Jimmy and Conor McGregor Hang Out and Sing at an Irish Pub

Jimmy and Conor McGregor Hang Out and Sing at an Irish Pub

-Hey, guys.
I’m here at a great Irish pub, Paddy Reilly’s,
here in New York City. And I’m about to go inside
and meet a great Irish friend of mine.
Come on. [ Irish music plays ] Conor? -Let’s go, Seamus!
How are you, man? Good to see you, brother!
Good to see you. -Seamus O’Fallon.
-Conor McGregor, as well. -Thanks for coming out
and meeting us, buddy. Appreciate it.
-Thank you. It’s my pleasure. This is
Proper No. 12 Irish Whiskey. So, the finest manmade
Irish whiskey there is. -Ah.
-Enjoy, enjoy. -Oh, it’s smooth.
Oh, I love this. -Smooth, yes. So, thank you.
Thank you so much. -You’re getting involved
with this, down to everything. Why is it called Proper 12? -“Proper” is a term we use
in Ireland. If we say something is
legit, true, it is proper. -It’s proper.
-It is proper, exactly. And then 12 is the district
I come from, Dublin 12 — a small little district full of blue-collar,
hard-working people. It is also home to the largest
children’s hospital in the country of Ireland. So everyone in Ireland has
a relationship with Dublin 12. And I wanted to pay homage
to where I came from, where I learned
the values of hard work, where I learned loyalty,
where I learned how to fight. And I wanted to pay back and
place the name on my logo — Proper No. 12 Irish Whiskey. -You also give back
to first responders. -Our first responders
are our true heroes. They are our proper heroes. They are the people
who run into buildings as we are running out. So it was only right for me to
give back to these great people. And, yes, we donate
off of every case sold. So it’s a major operation
to do that, as well. -That is so cool
that you do that. -It is more and more
that these men and women, they serve us, they protect us. They deserve the world and more. -Let’s just cut back
to six years ago. What was your main income,
six years ago? -Six years ago, I was
a young Irish kid working on the building sites
of Ireland. I was working
as an apprentice plumber. So, six years ago. -You were I plumber
six years ago? -I was a plumber.
I was a plumber, yes. -Oh, my God, what a great story.
-Yes, yes. And actually, funny enough,
only the other day, for the St. Patrick’s Day
parade, I was in Chicago, and they had me
on the plumbers’ float. -I saw that.
-So I was with the plumbers. So they gave me a plunger and I
got to represent the plumbers. Like, I was
getting the crowd up, and then I was pointing back
to the plumbers — local plumbers’ sign
that was on the float. -[ Chuckles ]
-So it was absolutely amazing. I felt like
I had come full circle. -What gives you the drive
to do this, to become the best? -First of all,
I’m doing what I love. I love to compete,
I love to fight, I love clothes, I love style,
and I love Irish whiskey. My grandfather —
-It’s like we’re twins! [ Laughter ] I love all the same things
you like. Yeah, absolutely.
[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh, sorry, it’s my wife calling.
I’m not here. [ Laughter ] You know that old joke, right? That will do it,
that will do it. -Yes, I love it. -This is one of my
favorite places to come hang. One of the best Guinnesses
in the city, but also — -Look, I love Guinness,
I love art. I have big respect to art. We used to have a day —
Arthur’s Day. We should have more days.
We should celebrate more days. For some reason,
Arthur’s day was stopped. And I mean, now that —
since I’ve been here for Saint Patrick’s week,
here in the U.S., in Ireland, we celebrated
Saint Patrick’s Day. But here in the U.S., they
celebrate St. Patrick’s week. And it was the best week
of my life. It was the best week of my life. So, when I get home, I’m gonna
start campaigning. Let’s start adding
more holidays. Let’s start celebrating more.
Celebrate where we come from, celebrate our surroundings.
That is the key to success. You must celebrate
where you come from. Be proud of where you come from.
And that’s it, so — -That’s right.
-So, today is Proper Day! [ Laughter ]
The day after Paddy’s Day! -The day after Paddy’s Day.
The Proper. -I’m gonna count the proper
one, two, three, four. -Yeah, exactly, yeah.
-Right up to 12. -It’s good to see someone
who just has enormous success but also remembers
where they came from, and you give back.
-Thank you. That’s what it’s about.
You know, nothing — I’ve said this before,
and I said this — ’cause I was
at the Boston game, man, I’ve had such a journey, Seamus.
I’m gonna call you Seamus. -I love that you call me Seamus.
-I’ve had such a crazy journey. I was in the Boston Bruins
locker room. They sent me in
to help fire them up. And I was like,
“Nothing heroic gets done. And this is my thought on the first-responder situation
that I’m involved in.” I was like, “Nothing heroic.
Heroes are not born unless they have a good, solid
support network. You know, heroes are born
through support, through unity,
through guidance and help. And you know,
the more we support each other, the more we unite,
the more we lift each other up, the more we celebrate
where we come from, the more heroic things happen.
The more heroes are born.” -Yeah!
-And that’s my thinking of it. -Oh! By the way, I do love
your style game. -Thank you. Thanks so much. -You always wear
a well-tailored suit. -Again, it’s a passion of mine,
the clothing game. I have my own line —
August McGregor. We’re deep in it.
We’re on our second drop now. We’re steady building the line. Again, starting
at the foundations. Approach and keep
a beginner’s mind, and rise up. And that’s what
I’ve done with this, that’s what I’ve done
with my clothing. Obviously, that’s what I’ve
done with the fighting. You approach every day
in the gym as a beginner. You look at people who go to —
Like, the beginners in a gym, they always make
the biggest leaps. Then, they always — It kind of
filters out a little bit, The progress slows down.
-Yeah. -You approach something
with a beginner’s mind, ask questions, think a lot, learn from
anything and everything, like a beginner,
and you grow quicker, you learn quicker.
And so that’s what I’m trying to do with everything I’m doing. -i can’t think of a better man to come to an Irish pub with
than Conor McGregor. Also, I feel very safe.
I got to be honest. [ Laughter ]
I feel very, very, very safe. -I wore a little flowery shirt.
-Yeah, I know! -Tempting them, “Say something!”
-Someone say something! -Say something
about my flowery shirt. -Watch what happens, yeah.
Absolutely. -That takes true balls.
[ Laughter ] -Let’s talk about fighting.
What’s next? We’re waiting.
We’re waiting for you. -My next fight,
we’re in talks for July. We’re in talks for July,
so we’ll see what happens. A lot of politics going on.
The fight game is a mad game. But, again, like I said,
and to my fans, I am in shape, and I am ready,
so… -Do we know who it is yet?
-There are many opponents. In reality,
I can pick who I please. You know, I’ve done a lot.
I’ve fought a lot. I never pulled out of contests.
You know, I’ve gone through some crazy injuries and
crazy external situations that many a man would sprint
for the hills if it happened to them.
But I stood firm and done my piece
for the company. So I am in a position now,
there are a lot of — Like I said,
this whiskey is my baby. I have a lot of great entities. I don’t necessarily
need to fight. I am set for life.
My family is set for life. We are good.
But I am eager to fight. You know, so we’ll
see what happens. I’m just staying ready,
as I like to say. -You make a lot of people proud,
and we’re proud of you. And as a fellow Irishman,
I thank you very much. -Thank you, Seamus, my man.
Thank you. -Good man.
[ Applause ] -Cheers.
-Cheers. [ Applause ] -Hey, should we
go sing a song? -Yes, let’s sing a song.
What’s up, everybody! -Hey!
-Yo, let’s go! Yes! -♪ I’ve been a wild rover
for many a year ♪ ♪ And I’ve spent all my money
on whiskey and beer ♪ Cheers, everybody!
-Cheers! I want to go to Dublin
with you once. -Yes, please!
I would love that. Let’s do it! Ireland — we are
a welcoming nation. It would be an honor
to have you over there. I would show you around.
-Let’s do it! -Here you go! -♪ Nay, never ♪ -1, 2, 3! -♪ No, nay, never, no more ♪ ♪ Will I play the wild rover ♪ ♪ No never, no more ♪ Conor McGregor, everybody! [ Cheers and applause ] Thank you, Paddy Reilly! Thank you, Proper 12!
Thank you very much! All the best, buddy.


