Music Degrees = Money Maker? (Ling Ling 40 Hrs)

Music Degrees = Money Maker? (Ling Ling 40 Hrs)

Hey, how’s it going? Before this video gets started, just a quick little announcement. We have a special concert coming up in February. So we’re working with the Formosa Cancer Foundation. And it’s a concert that we decided to do with the orchestra there. Come see us there! Can’t wait to see you there. Tickets belowww… Welcome back to Ling Ling 40 Hours. where we look at memes to distract ourselves from the harsh fact that we are not practicing. There’s only one. But that still makes us No.1. – Hehe, yeah!
– Hahahaha! That’s right! The life hack, guys! – Aw. Woah.
– Very considerate. – Woah.
– Very cool. That’s right. L for Ling Ling. Thank you… – La’LynXiA, very thoughtful, for making sure
– Thank you. none of us look like a violist. Ha, someone’s like “or both could be a viola.” Your fault, guys! You cannot blame anyone for your lack of practice. – Alright? Intonation, learning, memorizing music,
– Mhm. winning competitions like Ling Ling. If you don’t practice, you might cause the next geological earthquake. A magnitude of 40. Nooo, not practicing! But what if the earth is flat? – That’s right, guys. Be flat, don’t be natural.
– *gasps* Maybe Alma is a flat-earther! Woah…. HAhAhahAhAHa!! We should make another one of those rap videos. It took so much effort though. “That was my honest opinion.” Yeah, I was smiling. You know, they picked the screenshot while I was smiling. There was a meaner shot. It’s called putting on your calories, guys! If you’re Bach, all the kids you have. Gonna keep yourself well-fed – to write good compositions.
– I wonder how he got so fat. – It’s just- Nah, he’s just got DNA.
– I mean, it was like- No, but like 16th century- Oh right. Do you know there be like not that much food? That’s true. – I was just guessing.
– And he was- he was pretty poor, right? Yeah, he wasn’t really that rich. Maybe he wasn’t poor… He pretended to be poor. OHHH! Right in the feel! – Dude, that’s too brutal.
– Yeah. *sighs* That is true that music degrees these days are getting very expensive. But that’s okay, guys. You know what the secret is? Practice. Haha… Same. That’s right. Do what you love. It’s not about money. Don’t listen to your parents being like “Gotta be doctor, lawyer!” Follow the heart! If you love it. You’ll be poor but happy. No… That’s a photoshop. That can’t be real. Hmmmmm… “Is this Star Wars?” Hahahaha! That’s right, guys. If you haven’t seen our video, we interviewed a bunch of strangers. Brett: Oh god… That was actually so nerve-wracking. I hate doing anything public- It was just an annoying video to make. And we didn’t have like mics, so the audio was like It was all the time we could’ve be practicing. But yeah, every time we show Dvořák 9, they’re like “Sounds like Star Wars!” – I don’t know why. Does it sound like Star Wars?
– Who composed Star Wars? John Williams. Hmmmmm… Coincidence? I think NOT!! Be happy. Is that true? Don’t know. Is that true? How does it go? It’s not that hard. Nah, I remember it gets harder. *Both sing the hard part* – Yeah, that’s a lot harder.
– Oh yeah, I guess yeah- – That was the arpeggios.
– That’s true. Yeah. Wow… Damn, Therese! Why you gotta leave Beethoven on? I know. Look what you did to Für Elise, Therese. Maybe that’s why all his pieces got harder. Maybe that’s why he went deaf. Well, I got a pun. But I need to think of it. Wait. Are you ready? Beethoven’s like… “Symphs before Nymphs!” *awkward silence* So bad… Alright, next! It’s so hard to make jokes! Why are we a comedy violin- – I don’t know, we’re… Argh!!
– We didn’t practice enough! That’s what happens if you don’t practice! Woah, this pikachu is still there. Wow! Did you know that, guys? Practicing makes you better! – Woah…
