Just when you think it can’t get any worse. World record holder for the world’s fastest violinist! Well, hello guys. Welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin. So uh… One day I was just browsing, you know… Browsing on YouTube… And then… Alas! The title “The World’s Fastest Violinist” somehow popped up again, – in my recommendation.
– It’s not a phrase that you want to see. – Yeah.
– “The world’s fastest violinist. So there’s this guy called Vov Dylan, and he’s on an Australian TV show. – But, let’s just watch.
– Let’s just- By the way, note the like and dislike bar before we even begin. – Yeah.
– But let’s just watch, shall we? Well, musical geniuses are born, not created, and Vio- WHAT!? Eddy: What?! Musical geniuses are born, not created. Excuse me? What about all the practice? Are you a mother or father that spent a lot of your precious, hard-earned money for your child’s musical education? Well, that was waste of money Because musical geniuses are born, not created Yes, all musical university education is a waste. – You have to birth it.
– So you just have- So make more babies. Birth it! Up your chances. Calm down, guys. Anyway, four seconds in. And violinist Vov Dylan is no exception. Born into a musical family, Vov picked up the violin as a toddler, and since then he has become the world record holder for the world’s fastest violinist! Amazing! A M A Z I N G ! – Hahahaha!
– I knew you were gonna say that! You’re here trying to beat that record today, Vov. I am indeed, yes! *audience cheers* – Hey!
– Amazing! Host: Now, first of all, before we get into the challenge, I want to talk to you about your incredible violining skills, violinist skills. You were pretty much a baby when you picked up the violin? Yes, as my mum likes to say, it was a very difficult birth. I came out fully formed with violin and bow in hand! It is! HahAhAHAhAha! That laugh… HAhAha! hAhAHa! – Good one!
– Oh, what an Aussie joke! Good one! – Sounds like…
– Alright, we haven’t heard him play, we don’t know yet. We’re just- We gotta hold ourselves back! I was first recognized at age 21 months with my first newspaper article playing the violin, and it’s stayed that way ever since. Wait, how old is 21 months? 2… 1 year and 7 months. You’re not meant to be playing the violin that young. – It’s-
– You’re supposed to just get in touch with Mother Earth, – and your mother and father, and just family, and just…
– Yeah. I’d say 3 is the earliest you should start learning violin? Yeah… But anyway! Did he just say- 21 months, like… – The article hasn’t changed.
– He hasn’t changed since then. So your playing hasn’t changed since 21 months? Man, he must be a genius. Is that what he’s saying? – I think that is!
– Yeah yeah, so- Oh my… It hasn’t changed. He was born a genius, and it’s stayed that way since then. Ohh… The level of arrogance with this guy is just- I can already tell with the dislike bar this guy’s gonna sound bad, but… Even if today this guy sounded like David Oistrakh… If… a great violinist was to say… “I was born a genius,” “and I played like this since I was 21 months old.” It’s like who do you think you are? Why would you do that? That’s just so mean to everyone else. And, your violin is actually being developed with the help of NASA?” Well, Wait, what? NASA?! I think NASA is a… Isn’t that like a space company? No, let’s listen. How is it NASA? What- In a way, the… the violin’s made by a chap called Scott Cao, who lives in America, and what- You know the old saying of – old violins sounding better than new violins.
