Luke Bryan Is Still Traumatized from Singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl

Luke Bryan Is Still Traumatized from Singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl

-I want to talk about
Grand Ole Opry. -Wow.
-This is a big deal. Just to be able to perform there
is a big deal and an honor. -So, yeah,
we got on the Opry stage, and we were doing a
breast-cancer awareness night. We were turning
the Grand Ole Opry, the backdrop, turning it pink
for breast-cancer awareness. And the ACMs come out
and surprised me with the Album of the Decade
for “Crash My Party.” It was bananas.
-I mean, that’s — [ Cheers and applause ] That’s amazing.
How fun is that? -You know, ’cause I’ve got
all these people backstage from my record label. You know, I thought
they were just there to come watch me perform,
and then I’m like, “Oh.” -“Oh, that’s why
you’re all there.” -“You’re coming to watch me
win an award and a photo op.” -Yeah, exactly, right?
Yeah. Thanks for coming on our show. Football night’s
a big night for us. -I know.
-I know you’re a football fan. -Been watching — Been watching
a little bit today. -Yeah, oh.
I know you’re Atlanta Falcons — -Well, I’m a Falcons fan.
Grew up in Georgia. [ Cheers ] That’s — That’s right. -Oh, my gosh.
[ Laughter ] What do you mean,
“That’s right?” -See, that’s how we brag
when we’re 1-6. [ Laughter ] -I know.
-Could you imagine if we’re like .500?
-Yeah, no. -Yeah, no.
Be like, “That’s right!” -Dirty birds!
No, no, no. -Kind of having a rough season. -Yeah, grew up
a big Falcons fan. And, yeah, they’re having
a little bump in the road. And my Falcons — you know,
we live in Nashville now. [ Cheers ] And — y’all —
They just like everything I say. -Yeah, just that one section,
yeah. -The one, my aunties and uncles. -Exactly, yeah.
[ Light laughter ] -But, you know, Nashville,
my boys, my little ones
are kind of Titans fans. [ Scattered cheers ]
And then, they’re Brady fans. And then, they’re —
And so it’s like my whole — It’s like a melting pot
of football hate in the house. -Yeah.
-And rivalry. But I’ve always
leaned to the Falcons. -What are your parties like,
your tailgating? -Oh, we — we —
You know the deal. Chili and beer and
Fritos and that green — You know, just whatever.
Fritos and the rotel dip that makes your stomach hurt
for the next three days. [ Laughter ] -It’s fantastic.
It’s fun, right? You got —
Was it two years ago? You performed at the Super Bowl.
You did the national anthem? -Yeah, I did. I think it was
actually the Falcons. So, I sign on to do the anthem
at the Super Bowl. And when I got the call,
I had — When I got the call,
you’re like, “Do you really want to put
yourself through this mental torture to do –” You either get the anthem right
or you don’t. -Oh, yeah.
-First of all. And then you’re
at the Super Bowl doing it. And so, I sign on to do it. And then, the Falcons are playing the Patriots
in the Super Bowl. So I run out there.
It was in Houston. And I get there.
You know, everybody’s like — I got buddies that are huge — They’re like, “Hey, man,
we’re partying tonight! You know, come to this bar.”
And I’m like, “Guys…” -“I’m performing” —
-“…I’m performing in front of 125 million people on Sunday.”
-Yeah. -“I can’t go…”
-To meet you at the — -You know…
-“Yeah, I’m not doing shots.” -Yeah, do jagerbombs all night.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah, no.
-They’re like, “Aw, man!” -“You changed!”
-“You’ve changed.” [ Laughter ]
-“Yeah, I did change. I’m performing
at the Super Bowl!” -And, I mean, but — So, literally,
I get there on Wednesday. Because you have to go out. And you have
to run it every day. -Sure.
Did you perform live? Because a lot of people — –
Well, yeah, I did it — I did it where
I actually went out there and performed it without
pre-taping it or anything. -Yeah, a lot of people do tape.
-But, you know, I would get out there and —
first of all, you know, it’s about 2 minutes
and 11 seconds to do the anthem. So I had several buddies
fly to Vegas — -I love that you said it’s about
2 minutes and 11 seconds. -No, I had like eight buddies —
-You know exactly how much. You’re like, “It’s almost like
2 minutes and 11 seconds. Don’t you dare go over!”
-Well, my buddies that weren’t wanting me to do jagerbombs
with ’em, they were in Vegas trying to bet
on the time of the anthem. [ Laughter ] -They’re like,
“Luke, you’re gonna make us a lot of money, dude!
Don’t mess this up for us.” -Man, I got country-music
buddies calling me — “Hey, man,
you wearing a hat or not?” [ Laughter ] Like, “Is it 2:11,
or is it 2:12?” I’m like, “I don’t know.”
I’m singing in front of — Leave me alone, man.”
-Yeah. -And then you’ve got this guy
with a headset. He’s like, “Well, the bombers — The bombers have to fly over
the stadium at 2:10. Are you going to be 2:12
or 2:13?” I’m like, “Guys, I don’t know.
I’m walking my ass out there –” [ Laughter ] -“I just want to sing.” -“I came to sing
the national anthem.” -“Just let me do it.
Don’t freak me out.” -“Tell the bombers
to slow down.” You know, the F-14 — -You can’t tell them
to slow down. You can’t do that.
-I’m like, “Ugh!” So I will never
do that to myself… -Did they — Did it work? Did the bombers
fly at the right time? -I don’t know.
‘Cause it was in a — We were in a dome.
I’m like, “What does it matter?” [ Laughter and applause ] -Why would they
have them fly over?! You can’t even see them! They just had sound effects
go over the P.A. like “Fwwwww!” “Trust me,
the bombers are flying over.” -They’re up there, but…
-It’s a dome. Oh, my God.
[ Laughter ] That is the funniest thing.
-So, the funny thing, too — So, literally, I get to the box, after I perform,
you know, the anthem. And I’m just like,
“Somebody get me a vodka drink right now so I can…”
-Yeah. -“…get my life back on track
from what I just put…” [ Laughter ] I mean, you’ve been
in those situations where you’re so nervous,
like, your face locks up. -Yeah.
-And you feel like — You’re just like —
It feels like you have, like, rigor mortis setting in
while you’re — -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-You’re just like — And when I got done,
I was like — And then my Falcons
are up like 28-6, and then,
we blew it in the fourth. And somebody had to tell me
the next morning that we lost. [ Laughter ] -You didn’t even make it
to the end of the game? -I just — I was out.
[ Laughter ] Then I went and did jagerbombs. [ Laughter ] -Let’s talk about — I want to talk about
“American Idol.” How is everything over there?
-Man… -It’s fun, right?
-It’s organized chaos. -It is, right?
I knew they made a good choice when they picked you to be
one of the judges over there. -Well, we —
You know, Lionel — it’s funny. You know, I look back
on why in the world they would have chosen
this trio of judges. But now, three seasons in,
we’re — It’s just a fun dynamic.
I mean, Katy — We all have our little lane.
And you know, Lionel’s — Lionel is the king
of letting children down. [ Laughter ]
We always send Lionel — When we’re in Hollywood
and we pile them all in a room and they’re all in there,
fingers crossed, saying prayers, and it’s the room that’s not
going to Hollywood, we’re like,
“Lionel, they’re yours.” And he’s like —
[ Laughter ] But, you know,
we just did Detroit. Played Ford Field
a couple nights ago. And then, I fly to L.A.
for auditions. We’ve got like
two more audition cities. And the talents —
I mean, it’s so amazing watching these kids
come out of the woodwork. And —
-It’s fun. You never know
who’s gonna be the big star. -You never know.
And our — Anyway, it’s just shaping up
real good. -I want to talk about
your new single. -Yeah, it’s crazy.
[ Cheers ] -“What She Wants Tonight.” [ Cheers and applause ] It’s great.
Just came out this weekend. So, It’s fresh.
This is the first time you’re performing it
on television tonight. So I appreciate you doing it. -It’s actually the second time
we’ve performed it, period. So…
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-Y’all just — This crowd just be giving me
one of these or one of these. -Yeah, we’ll give you
one of these. Luke Bryan, everybody!


