Maschine Workflow 1: Drums | Native Instruments

Maschine Workflow 1: Drums | Native Instruments

Welcome to the Maschine Workflow Videos. Watching these clips carefully will deepen
your understanding of Maschine’s workflow and inspire new ideas. In this first workflow video, we’ll demonstrate
how to quickly create an inspiring drum beat with Maschine. This rhythmic pattern will act as a foundation
to add more interesting sounds and instruments later on. The features we’ll explore in this video are
available on all Maschine Studio, Maschine, and Maschine Mikro hardware controllers. Before we get creative, let’s take a look
at the hardware: The 16 RGB rubber pads in the center of the
device let you play sounds in Maschine. A “Sound” in the Maschine world is like
a container that contains audio samples, plug-in instruments, and effects. A collection of 16 sounds is called a “Group”. Next to the pads, you’ll find the Group buttons. These buttons let you switch rapidly between
all available groups in your project. Groups are key to working efficiently in Maschine. You can save your custom group and all its
corresponding sounds and patterns into a single file and load it into any future Maschine project. Besides groups and sounds, you can also load
whole song projects, software instruments, effects, and samples directly from the hardware. Maschine comes with a stunning sound library,
but you can use your own samples and other third party instruments as well. In this example, I’ve loaded a drum kit
from the Factory Library. Maschine’s velocity sensitive pads let you
trigger any sound with accurate volume response. Or, you can activate “Fixed Velocity” Mode
to maintain a constant volume response no matter how hard or soft you hit the pads. Let’s start with Step Mode – a convenient
method for creating a pattern in Maschine. Simply trigger the kick once to select it
and enter “Step Mode”. After pressing the play button, a light will
start running across the 16 pads indicating that you can program a sequence. Changing the tempo in Maschine is easy. Alright, that feels comfortable. Now let’s add a couple of claps. After creating the basic pattern, you can
switch back to Maschine’s classic groovebox workflow to add some funky percussion elements. Activate record mode, follow your instincts,
and start playing! When recording a pattern you can easily undo
and redo all your actions, erase just a few notes, or clear the whole pattern at once. Use the quantization function to remove any
imprecise timing after you play in the notes. While playing back a pattern, you can start
tweaking your drum sounds on the fly. This helps you balance the individual sounds of the kit and shape your groove. You can even change an entire group’s parameters with just a few tweaks. Last but not least, there is a third method
to create patterns in Maschine called “Note Repeat”. It’s like a combination of both Step Mode
and Record Mode. When activated, Maschine continuously plays
a sound in a steady note division. Maschine allows you to easily change the length
of a pattern. And lets you create an unlimited number of
patterns within your project and switch between them.


  1. Maschine-ah??? Hahahaha!

    Bought mine just before the "Studio" version came out FOR THE SAME PRICE!!! FUCK!!!  🙁

  2. So, i noticed in that video that when he loaded the "factory kit", the colours of the pad were different for each type of sound (one colour for kicks, another for snares, another for hihats etc etc). Yet when i go to preferences in Maschine, the only options i get are to either follow the colours of the group or "auto" (which just puts a different colour on each pad).

    Is there a function i'm missing to set colours for different types of sounds? Or did they just manually set that up to make the video look good?

  3. You company make amazing sofrtware and hardware.
    But you video so very simple.
    I think, if you make full course about how to make music using you software and hardware. Now you teach hou using softawere, not how make music with you. 
    That would be the best of your advertising.

  4. Maschine Mikro & Ableton Launchpad S Auction

  5. GUYS!!!! 
    As Narudth said!!!!!!!!…
    What is that !!!!!!! 

    NI … I LOVE your videos they have extrem quality!!! …
    What happened at 1:10 Min?
    Are you kidding me?!!
    You always make a "screen capture" NO "camera screen capture"

    !!!!! Inacceptable !!!!! ³³³³³³³³
    A home made video will be ok…. BUT A PROFESSIONAL SOFTWARE GERMAN COMPANY ????!!!

  6. This video just saved me hours of frustrating exploration. This is exactly what ive needed to understand the different ways to make patterns. Thanks NI!!

  7. I wish NA would create more tutorials for Maschine's software.  Many of us use Maschine exclusively in a studio and like using the software.  

  8. Sounds weird )))))) Maybe this dude is Russian…) 'Cause in russian language "ma-sheen" sounds like "ma-shee-na"

  9. Hey guys, I'm a young swedish producer, and Im trying to get really good. I would be super-grateful if some of you guys took the time to swing by my channel, lidsen to some stuff I made, and leave some constructive critisism.
    I hope Im not being annoying by commenting here, I'm just trying to get better so I can go after my dream. Regardless, thanks and have a great day 🙂

  10. even though i'm german and the maschine is a german product by the german company native instruments i say… fuck the maschine ! mpc kills you all day !

  11. Every time I have a sample playing WITHOUT drums, it's normal volume, but when the drums are on, the sample gets quiet.. It sucks because I like to cut off the drums here and there in my tracks and the beat goes from quiet, to loud, to quiet.. Very annoying. Anyone know how to fix that??

  12. I don't know to much about these kinds of instruments, but what is the difference between maschine, push, and MPC? Is one clearly better than the other?

  13. This is one of those videos that literally teach you more in 5 minutes than you've been learning by yourself over the past 5 years.

  14. is the mpc touch better than this? I'm looking for something more interactive with less using the computer but I want the best quality

  15. i found a maschine unit and although i dont know if they made similar products that look the same, the one i found looks exactly like this one. My question is, do all maschine units use the same recording software? and if so how much is it? thank you!

  16. Hey guys, I'm not trying to spam but I'm looking for some feedback on our channel. What do you think of the beat making video I just uploaded? We're trying to get better at making videos. Thank you in advance! I use the Maschine Studio and the S88

  17. I cant agree with you more Ben NCM. I wish Id found this 2 years ago!!! Great video. Now I'm writing music liker a pro. Thanks to who ever did this video.

  18. Is there no auto input quantise? I noticed you said it's to be done manually after record.. I would love it to quantise as I go along.. beat playing is my weakest link (i'm a classical piano player since a little kid and writing beats is my weakest part of music creation, so I bought maschine as my first pad based drum sequencer ever to see if I could get better at it). I have a mikro MK2 on the way which should be here by the end of the week so would be great to know how to do this. Cheers!

  19. Too many idiots in the comments who don’t understand foreign language pronunciation for this to be reality 🙅🏽‍♂️

  20. Pretty good concise tutorial, slow the video playback down if it’s too fast for you then you can pick all the info up nice and easy.

  21. @ 3:17 use the quantization function??? in step mode there's no quantization required [this is not a good step tutorial] … you have slipped back into real write without knowing it

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