1. I always imagined "that" would be something that would render Meatloaf being wheeled out of an apartment prone on a stretcher, whimpering the entire time.

  2. I grew up with this song, and I just realized that this video rips off Janie's Got a Gun a lot. That's even the exact same cop!! Still love both vids though.

  3. Meatloaf is one of the few artistes across all genres that tells the story with his voice. You can feel the anger, the pain, the fear, the joy, the loss and the victories all in his voice. He’s a complete singer.

    Opera does that to you.

  4. If our current ‘libtard’ universe of politics continues on its current path we wont be able to show a ‘beautiful’ woman.
    …we’d have to show a generic, non-binary, uniform-size, uniform-height, mid-coloured transperson. “Er, did I miss anything?”
    As a result, a thing of beauty would cease to exist.🤔🤷🏻‍♂️

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  6. I partially identify with protagonist here. I may not have magic powers and awesome house, but i'm also ugly and shy. We're like half-bros 🙂

  7. Para aquellas personas que se ocultan en las sombras y darian su vida por esas personas que quieren mas que su propia existencia,siempre unidos……amor

  8. Meat loaf, you were great. All you musicians of the 70s, were tops. We will never, have you again…Thank you for the best music. The best music, was by far 50s,60s, 70s, 80s…..I miss all of you.

  9. He and his wife were brilliant like all the rock n rollers before technology screwed up the emotions one could feel. It was never about flashiness, nor nudes, nor fake voice'overs, it was all real back in the best days of ROCK N ROLL!!!

  10. Personally, if I was a hideous-looking monster, I probably wouldn't decorate my entire mansion with mirrors; but that's just me.

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