1. Correct me if i'm wrong, but i have playyed electric guitar for 6 years, and i have just started drums, and since i already have a sense of rhythm from guitar and piano etc, it seems really easy to learn. 🙂

  2. same with me. I've been play drums for seven years very well just by listening. i could play almost any song just by listening.

  3. Dude, you just need to listen to what he does while looking at the sheet music and you understand. Punk drummer doesn't mean dumb.

  4. And what defines punk drumming? This sucker? Punk is whatever you make it out to be. I play drums in a punk band and use double bass on accents. Just using tools to get different sounds doesnt make you anything but resorcefull(did I spell that right?). He just seemed like he was having a hard time keeping one foot going but he has another bass pedal. Thats all. Hell with "real punk" I'll play music however I want. Cheers bro.

  5. Punk isn't what you make it out to be. Punk has a spirit and a soul that you have to feel.
    If you feel like playing a double bass accent would be good in your drumming or in the song you're playing then do it, although it would sounds more like hardcore. But this guy (who isn't a sucker, Jared Falk is one of the most known drum instructor in Youtube) is explaining the basics of punk drumming, and double bass doesn't belong to it. This is an extra.

  6. Didn't you know? Real punks don't NEED to know about music, lol.
    I'm sure he was trying to sound like some musical savante, but really he's just a twat.

  7. that wasn't what he fucking meant asshole. Read the comment carefully before attacking him of being a bad musician. Jared was very stiff and "fake" back in the day. He has become a much better guy on camera and a better teacher. Check out his newer videos.

  8. Iffffffff ittttt wasssss suchhhhh a wasteeeee offfff timeeeee youuuuu wouldn'ttttt beeeee commentinggggggggggggg.

  9. leave it. that time is over. it was over a long time ago. whats left of punkrock is lil kids buying destroyed clothes for lots of money in store. they dont have a single clue what is punk

  10. are you serious, you have to be really ignorant and or dumb…first off that's a load of bullshit. I love punk music. Iggy pop and the stooges, the ramones, the sex pistols..etc. I don't have expensive clothes..let alone could i afford them. If you really know punk, you'd know it can ever really be dead. See i would have asked you what punk is but you'd probably try to give it a definition, which can't really be done..

  11. Anyone who says "im a punk" isn't really a punk..just thought i'd put that out there. They would be trendy if they said that, most likely.

  12. The more trendy line is the thing you just said.
    You can't win either way. Do what you do and leave the classification for afterward.

  13. Great video! Check out this very useful lesson:
    Drum Lesson – Cool Triplet Fill With Kick

  14. Parabéns para seu país, pois valorizam todos os estilos, aqui no brasil é diferente, se o cara toca rock, não é músico, infelizmente é assim….

  15. the so called "true punks" as they proclaim themselves (lol) say what's punk and what's not punk (even more lol). these people are the biggest assholes about music. even more so than hipsters, metalheads, and jazz musicians.

  16. very true brother. a "true punk" doesn't give a fuck if something's punk or not. a true punk knows that it's not his place to dictate such nonsense. thats what cops are for

  17. yeah. punks not dead and stuff. i know…i had the buttons on my clothes too 15 years ago. i would never try to define punk and i never said that. all i said is the kids these days live another "punk" as we did once. i dont give a single fuck if you like my opinion or not you know. live with it

  18. Anything with a riff intro like this vid, and says, "A, 'punk,' drum beat…quarter note 'groooove.'"  Yeah..  No, he's teaching you fast polka, not punk.

  19. Holy shit there is a lot of hate and for a lesson. The idea is to speed up over time, and if you knew already wtf are you doing here?

  20. Hi! I'm wondering if there is a possibility to get a lesson in D-beat and really fast Hardcore drumbeats?
    I loved the video on blast beats and drumming to really aggressive hard music is the best, but sometimes maybe it could be useful for people playing other genres to atleast understand and learn D-beat..

    It's cool to have a beat with some swing to it but at around 200bpm.

  21. That not punk.Wen did punk rock become so safe?..Go listen to Nofx song "green corn".Minor threat's song "it follows" or the whole album called Dead and on the floor by the Nunfuckers.

    thats kick & snare
    thats low tom/kick & snare


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