Joe Rogan – Ghosthunters Are Scam Artists

Joe Rogan - Ghosthunters Are Scam Artists

the Joe Rogan experience that house I lived in Boulder nine fucking years ago and that house is still for sale oh yeah can't sell it it's a nice house they can't tell that how I changed the name of the street I Trent Reznor Marilyn Manson don't wanna buy it do you like rock stars were like really weird like eccentric people that want to like have something like that no nobody wants a buy a house where a kid was killed good enough deal how how expensive is it it's a good deal not a great deal I know you imagine a crazy fuck like you're on Steve in the middle to show you see like things behind you ghosts you know the thing about the Comedy Store podcasts down that basement like dumb bait that paid millions of people when killed in that base of it fucker whew that was like Bugsy Siegel's place that was Syros nightclub so like for sure if you're gonna kill somebody you kill him in the basement right yeah how many guys do you think they killed in that basement Bugsy see you all with a nightclub on Sunset for sure a gang of people got there's probably a bunch of people killed as it since it's been The Comedy Store well there's probably while we know there's one that once merger took place in the base patio oh the front pass yeah yeah that was close on my way there that night tells crazy yeah great alibi jar near streets are many miles away Louis J Gomez get it right for the press release yeah yeah I whenever some reason a documentary comes out about an old thing that I've heard a thousand things about I'll still watch him again I've got way deep into Charles Manson again but I was the same Chuck Manson was people have bought those houses for sure yeah it's houses sold over and over telling you right now it's true they have a market of that fucking house the right way because they could get some weirdo to buy it he said Amityville Horror house those bullshit nothing never really have they're right it depends on your documentary you want me to be like the whole thing's fake yeah you think probably all fake I think it's kind of bullshit I think they just sort of concocted it for that movie I want to see that movie I was scared out of my fucking mind yeah I was thinking oh my god these people they bought this house and it's haunted fuck man that sucks what if that was us but then you react then you found out what based on true events means yeah cuz like this I heard a weird creak in the middle of the night and like bees came out of your toilet the bees came out the wall started bleeding I grew up so poor that like just the idea of buying a house I was watching those movies I was like I don't know what do you want to say guys I'm renting one Section eight I would fucking deal with the ghosts tell me something yeah I know right were you scared of a few ghosts would have ghost ever done and never killed anybody fucking ghost killed them no one's ever died from a ghost yeah it's always like they moved a toy car like across a table or something with that get past that people I had my mom my roommate back when I was like 21 my buddy jimmy detillo me and him got a Ouija board once we said all right we're gonna find out this is bullshit and he's like you're not gonna move it right and I go I'm not gonna move it I go you're not gonna move he goes I'm not gonna move that fucking thing because we're gonna find out this is bullshit and we sat around for like an hour 45 minutes of this fucking stupid Ouija board ask any questions at the end of it my friend jimmy folds everything up stuffs it in the garbage bag goes I'm taking this piece of shit out to the trash right now I mean people convince themselves of everything you know let's start moving that thing like oh my god it's going to the a I can't believe in the end and the DS it's telling you something Andy from beyond the grave fake martial arts where they're using a fucking knock you down do you think you people that that prayer them are predators do you think like the people who go I'm talking to idiots – that's the problem though they pieces of shit they're both theirs pieces of shit that some of them are just con artists some of them are idiots who are as fooled by it as what they're teaching there's a la me that's Sylvia Browne wasn't she the one that told the girls they found in Cleveland like told what her parents like she's moved on to a better place now and right yeah like stop looking for your daughter was dead and she was in a fucking at that's crazy no she made them stop looking hurt is that than religion though so I you know I guess it they're the person that's doing that on a dumb fucking stage more personal yeah no listened you are basically you're you're projecting these ancient stories right that's what you're doing you're giving lessons in these ancient stories but when you're actually doing it to a single person that seems way worse right yeah it's very focused and also religion people get there are good intentions sometimes the people doing it doesn't follow tradition and stuff or you grow up that way and you just kind of like but I mean no that's like that that's that's predatory did someone make money might explain like the worst possible thing about their life in terms of is it truth they're both equally probably you know like bullshit but one is directly targeting and fucking with somebody and religions also probably killed millions and millions and millions of people and you know these people are just fucking duping a few idiots out there duping a lot of idiots but those idiots deserve to be duped I mean look wounded antelopes should not go to the waterhole that's just how it goes you get Jack everything is an antelope analogy you Joe well this is dumb it always work they're supposed to get taken out [Applause]


  1. I'm related to Bugsy that's so rad that the comedy store is on top of a piece of history like that (terrible or not )

  2. Can you please bring a ghost hunter on the cast so you can tell him what they are doing is a fake scam please I would love to see how they respond to that

  3. I love how people say nothing ever happened in the Amityville Horror house? Okay say there's no ghosts at all cool like six people got murdered there.

  4. Yes, yes they are. But that’s not to discount there are actually haunted places. Ghost hunters are so cringe lol

  5. Ghosts dont kill people. They kill themselves. Whether that because they experience something or they are insane is beyond me lol

  6. We know next to nothing about this life, our death, consciousness, psychedelics and the universe as a whole. Yet, so many people are absolutely positive in this comment section, that ghosts/spirits/entities do not exist and the "paranormal" phenomenom is nothing more than a human's imagination. I think being aware of your minds deceptions and fallacies is important, but also keeping an open mind about any possibility is a more reasonable approach IMO.

  7. I remember being in Boulder several years ago and walking past the Ramsey house…it’s been taken care of well over the years, but it would be pretty disturbing to live there knowing what happened under that roof.

  8. A family did actually get murdered in the Amityville house. It’s just been way overblown. The story is that the family that bought the house after the murders were experiencing paranormal activity, but this is pretty known to be bullshit

  9. The Amityville house murders were real. Where a guy murdered his whole family. But all the ghost shit was made up by the people who bought it years later.

  10. I've seen 3 ghost. I seen one many times. 2 were just shadow people but one was a full on apparition. I still think ghost hunter shows are full of shit, like the guy with the ghost box… wtf!.

  11. One of the weirdest experiences in my life is the time I saw a ghost. Blew my mind. Totally didn't believe in them before that

  12. LA llorna is real watch out and stay away from those ditches late at night like at 3 am lol cause remember she is crying looking for her kids ..

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