  1. Just do you know Americans. it's PADDY. Not PATTY. I'm 100% Irish, born and bred, Lived in Southern Ireland my whole life. It's PADDY'S DAY. NOT PATTYS.

  2. People can hate on Mcgregor all they want but can’t deny this mans hustle and heart towards what he wants to get done and what’s he’s accomplished, you can see he’s passionate about it and confident. Respect on my behalf 👊🏼

  3. Arthur and his Family hated everything Irish, people have to wake up to that fact…🤷🏻‍♂️🧐🍀🥃🇮🇪

  4. His loss with Khabib really hurt him to the point of singing while drinking whiskey instead of training…. 😳

  5. Jimmy cheers and looks down….thats a sign of dishonesty ..when u drink with someone ualways look at him in the eyewhen u cheers

  6. Putin tant de réussite et tant de gâchis, pourkwa faire du biz dans le sky et traîner dans les pubs..

  7. Hello conor McGregor.. i want to fight you, i think honest i can beat you. Come to Denmark Then i Will show you that im good.. my name is Mikkel live in Hillerød (Denmark)

  8. Truth is.. We're all just pissed off we dont get to see him light the ufc up anymore.

    Fighters come and go. 100M in 5 years you cant be pissed at that, id retire too rather than get punched in the face.. You would too. Stop bitching.

  9. Shut the fuck up haters. He’s a bad ass human. He’s a boss and he is successful. It hurts doesn’t it ? To wake up everyday and work for 100$ a day. I do it too so I’m no better 😂. I love this man. I love success. Stay in your lane.

  10. 3:33 – "You must celebrate where you come from." – Conor McGregor
    Cuimhnigí ar na daoine a dTáinig sibh uathu. (Remember The People You Came From)

  11. Want to see a real fight? Tell me the cost of property next to this bar, I'll put a Scottish pub next to it. Stream everything live. Strategy: conquer the other, women of the conquered pub have to move to the winners pub. Loser forfeits the right to women until other pub is conqured.

  12. Don't give him hate, guys. Most of you are broke and ya'll know it. I know I'm broke without my dad's money. Yes he has punched the old man but…..its a fookin BAR. Someone will get punched.

  13. He punched an old man this year
    I don't know if I should feel sad that fame ruined his personality or just feel ashamed.

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