Installing Composer & Slim Framework – slim3 skeleton github

Installing Composer & Slim Framework – slim3 skeleton github

Hello guys. This is silverFoxA, presents you are well structured and organized video tutorial series on Web development End of this tutorial series, you will know how to develop a website from scratch You can fluently work on any PHP based project, creating Api’s Web services and database concepts Prerequisites for this tutorial series are PHP 5.6 or above and composer Composer is a PHP dependency manager It allows you to declare the libraries your project depends on and it will manage them for you open up terminal on Mac and CmD on Windows system Type the command Php space – V to know the version of PHP installed Once the Php version has been verified, and it matches or requirements go to Click on download Copy the code and paste it on the console To verify if the composer has been installed type composer -V It will display if the composer has been installed or not If it’s installed you’ll get to see this particular screen here and the composer version Once the composer has been installed. We will be needing one more element which is slim framework This is the Backbone of our project We’ll be walking on top of slim framework to create a APIs along with that it takes care of SEO-friendly URL and more which we’ll be discussing in the next video To include it in our project we need to pass the requirements to composer Open up terminal and type composer space create project slim slim/skeleton and the project name It will install slim along with required dependencies Once it’s installed navigate to the particular directory. Which is the project name By default all the web-based files are kept under public directory We can run this project without XAMPP WAMP or any such clients We just need to type in the command PHP space -S capital localhost and the Port number number All the files under the directory will be hosted under localhost and the port that we have mentioned If we never get to the local host url, we’ll get to see this error Because all the web-based files around our public directory So if we change the localhost url to slash public we get to see the project that we have created You can see log of the project running in the terminal Hope you liked the tutorial please subscribe and share the videos and follow for more


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