– Oh… Oh, so hard! *indistinct sounds* Guys, if you ever struggle with practicing, just download this meme, put on your phone. So every time you like don’t wanna practice… It’s magic! It makes you better! Logic! Wow… Understand! Hahahahahaha… What is this? Is this like some… Ad. It looks like an ad. Zero!! That face. Is that a thing? Ling- L L L- Music. Temporally. It’s so like suspicious. I don’t think I’ll ever buy it from a fake Ling Ling website, guys. Don’t do it. Ling Ling should be at least level 1000. Level 1000 mafia. Do you remember what she said? – We couldn’t even like subtitle cuz I couldn’t hear-
– She was like… She was just like… “Young one like you could do with a sheila?” Then I was like…That’s why I was like “Yeah, I love sheilas!” So like she was hitting on you? Yeah, she was hitting on me. Would you date that sheila, Brett? Well, one way to find out! Only if you guys practice 40 hours a day. I’ll tell you the answer! And subscribe, and like! And watch the whole video, guys! Watch time! Oh! Ricola!! That’s a smart idea. Genius! Where is this? They need like bottles… not wraps. At least bottles to open that silently, and just take it out. Yeah… Something that stops you from wrap, you know. They need something like… Like a jammer. – Reception jammer.
– Yeah. – Yeah, so they can’t get any calls.
– Yeah, zzzzz… Now we have just activated this phone jammer. Zzoom. Please enjoy the concert. – Guys, some ideas for you.
– Yeah. Yeah guys. These are the dynamic markings for trumpet players. Are you ready? This is what it’ll be for… back desk seconds. Yeah. ppp. What does ppp stand for? P… Can’t think of it. Ohh… My left lung! Buy our merch! Why is that rest- Why is it up there? And why is the note on the other way? Why is there a freaking bass clef floating up there? And there’s ledger lines in there. Hahahaha! I didn’t realize that. How is that supposed to make sense? Oh my god… Guys, don’t just hire a designer to design a music poster unless they understand music. Or, On the other hand, hire designer, but then review the design before printing it. There are your two options. Wow! You know what I- You know what I thought was gonna happen? What? The other bow’s gonna be behind the bridge. Good job, guys! Sounded pretty good! For a viola. OhHhhHhHhhh!!! What? “I play the viola.” “Hmmm…” “I’m not good enough to play violin either.” Dude, look at that guy’s face. He looks so like… Yeah. – Think of something, think of something!
– What is it? Is he in the clutch? Don’t know- It’s a bag. Oh, it’s a bag. It looks like he’s in the clutch. Aww… – Sad days…
– Oh… I don’t know why there’s so much viola abuse, guys. I don’t know… just… The law of nature. Oh look! Which is Carl? Oh, Carl is the violist there. – Oh, so you know him.
– Yeah. – This is SSO?
– Yeah. Are you obsessed with Sydney’s beaches? If you wanna get stung by jellyfish? Yeah. That’s… great fun. Dude, that’s- Dude… you were so young. How old were you there? 2, 3 years ago? 4 years ago. Probably 4 years ago. I think 4 years ago. Have you heard there’s an article that said- This is off topic, but… There’s an article that said the whole 10-year challenge thing – is for Facebook to develop its A.I.
– Oh yeah. I heard. But A.I is coming. – What can you do about it?
– It’s coming. If you can’t go against it, you gotta be with it! Mhm. Yeah, that’s true. – Yeah!
– Just jump off. Nah, don’t wanna deal with that bit! Cuz why would you practice hard when you can practice easy? Remember, practice and you’ll realize you can actually play your part. What is that? Dude. – Over-sized sacrilegious-phone.
– Look at the way he is looking to that big thing between his legs. It’s like… Ah, I’m tired. Last one. Yeah, last one. Alright guys, thank you so much for watching! That’s right! Get the r/lingling40hrs reddit up! Smash the subscribe- Remember Taiwan tour is coming. Awesome guys, thanks so much for the support. Keep practicing because practice is success. Ow, bit my tongue!


