Metal Rain Sounds = Rain Gutter Sound of Dripping Rain Sounds For Sleeping 10 Hours

Metal Rain Sounds = Rain Gutter Sound of Dripping Rain Sounds For Sleeping 10 Hours

Hey everyone, for this weeks 10 hour long sleep video We are going to capture rain sounds from within a gutter We have set up my GoPro hero 7 Inside this gutter so you will get the sound Of the rain hitting the metal roof, and then dripping down into the metal gutter itself. And you will see it from a first person point of view shooting straight down the gutter. Once it starts raining, I’m going to put this protective piece of metal Over top of my camera so the water doesn’t hit it. So comment down below and let me know what you think of these rain sounds. If you haven’t yet, please take a moment to subscribe.


  1. Amazing once again Randall!!! 👏🏽🥰 Soothing and hypnotizing at the same time!! I’m gonna try it, and get back to you my friend!! Looking good out there Sir!! 😉

  2. Perfection🙋‍♀️💕 I love it so much. 🌧🌧 Thank you Randall, youre videoes are the best 🥰zzz

  3. This is NICE! I like the sound better as the gutter fills up with water and then the water runs down, and it sounds kinda like a garden outdoor waterfall.

  4. Absolutely wonderful man. What would have been cool is having the camera facing the downspout so you can watch the water go down. Think it would be neat to watch 🙂. Love this though! Great job

  5. Pretty Neato, thank you. I have to dip the treble a bit on my end but that's easy and more to do with me than the film.

  6. Yay! 💚 I love it! I’m imagining that I’m super small and I’m hiding in your gutter to take a nap/bath😂😴

  7. Boa noite Meu bhother, impressionante a sua inteligência meu bhother, muito excepcional, #100% sastisfeito, obrigado

  8. Cool. But I need pitch dark, even with brightness turned down there is still a glimmer of hope. Guess I'll flip the tablet over.

  9. Oh I love it so much Randall you did a Very nice Job I love it so much and I love your videos and your channel you really help me sleep since I have always been having trouble sleeping … This is very relaxing thank you so much you rock ❤️❤️

  10. Nice work Randall. The sound of the rain added with the pitch and tone of the water is a great idea for relaxation. Helps with my tinnitus also!. Thanks, my friend.

  11. It's so much better than it should be, another great job. I wonder if you could get a front load washing machine on high spin recorded, just over and over again on high spin? That sound always made me sleep as a child and I love it even now.

  12. i just found your channel (and subscribed!) and it’s absolutely wonderful!! thank you so much for your dedication to helping us sleep/relax. you must work a great deal on your videos and it shows! very clever ideas! i hope you are doing well and i wish you beautiful days filled with peace!

  13. Is there going to be an upload today Mr.Randall? Just curious as I always look forward to seeing new stuff from your good self.

  14. Hey Randall 🙋‍♀️how are u? Cant find this sundays video.🥺😭🤭 Hope youre not sick. In that case feel better soon. ☕️🌻

  15. I love this sooooo much! You are brilliant!!! I love th sound the way the rain is dropping so steadily into the gutter…the sound just makes me feel tired and snug all at same time!

  16. This is so great.. I've always wanted to sleep under a surface in the rain, and this is kind of like that. With the bit of metal keeping the go-pro protected it feels kinda cosy.

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