Immortal Songs 2 | 불후의 명곡 2 : Composer Gil Okyun Special Part 2 [ENG/ 2018.04.21]

Immortal Songs 2 | 불후의 명곡 2 : Composer Gil Okyun Special Part 2 [ENG/ 2018.04.21]

(He transcends generations and time.) (He moves us with his music.) (A legendary composer who wrote over 3,500 songs) (Legendary composer, Gil Okyun) (Beautiful lyrics and melodies) (gave flavor to the 60s to the 80s.) (The greatest hit song generator of the time) (Bronze winner at 1974 Tokyo Song Festival) (He made a name for himself globally.) (We always miss and remember you.) (Immortal Masterpieces, Composer Gil Okyun) (Korea’s leading band, Boohwal) (“The Third Bridge”) (Boohwal versus Park Kiyoung) (Boohwal wins) (A group of warm harmony, Voisper) (“Can’t Live Without You”) (Boohwal versus Voisper) (Voisper wins) It’s Voisper. (Handsome rising musical stars,) (Baek Hyeonghun and Ki Sejung) (Baek Hyeonghun guarantees) (the ticket sales of musicals.) (An idol in the musical scene,) (Ki Sejung) (“Love Forever”) (“Love Forever”) (Baek Hyeonghun and Ki Sejung) (versus Voisper) (Baek Hyeonghun and Ki Sejung win) (Baek Hyeonghun and Ki Sejung) (versus Nobrain) (Baek Hyeonghun and Ki Sejung win) (The musical duo competes against KIXS) (Baek Hyeonghun and Ki Sejung win) Baek Hyeonghun and Ki Sejung! (The winners of Part One of Gil Okyun Special) (are Baek Hyeonghun and Ki Sejung.) (Park Sangmin) (Choi Jungwon) (Kim Yongjin) (Kim Nani and Jung Seoksoon) (GB9) (UNI.T) (Who will become the final winner?) Immortal Songs, – Singing the Legend! / – Singing the Legend! (Immortal Songs, Singing the Legend) First, this is the group that won in Part One. Baek Hyeonghun and Ki Sejung came to talk with us in the waiting room. (Baek Hyeonghun and Ki Sejung are back.) They must be happy. They’re happy. They brought the trophy with them. You became winners of Part One when this is your first appearance. That’s a record. We practiced so much, but I was so pressured when we went up. I can understand. I didn’t do as well as I did during practice. Hyeonghun did very well, though. – I did really bad. / – No. I felt a little bad about it. Don’t say that. – You did well. / – I guess you were reminded of all the hard hours. We’ll accept it as an encouragement to improve. Hyeonghun, who do you think will be most happy? My grandparents live very far away. Musical actors often perform in Seoul. They didn’t get a chance to come see me all the way here. – That’s why / – It’s hard. I’m glad they’ll see me on television. On top of that, we won in Part One. – They’ll be happy. / – I think – they’ll be proud of me. / – They’ll be very happy. – This is great news. / – Yes. You should take the trophy to go see them on a weekend. I think they’ll hold a party for me. – Really? / – You should visit them. It’s so touching. When Hwang Chiyeul won, they had banners up. – That’s right. / – They’ll welcome you. You have to go back to the stage. Congratulations. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Immortal Songs, Singing the Legend. Immortal Masterpieces, Composer Gil Okyun. Part Two has now started. I will now pick our seventh and eighth performers. Shin Dongyeop will pick the seventh and eighth performers. This person starts their day by looking after their cow. Show us. Can you show it to us? Yes. If you look at his mustache, it’s in the shape of “cow” in Korean. – Park Sangmin. / – Really? He’s first. You were first last week too. You really got picked first. He has a unique voice. It’s Park Sangmin. (Park Sangmin) He picked the second performer for Part Two. This person says the audience she fears is her own daughter. Her daughter has been watching her since she was four. – Is it Choi Jungwon? / – It’s Choi Jungwon. She’s a cool mom and a top musical actor. It’s Choi Jungwon. (Choi Jungwon) Okay. This is unfortunate news. Sangmin has been picked to go first too many times these days. He was trying to avoid going first. – Sangmin. / – He’s the first one up. Can you say a few words? – No. / – Seriously… He’s so upset. – Sangmin. / – Yes? – You can beat everyone. / – Of course. I’ll lead us with a good start. – That’s great. / – Jungwon. Today’s stage is very special for me. I’m acting with the youngest actors – I have ever worked with. / – That’s right. I hope they can show everything on stage. The Billys trained over a year and a half and went through competitive auditions to be able to stand on stage today. We’ll show it all to you today. – After your note, / – I’m excited to see them. I really want to help these children keep the dreams – they worked so hard for. / – Same. Park Sangmin and Choi Jungwon, – let’s go! / – Let’s go! Good luck. – We’ll be back. / – Good luck. – Good