Just Being Honest (Song)

Just Being Honest (Song)

Really? Yeah, I never thought I’d see a boa-constrictor and a guinea pig featured in a cute animal buddies montage, but the snake was just hugging him so tight. [Phone Vibrate] It’s Rob. Don’t answer, he’s gonna ask us to help him move– Rob. Hey Link! Hey. Am I on speaker? Yeah, Rhett’s here. Hey Rob. Oh good, I’ve got both of you. Hey, I was wondering if you guys could give me a hand with moving out of my place on Saturday. Uhh. Saturday? I’ve got to uh– chop down some trees. And then, throw the trees in a pile? What? Yeah were uh, cleanin’ up a wooded lot by hand uh– We’re startin’ a forest community. Self sustaining. Oh. Ok? Well, I can’t wait to see it. Well it’ll be a while. Uhh, yeah. It’s six acres. On a slope. Ok, bye guys! [Rhett & Link]
Bye. I think he bought it. Yeah he did. You know what I just can’t get enough of? What? Honesty. I know right? It’s so refreshing. For me, it’s honesty or I’m not interested. Totally! That’s what we need man. Yeah. We need more honesty in our lives. We just told so many lies to so many people. And now we need to go back to each one of ’em, and come clean. Last week I saw you in the lobby passin’ through. You said, “Hey, how ya doin?” I said, “Pretty good man and you?” Well that wasn’t true. I was actually doin’ pretty bad. Havin’ just received some unfortunate news from my dad. He had invested my inheritence in his new business plan, That plan was takin’ teens to the prom in a fleet of used mini vans. So at that moment, I didn’t really care how you were doin’, and I don’t remember your name. That’s why I called you man. The other night at midnight you called me on the phone. You asked me if you woke me up, but I said “no”. But the truth is I was in the deepest sleep of my life. Havin’ the most realistic dream I was flyin’. In the international human flyin’ championship. Your sister was there and was about to give me a kiss. That’s when you called me and asked me how to say guhnauchi. Listen closely, It’s gnocchi I’m just bein’ honest. -est, -est, est. Honestly, honestly means that much to me. Honestly, honestly means that much to me – much to me. Remember on our recent romantic night out, you broke the silence by askin’ “What are you thinkin’ about?”. I said, “How much I love you.” but that’s not true. I mean, I do love you, I just don’t think like you do. My brain’s a sophisticated department of completely disconnected compartments and at that particular moment I was thinkin’ about– sports. Last night when I was quiet you asked me, “What’s wrong?” I looked into your eyes and said, “Nothing at all.” That’s not exactly true, I’m actually starting to resent you, and the work you’re pouring into your taxidermy petting zoo. You haven’t called me pookie-pie in over four months! Do you wanna’ preserve us, or this dead dove. I’m just bein’ honest. -est, -est, -est. Honestly, honestly means that much to me. Honestly, honestly means that much to me – much to me. The day before yesterday you pulled me over and asked, “Do you have any idea fast you were goin’? I said, “Oh, no Officer, I didn’t even see you.” But I did see you, and I was goin’ seventy-two. And in full disclosure my right speaker was blown. And for the preceding ten miles my left blinker was on. I had no intention of ever turning left. You may recall I gave a testimonial for your product. I said, “The Face Cave in no way makes me look idiotic.” I feel like i’m in a cave even though I’m not really in a cave, because the only thing in the cave is my face. To tell you the truth, Face Caves are hostile. Unless you really like stalagmites up your nostrils. You know your terms and conditions agreement? When I was updating my software I didn’t read it! I’m just bein’ honest. -est, -est, -est. Honestly, honestly means that much to me. Honestly, honestly means that much to me – much to me. That felt so good. It did, didn’t it? Wait a second. I don’t think those girls were talkin’ about honesty. I think they were talkin’ about Wendy’s new freshly brewed, lightly sweetened, with hints of mango and pineapple flavors. Tropical Green Honest-tea. Available only at Wendy’s. And we just made an entire music video to promote it? Yeah, this is a sponsored video. It’s not even a real Wendy’s. That sign is held up by a crane. Huh. So you’re saying we don’t have to call Rob back. No. Hey guys, honestly, thanks for watching this video. You can get the song on iTunes. Subscribe to this channel for more music videos and check out the behind the scenes video to see how we did this all in one take. And, join us for SipMeUp, a live streaming event on Thursday, June 18th. Where you have a shot at us making a personal video, just for you. Check the description for more info. You know, I knew I recognized you from somewhere. You’re that guy from the Face Cave commercial. Yeah, I get that a lot.


  1. "You know your terms and conditions agreement? When I was updating my software I didn't read it."

    Does anyone ever?

  2. Those two girls who said that they couldn’t get enough of honesty, were drinking the tea brand Honesty 😂 I CRACKED UP!

  3. Ok guys honesty is great and all but have you ever had Coca Cola same great taste zero sugar now with a hint of added vanilla?

  4. Is no one gonna mention the intro??
    The Guinea pig isn't the boa constrictors friend it's his food!!!!!!

  5. After years of watching this video I have finally realized Rhett was trying to tell Link that they had baseball practice

  6. It kind of baffles me that their BRILLIANT songs got millions of views but they decided to stop doing them

  7. This used to be my favorite song and today I watched it again and I forgot the lyrics until it started and I crushed this.

  8. It took me this long to finally understand when Rhett says “that plan was taking teens to the prom in a fleet of used minivans”

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