MADD – DD ( Lyrics – كلمات )

MADD – DD ( Lyrics – كلمات )

EY EYY Get The *uck Off You Always telled Lies You made a mistake when you didn’t hit me, I’ll hit you If I wrote i will rip the paper, and i can care of a team Let the heart down and make money .. loop in the same episode Holy Sh*t, how much pussy raped about uzi Ey (Uzi gun) Today im dealing rap work and waiting for money babe We arent your friends, we only eat the cake we dont share it I dont signed 5 years for short and hoodie Bape Oh ma momma they talking about me in secret they cant beef The shit inside your head need someone who push it away under blood there is oil and im the di*k who make you forget You stayed walking and you’ve been lost then you came to me to pull your foot up I can’t see you where ? you run from the movie Open your mouth ill give you more .. open your mind i advise you because im the feed one Yesterday you bring your beauty and now you died where are you ? career of the filler You’ll find me up if you search about me Hello, hello i will stop the rap and chocolat in ma back Im riding with with one feet look how much im far away from you I will teach you the lessons if you dont understand i will use you to clean the board You did rap and you dropping level without any profit I Love You You knew in this game, you have only molester Dont talk about everyone in secret You know the deal Double D in this bitc* Nigg* You the one who started this beef You still loser on it We listening to your song and we about to sleep (boring) You just nobody want to fall i pushed him with my foot Like a bacterium wanna stuck i cleaned it using my hands Nigg* what your rap isnt good tell me why you wanna race Give me cash and go to hell i will rape without hipocrisy B*tch im blessed you such a ho* i will gave you a glass opla you finished Up of my dic* hoping you can sleep *EEEY*


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