luck. / – Bye. We’ve been waiting for this moment – since last week. / – Who did we wait for? GB9 will swap spots while singing a ballad. (During Hyeonghun and Sejung’s) (performance last week) (They crossed paths very naturally.) (It left an impression on these two men.) – Right? Aren’t I right? / – We’ve never done it. – It’s simply not doable. / – We’ve never tried it. Why don’t you give it a shot here? Try it right here while singing a song. (GB9 tried to swap spots.) (But!) Let’s see the result. (Shin Dongyeop made an interruption.) That didn’t work. Thanks for trying anyway. (Will they succeed today?) Ready, go. (They’re starting off with a sweet harmony.) (It’s finally the time to swap positions.) (Will GB9 make a fantastic switch?) – ♪ In the sky ♪ / – ♪ In the sky ♪ – ♪ Your night sky ♪ / – ♪ Your night sky ♪ (There’s a traffic congestion.) (There is a gap between reality and ideal.) – ♪ Out of all the stars ♪ / – ♪ Out of all the stars ♪ (Get over there!) Hello. I’m your cute Park Sangmin. There are many praiseworthy composers in Korea, but Gil Okyun is someone who will never perish. He wrote every part of our lives into music. That’s why his work lasts very long. I chose a song Gil Okyun wrote titled “Light and Shadow”. It’s a great song. I didn’t change the original melody very much. However, I made it into my style. There are a lot of emotions. The song will build up to a climax at the end. That’s what I aimed for. I’m not too greedy, but I want to win. I haven’t won in so long. It’s been very long. With my emotions, I will do my best to move your heart. Let’s go. (“Light and Shadow” is a title song) (of “Composed Songs by Gil Okyun”.) (It’s one of the songs Patti Kim loves) (to sing the most with lyrics about) (the light and shadow of love.) Here comes the seventh performer, Park Sangmin. (The seventh performance by Park Sangmin) (Park Sangmin) (“Light and Shadow” by Park Sangmin) (Love is a passion you can’t resist,) (“Light and Shadow” by Park Sangmin) (Sangmin’s performance makes them stand up.) It’s a song that expresses the light and shadow of love. He sang with passion. Kiyoung, you are shedding tears. It was very touching. I knew that Sangmin was cool. He always hides it by making fun of himself in order to make himself more approachable. Through his performance, he showed what the life of a musician is. Kiyoung is at the age to shed tears, but I am at the age to suppress tears. Now that I am old, it’s hard to suppress my tears. – It touched the heart. / – Yes, it did. I was shocked by the lyrics of the song. “Love is euphoria and misery.” The lyrics took me aback. I haven’t experienced the misery of love. Give me a break! (What is she saying?) You aren’t the only idol singer. I was an idol singer. You can’t fool me. She can’t help it. She gave the right answer. She should say that on TV. Nani, what did you think about the lyrics? I fell in love. (I fell in love.) You liked Sangmin’s performance. When he sang, “Love is misery,” my heart fluttered. I was so touched. – It makes you emotional. / – It really does. Please look at your husband’s facial expression. He sighed very loudly. (Seoksoon becomes worried once again.) Who do you think will win? I think Sangmin will win because the audience will vote for his appealing performance. (“Light and Shadow”) (Ki Sejung and Baek Hyeonghun) (versus Park Sangmin) Park Sangmin sang “Light and Shadow”. It was released in 1966 by Choi Heejoon. Then Patti Kim released a remake and made the song even more popular. You sang passionately. What do you think? The winners of Part One became Ki Sejung and Baek Hyeonghun. How did people react in the waiting room? About 60 percent of the people said the two of them will win. Were you in the other 40 percent? Understood. What did you think of his performance? To be honest, it made me emotional. I am sure the audience felt the same. He commanded the stage. Watching his performance made me speechless. He delivered emotions well until the end. That’s right. Let’s see whom the audience has chosen. Let’s see the result. (Ki Sejung and Baek Hyeonghun) (versus Park Sangmin) (They won Part One on their first visit.) This is the first match of Part Two. Will Hyeonghun and Sejung win again? (The seasoned singer with 26 years of experience) Will Sangmin put a stop on the musical duo’s winning streak with his powerful performance? – Let’s see! / – Let’s see! (Who will be the winner?) (The audience chose Park Sangmin.) 