– Yes. Old violins don’t necessarily sound better than new violins. What they’ve done is they’ve put these electrodes with a chap from NASA and Vov: made the violin wood settle down. Vov: So it sounds a lot older than what it actually is. Host: Wow… What a great resear- They put these electrodes with a chap from NASA. Doesn’t even say who. He was just on his off-work, probably like got fired. Scientists out there, please comment. We’re not scientists. Can you insert a NASA chip into wood that sends electrodes to age the wood? Because if it was possible, I think all our soloist friends or all the musicians that we work with would have known about this. Yep. It sounds like a really bad, like, – superheroes plot story-like setting…
– I know. – Just a chip like, I became Spider Man or something.
– So if you guys are gonna do this, at least put some CGI effects in there. Yeah. Like, distract me from the fact that you just said that like- I know right! Anyway, let’s keep going! – No, no, no, I have to say something.
– Okay. I wanted to- And you have a brand new tour coming up as well? Yes, I do. It’s called “Beyond the Danube” where I am… where it’s in the style of an Andre Rieu style show, playing all the popular classics from Blue Danube, but then we take a complete divergent tour from there where we go into Queen with Bohemian Rhapsody, Vov: Michael Jackson, Smooth Criminal-
Host: Ah, cool… Vov: So we get everyone singing along and dancing along and having a great time. Host: So, modernizing. Modernizing-
Vov: Absolutely! What? Excuse me? That’s not called modernizing. Playing the Blue Danube and then playing Queen is not modernizing. You’re just playing pieces on a violin from different periods. You’re just trying to be Andre Rieu except you’re not. Um, you’re gonna play Flight of the Bumblebee for us- *groans* OF COURSE! Should’ve known! – I should’ve guessed that.
– Of course! Flight of the Bumblebee! What other piece is the world is there? Like thousands of repertoires in the violin- Ah, Flight of the Bumblebee. The one f**king – piece that just determines a violinist’s worth.
– Why does everyone decide to play Flight of the Bumblebee? Is it because like… I don’t know. Non-musicians watching this, is Flight of the Bumblebee something… that you just hear and you go… “Woah!!” Because it’s not. Wow! There’s a lot more impressive pieces that we can all encourage you guys to listen to. – Yes.
– I mean… Check out Paganini. Check out Ysaÿe. Anyway… Can you give us a bit of an insight as to what it sounds like at normal speed? Right, so the normal tempo is where… the average vio- the average “good” violinist takes- – He’s saying he’s better than good!
– Yeah, more like he’s good – He’s better, much better than good.
– Yeah. It sounds a bit like this. We’re going… Hold on, hold on, hold on. I think he’s playing some wrong notes. – Okay, look here.
– I’m gonna show what’s up. First of all, to demonstrate in the normal tempo, he picks not… He doesn’t go… Like the chromatic bits. – The difficult part.
– He literally picks the easiest part. And he still messes this up! What he did… It’s… 2, 1, 2, 1. He goes 2, 2, 1, 1. He literally does it at half the speed. So he can’t even play it- – how the “average good” violinists play.
– As a “good” violinist. And you can go even faster than that! – In fact your record is 38.1 seconds.
– Mhm! 38.1?! It’s not even under 1 minute. It’s 38 seconds! What?! This is a disaster. I can see it coming. What? Dude, I can- Its’ like… It’s like seeing a meteor strike from… from another galaxy. “Ah, it’s coming!” which actually means you do about 22 notes per second? Yes. – Yes, my wife likes to say
– Wow. she’s married to the fastest fingers in the world. Does your wife also say you finish in 38 seconds? OoOooOHhHhhHHh!!!!!!! I thought- – I knew it was coming.
– Yeah! I thought that was right to the good point. I was like “Bam! Right on!” Okay. Host: Alright…
Brett: She’s like… – HahAhAHahA…
– Alrighty… – Alright, are you ready to try and break the new record?”
– Absolutely! Okay, cool. Alright, we will start the clock in our minds. Vov: In our mind?
