Professional Piano Techniques – Left Hand Concepts

Professional Piano Techniques – Left Hand Concepts

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  1. I love the way you explain things.  Now I want to work on this song – a new one for me.  Thanks so much, Glen!  

  2. After years of trying I can, at last,play a tune that I am pleased with. What a satisfying way for learning to play the piano.
    Thanks Glen

  3. hey Glen. i think just rootnote and seven sound a bit thin. i work on this piece at the moment and i tried your style but it just dont sounds full enough especially on dominant chords wich sounds more like regular minor chords with your method because there is no third involved of course.
    today i found out that Mr Garners chord choices are really smart because u have a really funny and easy movement if u use the right inversions/voicings. really often u just have to change just one or two notes a halfstep to get the next chord.

    but your rythm advice was helpful tho… and i liked your way of improvising around the target notes 🙂 cheers

  4. I´m drinking a glass wine over here, feel like I´m in the cocktail bar, attempting to learn how to play this… but I´m not there yet. Thanks though, it does look and sound like a great lesson.

  5. this is brilliant as far as the chord sounding thin as some comments have mentioned the melody adds extra notes to the chord anyway. also its good practice for forming the full chord anyway. ps i love this stuff great teacher great pianist.

  6. Why did I not have such a great music teacher, on trombone, for example, 50 years ago? I would be a second Jack Teagarden now. Life is so unjust.

  7. You are a great teacher! Love your playing and demeanor. One thing though… did you have software or a non-native english speaker transcribe the words? lol

  8. Thanks so much for sharing. Does me good to play a simpler arrangement that I can nail than to fight with an overly-thick arrangement that I don't have the feel for.

  9. Oh man! i actually took it to myself to learn this melody, with no prior experience other than playing by ear. 2 days later i'm killing it! the easier version, obviously, but i'm now thinking about learning to play it in these other styles that mr Glen is showing us. THANK YOU, sir, my girlfriend loves listening to me playing this small piece, over and over again 🙂

  10. When you are playing /changing chords with your let hand , do you also change the key scale for your right hand , ?
    For example .;at the start when changing from E to B , both have different keys right
    IOw , constantly modulating ?

  11. For the people not wanting to watch a 10 minute video: take the first and the seventh in your left hand and you're done

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