1. Okay…..
    I Just thought of the saddest thing ever.
    Joe Gatto.
    And James S. Murray…
    Got in a car crash.
    I Almost cried thinking of it.
    And I thought about….
    Joe not finding Larry D:

  2. I read the policy I used this song so i went to go acknowledge the 3rd party content. I saw that I had a claim but I can't figure out how to acknowledge it?

  3. This… This reminds me of someone I loved for far, far too long.

    I'm merely 17 years old and had this bestfriend for 12 years who died 2 years ago. To this day, I still feel her heart, beating.. I miss her, more than anyone can imagine…

  4. Awesome song David they say music is a expression of yourself.This came from a deep place in your mind and if it didn't still a amazing song bro.

  5. this one just males think of your hole live you lived go back to that place think while listening to it just feels like your Someone eles

  6. I don't know if I suffer from a mental condition, but the voices are getting louder in my head and lending me a vision, no one stops talking and the silence is so loud, I'm at the point in my life where I just wish to hand down the crown, every time I hit a wave I constantly seem to drown and I'm thinking negative but you always gotta stay positive so don't frown, I know I roll over beats easy, and I know that most of you people think I'm really creepy, because my wordplay is amazing, I still don't understand why everyone's raging, you might not like that I make bad decisions, but I've taken something new to what I do and now Hip Hop's got a deadly incision, slowly but surely I'm making it to the top it's like I'm 007 but on a real mission, gonna keep doing this till someone takes my life away, but just know that my throne will never be taken and I'm here to stay

  7. You are funny.
    Are you cool? Yes.
    So amazing.
    Beautiful as a butterfly.
    And babies.
    Let me help you.
    Nobody likes JB.
    Tell the world you exsist.
    You are loved.
    Different colors shine uniquely.

    Now read the first word in every sentence. I mean every word. I hope I made your day! 🙂

  8. I need to cry. I fired myself to lose that ability but I'm trying to get it back. the music helps a little…
    thanks for it.

  9. When everybody started hating Fnaf i….i was broken into two….i was torn and left in the darkness when i brought back into the light by this song, it told me to never give up hope. so if your reading this and your a Fnaf lover…

    ….find a way to fight for the game you love….

  10. reminds me of how the SCP guards killed 106.
    R.I.P Radical Larry
    ??? – 2014
    Died Of Being Shot By 16 miniguns and 50 Uzis
    Your Awesome Pocket Dimension And The Way You Trolled 096 Will Be Missed

  11. You dare dwell on the past… You must move into the future because you've been given the right to live and breathe. Even facing death, you must spend every last moment enjoying the wonders of life before it's taken away one day. Emotions are only an obstacle to break you and hold you back from your true purpose, don't let them.

  12. Bro, you should make an album with all these sad and emotional music you have and sell it. I just found your channel and I love all your music. Thanks, you're amazing XD


    When I was younger, I had a neighbor. I was about 5 at the time, and a little girl lived across the street. I went over there to introduce myself for the first time. When I was walking across, I saw something glint in the sun. It was a ring. I thought nothing of it and took it with me. It had none but two stones in it. An emerald, and a diamond. I went over there after and we soon became friends. We have been friends for seven years. My longest friend. My best friend. We took pictures together all the time. Now, I look at our first picture together, and I cry. Not because I lost her, but because of our lost innocence. We were young and happy, living in a problem-free world. Now, all we can think about is the problems with the world. I worry all the time about the people around me, possibly too much, and I always try to find that inner state of mind, only to find it is gone like the ashes of my innocence. Taken away by the world with nothing better to do than to snatch up the innocence of children, and replace it mind-numbing music, teaching kids… well… nothing. I
    still have the ring, as my only reminder of my innocence.

  14. this is my pain relief music .. bec I can cry n cry for my bad days n sad life full of pain . that help me to cry to see inside my self n sorrow .

  15. I need prayers , i'm now 50 years I have been broke for the rest of my life. My businesses failed and i cry when I looked at my kids , wondering. I have depression can't do anything now and time is ticking i'm not strong any more.

  16. My Grandma died right before Christmas and i would love it if u blessed my grandma in heaven because i miss her a lot and she was sweet nice and loving she was on oxygen tanks but later after she went in the hospital for surgery she was in a room and she was dead after a day. my grandpa tried to wake her up but she was really cold and no breath and the tank was still on but it didn't help so they left the room for her to rest and the hospital said she was dead my grandpa cried and my mom did to because my grandma was my moms mum and they were really close and my mom heard the news that same day and she cried and told my dad my sad put a sad face on then they both told e we need to talk and i heard the news i was only 10 now i'm 11.. 1 year with out her is hard for me and i loved her lots but its really different without her..Her name was Lynda she died in 2016 but i don't know when she was born for the date of year but i will always remember her and our memories and there always locked away in my heart… Ill see her in heaven with in years of time or maybe later because god knows when i'm gonna die but shes gone and comment if u thought is was sad and please like for a bless love all of u <3 god bless u all too <3

  17. It's so cold. It's so cruel. It's so dark. That's what this world is. This world is cold, cruel, and dark. I can relate to that. I'm living a sad life. I've lost friends and family to the claws of death. I've been lied to, I've had things stolen from me, I've been betrayed, and I have also felt so much pain that it feels like death itself. But when I'm about to give up, I listen. I listen for my heart. I hear it beating with DETERMINATION, BRAVERY, JUSTICE, KINDNESS, PATIENCE, INTEGRITY, and PERSEVERANCE. Those things are the most powerful things that our God has given us to never give up.
    Determination, to help us keep going.Bravery, to help us stay strong in our darkest days.Justice, to help us not make the wrong choice.Kindness, to help us forgive even our worst enemies.Patience, to help us not lose our way.Integrity, to help us to build up those who are torn apart.Perseverance, to help us move on.

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  19. My boyfriend died last March 29, 2017. 2 days before my birthday. It's been 1 year but still I can feel his heart beating only for me.

  20. I loved being married to you. Your smile. Your laugh. The sounds you made in intimacy. But…you cheated. So all those sounds are no longer mine. They are that man's. What did I do wrong? Please. Please tell me what I did wrong? Why am I alone again…did I not buy you enough things. Did I not please you in bed despite your squirting. Did I make you sad somehow with my mom dieing. Was my love not enough. His love was………

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