Paint on a Drum in 4K Slow Mo – The Slow Mo Guys

Paint on a Drum in 4K Slow Mo – The Slow Mo Guys

Hello the internet! I’m Gav Dan: I’m Dan. Gav: We’re the Slo Mo Guys. Gav: And we’ve had a lot of requests BY YOU for drums! Dan: Yeah, I got my hands on a second-hand war drum- Gav: Yep, it’s massive. Big old bass drum. And a cymbal. Gav: And we’re gonna film it in slow motion, see the frequency moving through them. Gav: And maybe we’ll art it up a little bit. Dan: Yeah, got some different-coloured powder-paints, put some liquids on there, see what it all looks like. Gav: Yeah! Dan: Yeah, so, shall we see what we can… drum up? (Rimshot) Dan: From black-to-black? Gav: No, no, maybe a couple of inches in from black-to-black. Dan: So, wider channels of more colour. Sorta like this. Gav: Oh, get a bit of that on there. Bloody hell! That orange is mental! Dan: So fine. Gav: It’s the finest powder pit I’ve ever seen in my life. Dan: Okay. Gav: Straight from the bag on that one. Dan: Straight from the bag.
Gav: Ballsy! Ballsy move. Okay, so we’ll start off filming at a 1000fps in 4K. Should look top of the morning. Gav: Bloody lovely! Dan: Look at that! Gav: That is… oof! Gav: So I want to see it from the top-down but it’s all immediately gonna fly out of focus so I’m gonna focus it sort of predictively- Dan: I’d say it goes… that’s the top of it, that’s where it finishes. So maybe here?
Gav: Maybe here?
Dan: Yeah. Gav: Go for it! Dan: READY! Gav: Lovely! Dan: It looks cool! Dan: Well that is a really cool gradient of colours there. Look at it. Gav: So hit it from one side and we’ll see if we can see the shockwave travel. Gav: Very good. Gav: Alright, I want to see this slightly faster so I’ve switched the resolution to HD which will give us about 2000fps. Gav: So we’ve got a lot of good footage from hitting it on the top of the drum so we’re gonna try and see what it looks like hitting it from the underneath of the membrane. Dan: I imagine it will look very different because at the minute, the membrane’s doing all the work, whereas if- Gav: I feel like what we’ve done so far, the vibration kicks it all up. This one, the impact will kick it up. Dan: And so it will be centered on one point: where I hit, basically. (Dan groaning)
Dan: Oh flip! Ah! Oh God! Gav: Scary? Dan: Just really, really bright. (Gavin giggles)
Gav: It’s magnifying the sun in your eyes!
Dan: Ah! What have you got in here! Can you get my sunglasses? They’re by the backdoor! Gav: Look up! (Gavin laughs) Gav: There you go. Dan: Oh, beat! Gav: What an interesting problem to have! I didn’t think this was going to be-
(laughs) Dan: Oh, this is so much better!
Gav: -an obstacle filming this video. Dan: I didn’t predict this either! Gav: Bloody hell! That went way higher! Dan: Did it? Gav: Yeah! It went in the lens! Gav: It’s very different. I want to try filming it from further back with the slower camera but I think what you should do is, because you can only hit one spot, make one mound, but layer all of the colors on top of each other. Dan: Oh, okay, so just a big pile of all of the colours in the middle. Gav: Yeah. The reset time on this one, not too bad. Dan: How much do you want? Paint me a picture. Gav: You know the egg in an Egg McMuffin?
Dan: Yeah? Gav: About that size. Dan: Okay… relative to the rest of the McMuffin? Gav: Yeah… what do you mean? Dan: Do you mean including bread, or? Gav: No, no, just the egg part of the McMuffin. Dan: Okay. I understand. (Gavin laughs) Gav: You actually might just be better off cutting the bottom off a cup. Stacking it, then take the cup off. Dan: I don’t like that idea because you thought of it. Gav: Yep. Dan: That’s the purple. Gav: Ooft! PFFFFT! It went in my face! (Dan laughs) (Gavin coughs and splutters) Dan: It looks nice on your face! Look at his haircut! Gav: Alright, drum looked good. Let’s move onto cymbal and stick that white card you’ve got right behind it. Let’s see what it looks like. Dan: Okay, cool. Gav: I like that a lot better than “random jungle.” Dan: You can see the colours better I suppose as well. Gav: Yeah. Gav: Alright, so we’ve moved over to the shed because that’s still in the sun and we’ll actually try paint on the white background this time because we forgot. Dan: I forgot. Gav: Well Dan, I think that was some lovely looking footage. I’m actually a bit gutted I don’t have a 4K TV to watch it on but hopefully some of you do! And let me know how it was. Tweet it to me or something. Dan: Sorry, I can’t… your hair looks stupid. It’s ridiculous! Gav: You got me! You’ve actually annihilated me. It’s very rare that I’m the one who gets messy, but- Dan: Yeah, I’m actually less messy somehow! Gav: We can’t be having that!
Dan: I like this! Gav: We’ll have to do something about that. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, buy a shirt, have one of them, and also subscribe to the second channel where there’ll be behind the scenes stuff… I’m actually devastated that I’m the messy one. Dan: Just go and clean yourself up. Gav: I’m gonna just… Special thanks to Newegg and WD for sending me these two “NAS Drives”. Basically 48 terabytes of hard drive storage that I can access over my network. The Phantom cameras shoot around 16 gigabytes per real time second, so, as you can imagine I’m constantly in need of additional hard drive space. So this really helps me out. There’s a link to them in the description if you’re interested.