Brett: What do you mean “in our minds?” So- How- This is so official now! – The new Guiness World Record is just…
– It’s all in our minds. Just measuring in our minds. Yeah, man. 3, 2, 1, take it away! Eddy: WH- *sighs* Host: Amazing! It’s such a joke. Bro, do you see the way he looks at the bee? Brett: I know, he… Eddy: Okay. Look, This is even worse than Ben Lee. Like, Ben Lee missed notes by glissing. But at least the direction of the notes was vaguely resembles the music. This guy, on the other hand, It just doesn’t resemble the music… He’s just moving the fingers like FrRlrBrrLr. Yeah! And not saying what Ben Lee did was like, good, but this guy is just like- Hitting zero note. Hitting zero- Bee: Bzzz!! Bzz! Dude, the worker just hates his life. – Did you see his face?
– He’s like “HELP ME!” He wasn’t happy, he was like “HELP!” Why are they doing it, too? Do they think like… – To distract us-
– TV audiences are so… unintelligent that the bee will, like… – That’s almost insulting!
– I know. I’m pretty sure most people can hear this. I mean, if you can’t, then… We’re glad we can- We are here to educate you, but… But look at the dislike bar, people know. I know. Oh, man… He just made up the notes… Was that your NASA chip, bro? Yeah. Dude, I can hear the electrolytes like zinging through the pizzicatos. The electrolyte’s really doing its job. A M A Z I N G !! Ends on a major chord. It’s meant to be A minor! And what is that ending? That’s not even in the music! Is this what he means by modernizing music? – Coz that just-
– It makes sense now. – That’s what modernizing is.
– Of course! – Modernizing!
– Take us back to the past now! I apologize on behalf of the 7 billion population citizens of the world right now. To all the composers out there, we are very sorry. Boom! Host: Do we know how fast he got? How do we know? Normally, there’s a timer somewhere. “Normally, there’s a timer somewhere.” So official. There we go. What do we- What was that? 44 seconds. 44 seconds! Aww… How many notes was that? That’ll be about, uh… – That’ll be, probably be about 21, 20…
– Oh, a bit sluggish. That’ll be about, uh… Yes, he totally did the math calculations on the spot. Have a look, this is what you look like in slow motion. Uh oh, this is dangerous. This is dangerous! Yeah, that’s right!
– Yeah, – it will be dangerous!
– Coz you know, in slow-mo, everyone knows you’re missing stuff. Host: playing Flight of the Bumblebee. Vov: Look at those jowls go! Host: Look at jowl! I don’t know why the audience laughed coz that was not even funny. You know, he was right in one thing, though… He does sound like a 21-month-year-old on the violin. That hasn’t changed. That hasn’t changed! You know, maybe this is just a… – publicity stunt.
– Yeah. In which case… I kinda feel bad that we’re even reacting to this coz we’re giving it publicity. But maybe he can play. Let’s look for something else. Yeah, maybe he can play. Maybe this is just PR stunt. I think he can play, you know? Yeah, maybe he can play… – His bow just stopped moving!
– It stopped, it stopped. Wow! Announcer: In a new world record… Announcer: I can’t believe this! They actually believe it? Announcer: I don’t believe this. 38.4. – Who’s cheering for him? Who’s cheering for him??
– Look at this guy, he- He’s totally like… “Yeah. He did it.” Just, I don’t know who- What type of audience is this? Why are you… You’re not supposed to… “Just to suffer…” – Can I just say this just makes me genuinely sad…
– I know. – that people-
– I feel sorry for this guy, you know, like I think he’s… actually just… doesn’t know. You’re not… born a genius. You gotta practice, okay? Practice makes you a better musician. And that’s how it should be, coz it’s more fair. You actually earn it through hard work. You’re not… – “born.”
– Yeah. Anyway, So bad. Hope you enjoyed this video. Please like and subscribe. See you guys next time!