  1. Honestly idk how he ended in peeps sexiest mag. Oh wait he white, I forgot and he deserves the oscar also they forgot that .Whoops not mentioning the nobel peace prize.

  2. There are so many other country albums that are exponentially more deserving of that award than Crash My Party…what a joke

  3. I really enjoy watching Jimmy but the crowd yelling at EVERYTHING,
    Jimmy could probably say " 2+2=4" and they will be screaming. Its like they feel the need to be heard. It doesnt matter who you are in that chair beside Jimmy, everyone gets the same reaction.

  4. I Hurd him perform his new song for the first time at his farm tour in Richland Michigan. Such a good song. Love you Luke.

  5. Hey it's Richard how you doing don't trust that guy Brian Kelly he has sex with a lot of women he got women STDs and he got a woman pregnant and left her it's true

  6. Who else has been to Crash My Playa? I went this year 01/19 for my 10th year anniversary it was the greatest event ever. Definitely will go again. Love you Luke!

  7. Love Luke Bryan. Talented, of course, but just seems like a really down to Earth good dude. Even with all the heartbreaking things in his life, he is so positive. Pretty easy on they eyes, too 😉

  8. Poor, poor Luke you are so damn awesome. I bet getting ready to sing the national anthem I can only imagine the nerves. But you are awesome and you made it through . I live your new song and I love some Luke Bryan. I still have my pic you gave me and your autograph. I was on front row at your farm tour. IT WAS AMAZING! 🙂

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