Joe Biden: I’m Going To Beat Trump ‘Like A Drum,’ Can’t Wait To Debate Him | MSNBC

Joe Biden: I’m Going To Beat Trump ‘Like A Drum,’ Can’t Wait To Debate Him  | MSNBC


  1. Biden .is he for real ,trump is not only going to win the presidency he's going to become emperor of the liberals run the emperor has you in his sights.

  2. This article details Joe Biden's meeting with the chief financier of the 9/11 hijackers Mahmoud Ahmad in the days after September 11, and and how Ahmad was then allowed to travel freely back to Pakistan. Also, on the morning of the 9/11 attacks, Ahmad was at a breakfast meeting hosted by Sentor Bob Graham and Rep. Porter Goss, the chairman of the Senate and House Intelligence committees.


  4. Poor Biden. Not even Obama will back him. He doesn’t stand a chance. Biden will never get to debate trump and he knows it. Soon he’ll just bow out and we won’t hear from him again.

  5. Everyone called trump a racist when he ran against a woman, they called him racist too. I hope it's Biden or Sanders so they can't play both cards. The only thing they can do is bash Trump for being a billionaire

  6. We’re gonna finish the job Corn Pop started and take down sloppy joe. We’ll do it for Corn Pop, man! 🎉🇺🇸🎉

  7. Joe Biden you're 100% right but you still have to f**** defend yourself and defend your son if you don't f**** defend who the f*** is going to defend you that's why Donald Trump's lies a sticking with people

  8. Every one of Trumps oligarchs in the white house and those he now pardoning, ALL. HAVE. TIES. TO. RUSSIA!!!
    WAKE the FK UP! Vladimir Putin is becoming are new Dictator thanks to his puppet in the White House.

  9. Sleepy Joe Biden Could Not Punch Himself out of a Wet Paper Bag. Stick a Fork in Biden because he is DONE!!! Trump 2020 BY A LANDSLIDE!!!!

  10. Yes,. Joe get yourself a warm blanket, couple cookies and go read a comic book, and listen to the record player…
    These comments Joe….you'll never make it to the last line…Fourth is bad,.. But the last line removes you from being a candidate……

  11. 'It's good to know' that Joe Biden still hoping (and very optimistic) to be the nominee of Democrat so he can face Trump in 'future' Presidential debate. I think his advisors forgot to update him on the number of National Polls. Not to mention if he perform badly in Nevada and South Carolina, he could face major financial difficulty to carry on his campaign toward the Super Tuesday. Even now Joe Biden is campaigning with limited financial resource.

  12. If people are concerned about climate change and population, this is what should happen. Young men should have vasectomies so women cant get pregnant. Vasectomies are reversible. When he marries he can have it reversed and then have his children. Then we would not have to worry about woman's right to having a abortion. Perhaps a limit on children being 2 or 3. Not 8 like Octo mom. Also the morning after pill is better than having abortions. That's my opinion.

  13. American healthcare is offering 3 for 1 deal brain scans. Pelosi Biden and Sanders still say no 🤣add Clint Eastwood to the list.

  14. in the words of Joe COME ON MAN, GOD LUV YA. In FACT not a single person says i did anything wrong, get you FACTS straight MAN.

  15. Trump acknowledged that he made a phone call and that phone call was not enough to impeach anybody….Hillery should of went to jail….

  16. Hey Creepy Joe… Do they still have them cool $50,000 a month energy jobs for people who know nothing about energy? Like Hunter, I qualify.

  17. Mr Vice President i have a question, i would like to know why is president Obama backing mayor bloomberg and not you his vice president?

  18. Trump reminds me of George Washington when the Brits where trying to get him in the revolutionary war. I think it was Divine Providence that protected #1 and also now is protecting #45.

  19. My question is how come no one is talking about Obama endorsing Bloomberg, and not Biden? Technically and politically Obama should have supported his VP, but that is not the case. What does Obama know about Biden that we dont kno? Is Biden fit? Mentally? Or has the true colors of Obama surfaced? Did Obama pick Biden because Biden was just gonna be an inactive body, a career politician, and not get in the way of Obama's presidency? This alarms me that after 8 years together they dont support each other. You may hear Biden talk about Obama, but not Obama about Biden. I am sure something happened that has distance them altogther.

    Well im glad i dont suppport none of them. Its Trump 2020 for me all the way.

  20. When joe gets to carolina he will tell his staff hurry and surround me with mayates and frijoleros before the liberal media gets here so they see all my support ok!!

  21. He is doing what Trump does and avoiding the answer and cashing in through your kids now he's denying it just like Trump. Trump is dirty and so is Biden.

  22. When Joe is out of this race he is going straight to the retirement community for some deep rest. This man is old and completely exhausted, he needs to get out of this race soon and relax before he dies of exhaustion

  23. If Americans could just appreciate this bizarre claim they will realize that mumbling, bumbling isn't the word. This is fatally cognitive detachment from reality.

    'U.S presidential candidate Joe Biden has sparked interest with new claims that he was arrested in apartheid South Africa in the late 70s for trying to see an incarcerated Nelson Mandela.'

    Oh my oh my. Maybe he isn't a dangerous man. But the word 'reality', please don't expect that from him.

  24. Trump will drop this loser like a used rubber … The Joe Biden Leg Hair Petting Zoo goes out of business in South Carolina ! .. TAKE THAT TO THE BANK

  25. It isn’t so much that he’s demonstrated he has early onset dementia. It’s that zero voters would trust him enough to leave him alone with their children.

  26. Didn't this fool just say that he was the Democratic candidate for United States Senate? Guy doesn't even know what year it is. Why is this lying, corrupt traitor still in the race?

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