  1. Not like John Williams is known for finding inspiration in classical music…
    That's like people who get surprised when they realize that WW2 helmets and uniforms and Star Wars helmets and uniforms are similar.

  2. You should check out the soundtrack podcast. He talks about how Lucas gave John Williams different classical pieces for different scenes in the star wars movie. Williams composed the soundtrack with those pieces in mind. I believe Dvorak was one of them.

    Also, my music history in my university told me the same story about fur Elise.

  3. That one about the trumpet dynamics is so painfully accurate. As a clarinet player, I've sat in front of the trumpets several times before, and I'm actually surprised that I haven't gone deaf.

  4. This is so ironic, so I play in my high school band and we literally had our concert tonight and we played finale from the new world!!!!! Lol

  5. tw old ass meme/ i came here to have a good time but i have a japanese studies degree and i feel so attacked right now


  6. That entry at 5:58 is an advertisement from my country looool. Can't believe it! So proud of you Marian and Maine 😂😲 wtf

  7. Apparently, black holes and the entire cosmos sound in 432 Hz. They call it cosmic tone 😁😂 I hate it btw, I can only listen to 440 Hz 😖

  8. n so im now stalking the ssofellowship n foound bunch of young cutie pie called brett there… AWng.. whish to know them waaay bfore >u<

  9. f = forgot
    mf = must forgot
    p = practice
    mp = must practice
    pp = practice practice
    fp = forgot practice
    ppp = practice practice practice

  10. Whoooaa I played the 4 th movement of Dvořáks New world symphony this evening with the Bochum Symphony orchestra*-*

  11. 6:09 It is an advertisement in Phillipines about a toner. (I know this because I live in the Phillipines.)

  12. 5:57 is a Filipino ad

    don't mind me, just binge watching every TwoSet vids

    also, greetings from the Philippines i might wanna make a speedpaint of u guys

  13. I am a trumpet player and actually, the dynamics one is not true ! Yeah, right they say! But actually, some of us can play piano and mezzo piano and even pianissimo !

  14. I'm watching and thinking what I will tell to my teacher, "I can't do this part, but ling ling says to practice" 🤔🤔🤔

  15. When you want to listen to twoset and practice, but the violin you're using to learn is the school's: T – T I am not worthy

  16. That ricotta cough drop thingy is from Carnegie Hall New York. I played there when I was 13 for piano recital. It also helps to take on before performing. It calms you down.

  17. 4:40 TL;DR These are all myths, nobody really knows.
    That Beethoven thing may be only partially true: there is a historical evidence that Teresa had her own pupil whose name was Elise. So Teresa commissioned "Fur Elise" from her teacher for her pupil. Also there was an opera singer "Elise" whose relative, also a singer, was composer's friend.

  18. Do Eddy and Brett not know how music soundtracks are made? A lot of time the composer doesn't get to score the movie until it's complete. However, the director usually wants music in place while putting together the film so they know how the whole thing is coming together so they'll put in place holder music. But then they have a film partially built around the placeholder music so the composer is told to make it sound similar to the placeholder music. So Spielberg and Lucas are the ones who put in the Dvorak

    If you're really unlucky, your director will pull a Kubrick and decide last minute to just use the placeholder score and let you, the composer, find out at the premiere

  19. I play piano. I didn’t practise for a week.
    My piano teacher: Wow you improved so much!

    I practiced for a whole week.
    My piano teacher: What happened?


  20. minute 8:20 – ppp is practice, Practice, PRACTICE because if you can practice-practice-practice you can play-play-play, not as well as Ling Ling, but still..

  21. Why Therese?? Was it because he couldn’t hear? Only if people were offended back then, I bet Beethoven would be.

  22. Elise was Beethoven's sister in law and it was rumored that Elise's kid was not actually Beethoven's nephew but his biological son.

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