Japan’s 9-Year-Old Drumming Prodigy Never Misses a Beat

Japan’s 9-Year-Old Drumming Prodigy Never Misses a Beat

(energetic drum music) – [Narrator] Mastering an
instrument can take years, but not for this drumming prodigy. – [Narrator] This Great Big
Story was made possible by LEGO. Play Her Way. (drumstick tapping) Nine year-old Yoyoka Soma
took the internet by storm when a video of her playing
drums to a Led Zeppelin cover went viral in 2018. ♪ Still don’t seem to care ♪ – [Narrator] And today, she
has no plans of slowing down. – [Narrator] Yoyoka is the
drummer in her family’s band. They perform all across Japan. (audience cheers)
♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ (dramatic drum music) (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Aside from
playing with her family, Yoyoka’s talent has been
internationally recognized. (Ellen laughing) (electronic tone chimes)


  1. This lil japanese girl was once a professional drummer in her past life, but then she reincarnated to play the drums again.

  2. Will probably stop as soon as a bunch of grumpy sexist neck beard dudes bully her to the point where she stops. Thus ending her prodigy legacy. 😔💔


    she’s so talented…

  4. I can’t read sheet music too. I just memories what keys to press and i don’t care about which finger i should use to press a certain key (i play piano)

  5. She's like me! I didnt even know there were sheets for drums! I started when I was 11 years old, at that time I player day, night all day. Eventually, I noticed that most of the songs the drums have patterns that sticks mostly through the entire song. And thats all, once you know the pattern is easy the rest. The complicated parts are the fillers which… is just memory and bum.

    In my opinion, being a drummer in my little experience was about creativity inside your head. You have to be creative when you play the drums!

  6. 9 years of age.

    ,,mastering an instrument can take years, but not for thid drumming prodigy”

    5 seconds later

    “i’ve played the drums since i was 2”

  7. :Why are you smiling about?
    Me: Nothing.
    Also Me: Keeps thinking that she's Dora

    Jk! No hate…she really is talented.

  8. As a drummer, Sheet music is easy to read and I'm surprised she cant read it, I've only been playing 2 and a bit years and i can read most things, I can Memorize nearly every song I hear which is easy And I find drums easy, To be honest I think shes 'famous' Due to her age And skills, However she has been playing longer than Most drummers(most of her life) And plus she practices a lot, I believe she Just put on hard work and Worked it out

  9. Mastering an instrument can take years
    Me: Well duh… she's only been playing for 7 years… not long at all
    That really bothers me when people that have put in the effort get seen with eyes of envy even though they try so hard. She's been playing for 7 years WOMAN, don't take that time lightly.

  10. I want to hear her playing. Not shitty stock music to footage of her playing. You think I can discern anything about her skill if I can't hear her?

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