  1. Its not about who's the fastest player, well probably there's no heart in his music, and this worlds fastest is the best example of a joke. 🙁

  2. he could play half of the notes in an accurate way , on the right tempo and still finnish faster than this disaster of random fast notes that not even half of them are right.

  3. What happens when you act cute with your violin since you're small and everyone just went with it even though you're actually horrendous for 40 years straight.

  4. The bloke is an idiot, but there is actually a device that "ages" wood – it is similar to getting a new instrument and then comparing the sound after it has been played in (e.g. after many months of being played). i.e. it basically vibrates the instrument for 2-3 days at a set frequency, and is supposed to make a new instrument sound played in. I have no idea if it works, but these device do exist. BUT…….. they have nothing to do with NASA!

  5. My baby isn't even born yet and she's playing Paganini with her umbilical chord. See, it's easy to be a genius. Just be born like that.


  7. Ohhhh hahahahaha, she says "Vov" with a straight face. 😵 The second clip is even worse. He might as well play with a meat cleaver. So delusional! (Non-musician here. Guys, I hate Flight of the Bumblebee!)

  8. Sound produced by a violin improves by playing it longer and better, that is something that can not be replicated by a chip.

  9. I've always been like "why do people always play flight of the bumblebee to show how good they are? Is it really that much harder than other classical music?" It was hilarious to me to see that classical musicians think that too.

  10. Wait this means as a beginner violinist I can spam the a string, call it flight of the bumblebee and win the Guinness world record? Wow.

  11. "Did you just say your wife finish in 38sec" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm screaming, the best roast ever, he didn't roast him, burned him

  12. I didn’t find out Flight of a Bumble Bee was a thing till I saw it on a video about a flutist who said in her opinionated was easy?

  13. There is a device called the tonerite. Essentially it simulates years of playing by sending pulses through the bridge. I’ve had some experience with it on a few of my guitars, don’t know how it would work on a violin. But I’m sure it’s possible.

  14. we don't need "Fastest Instrument Player". we need to appreciate the beauty of the music by feeling the emotions onto it.

  15. Did anyone even notice Brett's shirt? 😂"If you can play it slowly, you can play it quickly." Nice reference to the first "FASTEST VIOLINIST IN THE WORLD" video hehe

  16. Non-musician here. I think Flight of the Bumblebee is yawn-fest and I was rolled my eyes when they mentioned it, then you guys came in xD

  17. It's an original composition inspired by 'The Flight of the Bumblebee'. It's called 'The Blight on Humanity'.

    Personally, I think he did an even better job than Rimsky-Korsakov in accurately conveying the title of the piece in the music.

  18. So shooting electrons at any material would just pass straight through or bounce off but they wouldn’t cause any change to the wood’s structure. For that you would need to expose it to some sort of sound wave or other external stimuli that would actually alter its confirmation and thus change the frequency of sound waves it “plays”. So no, the chip is bullshit.

  19. I think they play flight of the bumblebee because to someone who it totally tone deaf can not tell the difference

  20. …Is the word "Self-Loving " is possible in English? Thats what I felt while listen at his presentation …
    That level of self-loving and auto-satisfaction really worth to be in the Guinness Book of Records, as the most narcissistic 21.month old ✌️«violinist»✌️ in the world.

  21. soooooooo…….
    you pick up the XYZ thing as a toddler.
    and your whole family uses the XYZ…..
    constant exposure to professional level use of the XYZ ,
    not having to pay for neither tools, nor lessons,
    nevermind not needing to make time for it. its in family. I mean, like "hey dad, when shall we do the XYZ?" instead of "dad or teacher , i have XYZ lesson tomorrow, so cant do what you said, when shall i do it? …… tomorrow?! but dad! my practice? oh well….. yes dad or teacher "

    yes, he s born, not made….. yes…….

  22. Street cred: I am a violinist.

    I think what they were trying to say with the NASA thing aging instruments is using vibrations to artificially age the instrument, "old violins sounding better" is because they got played more, so basically more time for the vibrations to make "wheel ruts" at the frequencies of good notes which translates into those notes resonating better. (so a 300yr old violin that was played terribly the whole time would only be worse, not better)

    Theoretically you can artificially age the instrument by sticking it next to speakers playing musical frequencies constantly, but you can only speed of the process so much…lets say you have a 300yr old violin that was played 8hrs a day, even with 24hr musical saturation it would still take 100 yrs. Also there's a lot of subtlety in music, even the minuscule errors make up part of the musicality, and that's not really something you can program

    And NASA is overrated, they used to do cool stuff in the 70's (maybe even 80's?) but now they just push paper around trying to keep government funding flowing without actually doing anything. My Dad is a physicist who used to work with them and they're a joke…just like Vov Dylan's "violining". That hurt my soul.

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