  1. Why am I seeing this Slow Mo Guys-video over 2 years late? honestly it doesn't matter. Great video you guys!

  2. This looks amazing but as a drummer I cringed so hard hearing that beautiful bass not tuned lol. That wasn't the point of the video though.

  3. I'd love to see this kind of thing only instead of striking, use vibration like from a cellphone vibration. Should be interesting to watch as it is usually an interrupted buzz….

    Oh, and concentric rings of color, light in the center. 🙂

  4. It looks like the air bag and powder paint they did a little bit ago (I think it was for the Super Slow Show but I'm not completely sure)

  5. So every time I see this kind of video, you know like with water baloons or paints and stuff like that, I am like this is gonna be the crapy one. But puukkkkhhhh!!! mind blown away every time… that moment at 5:33 is litttt…

  6. Jacksepticeye: Top of the mornin' to ya laddies my name is jacksepticeye.
    Boogie2988: Whats up ladies and gentalmen of the internet,boogie2988 coming at you live once again through the power of the internet.
    Theslowmoguys: hello the internet.

  7. I know another show on TV did this with Metallica, but I think you guys would enjoy doing a full drum kit. Seeing the different frequencies of the snare, toms, kick and cymbals. Also, you talked about how you tried a guitar string, but you only did one string. You need at least two to see any more noticeable effects worth seeing in slow mo. With two strings you can see minor seconds, major seconds, minor thirds, major thirds, perfect fourths, tritones, perfect fifths, minor sixths, major sixths, minor sevenths, major sevenths and octaves. The reason it would look better if you did stuff like that is because you could see the ratios of one frequency to the other, like, the 2:1 frequency of an octave, or the 3:2 frequency of a perfect fifth. Yes, I’m a music nerd, but I feel you would love to see stuff like that. Watching an octave have one string go twice as fast as another in vibrations. I ruined the surprises of doing such things, but there’s still so much more to it.

  8. BEAUTIFUL. Put some of that paint into a balloon and pop the balloon. Red paint in a dark blue balloon. Yellow in green balloon. That would be cool to watch.

  9. Creators your videos are super and please give me The Video Footage in the discription Why because may be it's too useful in some times at video editing time…

  10. Hey, I just had an "Ah ha!" moment. You need to blow up glitter! Why haven't you done this? So many fun ways to do glitter. So many colors. YOU MUST DO THIS! GLITTER!

  11. They should do Slo Mo of a drummer actually drumming on a drum. And I know cymbals and gongs can be excellent to watch as well without powder paint; you can better see the insane vibrations moving through.

  12. I know it's little, but the fact that I am a percussionist in band and you called that a Bass Drum and a Cymbal personally offends me.

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