum) Same spot. This is a coral reef, Vanua Levu in Fiji. Part of it is dying and
part of it is still living. Here’s what the living part sounds like. (water sounds) And here’s what the dying part sounds like. Hardly any fish sounds. (calm instrumental) We really don’t know what
this means in the long run. In the short run, we’re beginning
to lose these soundscapes because the habitats are just changing so radically and we’re partly to blame for that. When I first began to
record, almost 50 years ago, I would go out into the
field and just put on a pair of earphones and sit and listen because it made me feel good. It made me aware of the
living world around me, and so I want to do anything
that does that for me. (nature sounds) (calm instrumental)


  1. Your content and it's quality is excellent..don't know why you guys don't have a huge following.. 😟😟

  2. PLEASE UPLOAD LESS VIDEOS, you making all these 1 minutes videos and small views mess up with youtube algorithm that's why this channel is not blowing up, AND IT SHOULD

  3. Fuck ! What are we doing to our Mother Earth ? How long can she take it before we are extinct too….? Thank you Mr. Krause !

  4. I have loved Bernie's soundscapes since I discovered his work at The Nature Company years ago. (Remember that store?) He has a beautiful piece called 'Equator.' The subtle ambient tones accompanied by his nature sounds in that piece make for a peaceful marriage.
    Anyone know what/who the music is in the content above?

  5. it saddens me now that I realize at this moment in time is that (imo) there are becoming fewer people that listen to nature or to mother earth's heartbeat, and that mankind is part to blame for it's slow destruction to our environment. imo mankind will be the soul bearer for the destruction of not only it's own species, but of many species on mother earth. I can only hope a new species will arise and become less destructive and to be more responsible to their environment and mother earth.

  6. Love this channel, been sharing it's videos with my friends. More people should too.. Help their road to success!!

  7. Bernie Krause is a genius. His work astonishes on both the artistic and the scientific levels. If he interests you, learn a bit about his career; there are some real surprises in there. Also check out Lang Elliott .

  8. Geoengineering, Runaway Climate Disintegration, And Programmed Societal Apathy

  9. Global warming is Government Made, by modified aircrafts Spraying us with Nano Particles like Aluminum and Barium… I noticed that when the sky is nice and Blue with natural Clouds it doesn't feel so hot… But when the Demons start to spray the aluminum the temperature increases and gets really, really hot…….0…

  10. we people have to realise the importance of earth's nature and climatic processes. We simply cannot use and destroy the environment not only we live in, but all these beautifull forms of life that may never be seen again. We need more people like bernie in this video and we need to focus our thoughts on a future not for us, but for the planet. I know, I'm just sitting here and talking about change while it isn't that easy. But it could be when we all help together.

  11. Very beautifully presented, thanks. On second listening however i would have preferred hearing the before/after comparisons without the keyboard music. I feel it destroyed some the significant impact of the changes over time which you documented so effectively. Thanks though – brilliant stuff to be passionate about sound in nature.

  12. My tears fall because of this and what man has done! Worse, man refuses to own it, making one excuse after another, as he worships the golden calf. We were given dominion over the earth, and we are destroying it. Animals, some of nature's beautiful beasts, killed for the almighty dollar. Woe to us!

  13. it s here.
    www dot google dot com/maps/@38.4352315,-122.5124508,13z?hl=en
    Guys, it's near withs "death valley", 200 miles.
    and remember. el nino.

  14. Incredible work you're doing Mr Krause! Would appreciate any recommendations for reading/viewing materials pertaining to nature recording. Everything I find is out of date and rarely updated.

  15. this is sad. To witness the world die right before your eyes. I saw a video here, about a library of sound. They played a bird chirping. sounded like what you'd hear in the morning. Nothing special. The sound being played was from a male bird looking for a mate. he was the last of his kind.

  16. There is a solution to most problems, this problem could be solved by breeding thousands upon thousands of different animals and insects, filtering and cleaning ocean water and planting more trees, possible creating forests. But this would cost a fortune.

  17. Wow…I did not think sounds are usable for scientific field studies. That's amazing. Doesn't he have to use the same mic setup and settings though?

  18. Very interesting. But am i the only person who gets distracted (irritated) by the constant synth pad obscuring mr. Krause's beautiful recordings?

  19. Excellent content!
    I have one question. I hope someone will answer me 😊
    What is the recorder this gentleman is using? Thank you!

  20. this is beautiful! would love to have listened to the field recordings without music overlay. possible to access them somewhere?

  21. I didn't realise that biodiversity could be measured (or at least examined) using soundscapes. Very interesting, superb video.

  22. That's the effect of drought and logging. Global warming would actually revive soundscapes in many places all around the world..

  23. a wish as been made and its being seen till the end a world and universe and beyond for males by males and ruled by males this world and many others the poison you used targeting humans also harm animals / wildlife this is good a change needs to happen to end a problem made by humans and their retarded creators

  24. Nice, but have you ever considered that creatures may simply move to a more favorable habitat as opposed to becoming what you refer to as extinct?

  25. He could be right. But this information can be skewed. Of course a forest will be silent after logging or a long drought. But go a couple miles down the road and it will sound as it has for the past few million years. Land gets damaged and eventually heals itself in a lot of cases. Now we could be going through a major extinction period, but don’t just watch this video and come to that conclusion. Research for yourself.

  26. This reminds me of a personal experience.
    Since I was young, there was a flock of a species of rare bird that was threatened by urbanization. From the moment I was born… the sounds of those species grew fainter and less heard. Since the last two years, I couldn’t hear any more of those calls.

  27. I want to be like him… and help to save the species being pushed to extinction. Our earth is an ever changing environment, and it’s up to us to save our “neighbors”

  28. Didn't they change their minds about Global Warming? They couldn't prove it scientifically so they changed it to Climate Change.

  29. Impressive measures but the conclusion is not scientific, how do you come to the conclusion that the earth warming is the reason for that phenomen? Maybe it is natural cycle… 2:00 Taking the measures from Costa Rica from 1992 and 1996 we could hear a very big difference but who knows how does it sounds now in 2019? 4 years is a very short time for conclusions and this whitout the cintific criteria of biologists and others. I would just say that this video is promoting the ideology of the Earth Warming and do not considerate the little scientfic value of the impresive measures. Anyway, thank you very much for sharing the video!!!

  30. Do they explain that weird drone "Maaaaxxiiimuuuss" thing or do I have to watch this entire thing only to be disappointed?


    This is not about the sounds used in the movie Extinction.

  31. Trump supporters couldn't possibly care less about the environment. The good news is that with the destruction of the environment, they increase their own chances of becoming extinct and ensuring that the cancer of their progeny does not infect the planet.

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