1. i'm watching this cos it's interesting. But i'm not planning on making a punch sound. I just like watching smart people like you make videos.

  2. 20.8 hertz for my earbuds, 71.4 hertz for my phone's speaker, and 28.6 hertz for my headphones. So i have quality earbuds and headphones, but average phone speaker…seems pretty good to me

  3. after watching this video I randomly thought it would be neat if the MM in your channel icon looked like a wavelength or something

  4. PS: Street Fighter V sound design is so good that a blind guy can play it and know what is going on at all times. He's called Sven.

    Here's a match of him playing at a tournament:

  5. I had my volume all the way up and next to my ear to try and hear the frequencies and then it just a SHORYUKEN!!! In my fucking ear.

  6. What kind of music recorder do you prefer ? Would Audacity be enough to get reasonable sound ? I and my friends are making a game like Smash Bros so do you have suggestions ? Anyone ? Thanks for the advice 🙂

  7. If you EQ'd the lower frequencies out of the reverb send that you applied onto your sample stack it would sound much more realistic. I typically try to EQ out all the bass frequencies from my reverb sends ~200 hertz.

  8. Checking this out from GMTK. Nice work — all techniques I've heard of before, but it's great to see them in a concise, cogent video.

  9. Never subbed to a channel this fast. Im a sound designer too btw i make sounds mods for video games 🙂

  10. This is so incredibly useful, entertaining and inspiring! It was me a pleasure to learn from you, Master McGee!

  11. As a martial artist and self defense instructor I can honestly say real punches sound kinda wimpy.
    I actually got decked by my ex in highschool (misunderstanding..) and everyone thought I was a bitch because I got knocked on my ass by a "slap"… but she straight almost decked my teeth out and rocked me good. I saw white and everything and it just sounded like a little smak and everyone went around saying she slapped me so hard she put me on my ass and gave me a swollen face… with a slap.
    We ended up good after that, but I never realized until then how slappy and weak punches sound in real life. Typically I'm getting punched and you feel it and hear it in your head, or I fight with gloves which sound completely different.

    It was a neat lesson on sound, and not to fuck with women and take joking pictures that look like sex to help your girlfriends younger sister piss of her ex boyfriend. Your girlfriend will punch you in the skull, with perfect technique because you taught her how to draw power from the ground up and deliver a devastating blow to the "bitch switch" or "knockout button", it will hurt very badly and people will make fun of you.

  12. Can you make a tutorial on how you made the punch sound in a DAW? this video was an overview of how to make it from start to finish.

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