Music Theory for MIDI Composition : Music Theory for C Major Triad

Music Theory for MIDI Composition : Music Theory for C Major Triad

To begin with our chords and to teach you
the triad position, we’ll have to begin with a basic scale. Let’s say, we’ll begin with
C major, since it’s the simplest. Remember your major scale consists of seven notes,
eight including the octave. I will play them for you, just real fast, so you can hear them.
C is the one, D, E, F, G, A, B and then C again, to make the octave. How we come up
with our triad, chord as we call it, we’ll begin on the C, as the one. The triad consists
of the one, the three and the five notes of your major scale. So, what that is is, one
is C, two, your second note, would be D, but your third would be E. So, C and E are the
first two notes in your triad. Fourth note is F but your fifth is G, that’s the conclusion
of your triad chord. In C major, your triad chord would be C, as the one, E as the three
and G as the five. When you play them together, simultaneously, you get the C major triad
chord, or the sound, C major. You can play the same triad; I don’t know if you can see
the notes real good, you can play the same triad lower or higher and also higher. They’re
all the same notes just in different positions related to your mini keyboard. That is the
C major triad, which consists of three notes, the one, the three and the five, in your major

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  1. thankyou, very clear and informative, but the camera angle made it hard to see what notes you were hitting, since I am really new and don't actually know them by their proper names.

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