1. Wow, you're very talented. And you're the closest to the real thing — by that I some most guitarists come close to covering Slash's solos but you nailed it note for note! Heck of a job…very impressive

  2. Mate! That was BRILLIANT! Not gonna lie, when the piano part started a little tear came to my eye of how fantastic it all was. Thank you, I really enjoyed it.

  3. Dude, could you please be the lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, bass player and drummer in my new band? I might be able to handle vocals…

  4. Hey Tyler, awesome cover! I just want to let you know that I think that Slash used an auto/modulated wah for the outro. That's why the wah modulation sounds so consistent on the record.

  5. Great song, brilliant lyrics and the outro… divine!!!! I've been enjoing it since 16 years (I'm now 36). You are very talented, You yourself replaced the whole band, it's awesome (like Duff did it in Believe in Me album). Thank you very much for posting this great work! Cheers from Moscow. Russia!

  6. In my opinion you are the best Guns' N Roses cover man of the world !!! I like very much Karl Golden, Niko and all the others but for me, YOU are the best in the world, all your Guns' N Roses cover are ABSOLUTLY PERFECT !!!

  7. I've always loved Loco, especially the ending, which I went looking for a vid of Slash playing recently and found this, and now cannot stop watching it bro!! You fuckin nailed it. Badass!!

  8. You got the timing on the chorus right. In the original, the drum tempo is rushed during the chorus and that always bothered me. So yours is better than the original. Nice!

  9. Great video! Enjoyable as the original. Clean production. Thanks. You know what, maybe you upload the close up versions of guitar shootings. That can be a cool locomotive riff lesson, which is a huge absence on youtube.

  10. when i first heard this song, it amazed me how you could go from A major (mixolidian) to A minor without one even noticing…. :O now that i learned music for like 13 years… well now I know. AWESOME GUITAR PLAYIN TYLER ROSEN

  11. Unfortunately we will never know how this song was recorded in studio. I always suppsoed it has many cuts and sections added in. That means not played in line.

  12. Your covers are fuckin perfect! Everything except that bass line in the beginning, it should have been palm muted. I’m being an ass though, really well done

  13. Man….u really worked so hard to get this done… So admired of your skills! thank you for the pleasure of watching u playing like a master.

  14. nice one mate i used the original song to almost blast into the speed force when i was 4 n HALF STONE BIGGER AND DIDNT TAKE STEROIDS AND WOULD HAVE RODE LANCE AMRSTRONG OUT OF TOWN

  15. Yeah super underrated song.. my personal favorite Guns n Roses song. Awesome work! You just need to get Axl to sing for you! Hahaha you got it covered

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