Mike Posner “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Mike Posner “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I mean, the last thing I thought is that this
song would be popular. It’s called “I Took A Pill In Ibiza”. I never thought they’d play it on the radio. I’m talking about taking ecstasy in the first
line. I was in the studio with a friend of mine
named Jake Owen, who is a wonderful country artist. And I played an old tune of mine. I don’t even remember which one. And he said “What inspired that song you just
sang?” I said, “it’s about a girl I had a thing with
in New York City.” And I mixed her story up with a separate girl
from my past and some of it I just made up. And he looked at me and he said, “Why don’t
you just tell the truth?” I didn’t really have an answer for that question,
at the time. But after leaving that studio, I boarded an
airplane and on the airplane I wrote the song that we’re doing this interview about. I was ice cold at the time. My career as an artist was largely considered
to be over. So Avicii invited me — Tim, as we call him
(that’s a name drop) — invited me to write for one of his albums in Sweden. Stockholm. So I went over there and like I said, I was
ice cold with a lot of free time, so I’m not going to just go over there for three days
in the studio. I’m going to hang out, explore Stockholm. And then he had a gig in Ibiza, so we wrote
in the studio and I sort of invited myself to the gig. I said, “Yo, can I come to Ibiza?” And he said yeah. So I went there, and I don’t want to restate
the lyrics in my answer to the question, but yeah I said what happened in the song S-P-E-N-D. Not ‘spent’ with a T. So people will ask me,
“You’re broke now? How does it feel?” I’m going to sound like a douche, but I’m
not broke. I was just in the process of wasting money. But I didn’t spend all the million dollars,
I guess. It’s ostracizing being the guy in the spotlight. There’s a lot of protocol and I guess manners
that people think they need to have with you. So people act more distant towards you. Because they don’t want to bug you and things
like that. The first sad song that pops into my head
is a song called “Old Love” by Eric Clapton. “Mad World” by Gary Jules, from the Donnie
Darko soundtrack. Those are the first two. I had released a song called “Cooler Than
Me”, when I was in my early 20s and it garnered a lot of critical acclaim and popularity and
I rode that wave and then the wave crashed. There was no follow up song. I tried, but there was nothing. So, it was about the disillusionment that
goes with achieving all your goals and then realizing that they don’t feel as good as
you thought they would. So if you’re not supposed to get money and
fame and notoriety, like, we’re all running around trying to get, what are you supposed
to do with your 80 to 100 years on earth? That’s the question. I’m blessed that people in my hometown really
support my stuff. This is part of the job. But, in these parts, where I’m from, people… I guess it never goes as low, at home as it
does in other places. People are just really supportive. When I found out this song was nominated for
a Grammy, I was in Southfield, Michigan, where I live. I live with my parents. And, It felt really good.


  1. You can tell singing makes him a tad happier. But, man. I would kill to have that voice. It is literally amazing. So cool. ✌🏼 Peace Bruh!

  2. Dagonnit! This entire time I thought I never wanted to be “stuck up on that station, STUCK UP ON THAT STA-TION


  3. The reason he looks like he's about to cry, is probably because he's nervous. People Think i'm about to cry when i have camera/stage fright

  4. This dude is now walking across America!
    Overcoming everything.
    I want to have that "I took a pill in Ibiza" to "move on" kind of transformation 💯
    More power and love to him!

  5. Man this is literally making me wanna cry with you, keep fighting those dark thoughts and rise up, rise up for yourself, and for all those by your side

  6. More songs should be deep like this and express the songwriters feelings and experiences. It should be a work of art.

  7. He’s from Southfield Michigan …….it’s just right there ….I live in Michigan I go to Southfield couple times a week for school …..this is cool

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