Lea Salonga's daughter Nichole Chien sings "Yesterday's Dream"

Lea Salonga's daughter Nichole Chien sings "Yesterday's Dream"

well now it's my turn to surprise you okay I'm going to introduce the next person who is going to sing this is the this is the person who got to hear me sing lullabies as a baby this is the person that I love singing with at home whatever our jam happens to be she's probably heard me singing even before she came out of the womb so I think you know who is coming up next so I'd like to now introduce my daughter Nicole chin okay actually you know what the one who is the most thrilled about this moment it's not her parents it's her Lola sitting in the front row you see Apple she's right there huh Kleenex already in heaven and dad were you where's that dad where is he and oh nice one yay okay so dad is there he's taking video because I will not be happy if he doesn't know we just celebrated 10 years of being marrieds he he knows me well he's given up for Nicole chin [Applause] the future we are the world [Applause] [Applause] dad did you take that yes okay we're not doing this over okay I don't think I can handle this eyeball you good are you good she's good that's true well take a bow take a bow everyone that's it we don't have anymore [Applause] there's always next time all right I'm going to very kindly usher you to the back [Applause]


  1. Nicole, you did more than I expected. I feel soooooooooooo proud of you. U have very sweet voice and clear pronunciation, too. Bravo!

  2. Awww She’s so cute n pretty I think she did sang very well she just got a little nervous maybe her first time in the audience bravo Nicole Chien I luv it .. love u Lea

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