401 votes. Congratulations. – My gosh! / – Sangmin beat the winners of Part One, Hyeonghun and Sejung, – Oh, my. / – and took his first win. The composer, Gil Okyun, studied dentistry in university, and he was – Seriously? / – a saxophonist as well. He was also a vocal trainer and worked in many different areas. Jaehyuck, I heard that you also write songs. Yes, we have a talented songwriter in the group, so I write songs for other artists. (He writes songs for other artists?) If that’s the case… You should’ve just told me. – What kind of genre? / – I’m curious too. I composed music for movies like the one starring Liu Yifei and Song Seungheon. I composed soundtracks for it. I’ve written a few trot songs as well. For whom? I wrote one for An Somi when she got married. Did you give it to her as a gift? – She paid you, right? / – Back then… I’m sure he only charged a little. (Taewon gets back at him.) – Is his rate cheap? / – He didn’t make much? – He did get paid, right? / – Yes, he did. What’s the title of the song? It’s “A Glass of Drink”. Please sing a snippet of it, the chorus. Let’s give him a big hand. (We’re excited to listen to a rocker’s trot song.) (Pour me a glass of drink) (He’s shy.) I can’t remember the lyrics I wrote. – ♪ Pour me ♪ / – ♪ Pour me ♪ – ♪ A glass of drink ♪ / – ♪ A glass of drink ♪ ♪ I want to drink until my teeth fall off ♪ – ♪ Until my ribs break ♪ / – ♪ Until my ribs break ♪ – It’s actually similar. / – I must say, – it’s good. / – It’s a great song. Bonggu, what other jobs have you had? I’ve delivered all sorts of things. Like what? Give us examples. Pizza, fried chicken, cold noodles, tonkatsu, – They sound delicious. / – propane gas, and so on. (Salivating) – They sound so tasty. / – They’re all – Heejun’s favorites. / – They sound delicious. (They’re his favorite dishes.) – You delivered tonkatsu? / – Yes. – You’ve done everything. / – You’re very experienced. What was the toughest delivery job you’ve had? Gas delivery, for sure. – Right. / – The tanks are my height. (The tanks were as tall as him.) – Gas delivery. / – Gilgu. Have you had any unusual part-time jobs? I worked at the flower market near the terminal. I had to carry furniture and stones from China. Wooden furniture pieces. – They come in boxes. / – Right, they must be. You’d see “stone” and “100kg?” on the box. (What does the question mark mean?) – What does that mean? / – What is it? It means that the exact weight is unknown. (It’s really random.) That must mean it’s very heavy. Exactly. But once, my pride was crushed. I didn’t know how to carry them skilfully. There was a co-worker of mine who was pretty old. He made two holes on the box like this, lifted it so easily and walked away. Meanwhile, I was struggling to lift mine. That really hurt my pride. I heard that it was an empty box. (Was the box empty?) I heard that man carried an empty box. (He finally figured out the secret.) Your box must’ve really weighed about 100kg. Hello, I’m musical actress Choi Jungwon. (The party is always fun when she’s with us.) (The irresistibly charming musical diva) (A fairy-tale-like stage is about to unfold.) I really like the lyrics of this song, so I used to sing it very often. It’s “As I Live” by Gil Okyun. I’m sure everyone can relate to its lyrics and melody. I’m currently in the musical, “Billy Elliot”. My character discovers Billy’s talent and helps him secretly so that he can make his dream come true. Actors were chosen through competitive auditions. After a year and a half of intense training, we’re performing together at the moment. Even if we struggled or were discouraged, the moment we experience the audience’s love gives us hope for tomorrow. Show your support for our actors who play Billy as well as for our musical, “Billy Elliot”. (“As I Live”, originally released by Johnny Lee,) (was initially known as a traditional song,) (but it was discovered in 2004) (that it was written by Gil Okyun in the 60s.) (In 1967, the song was banned on TV) (because its lyrics were considered negative.) (Deulgukhwa released a remake of it in 1987,) (and the song is still loved by all generations.) Here comes the eighth performer, Choi Jungwon. (The eighth performance by Choi Jungwon) Every time I’m on this show, I feel that the audience here is really the best. The actors who play the main character, Billy, in “Billy Elliot”, the musical I’m currently in, are the future of Korean musicals. If you show them a lot of support today, it’ll help them grow into phenomenal actors. I’d like to introduce them to you. Here comes Billy Elliot. (Boys who got into ballet despite the prejudice) (Actors who play Billy in “Billy Elliot”) (“As I Live” by Choi Jungwon) Here comes tap dance. Jump! Pirouette! (Boys soar after becoming ballerinos.) Finish! (Dreaming of the rising sun,) (“As I Live” by Choi Jungwon) (Their practice and hard work shine through.) – Thank you. / – Thank you. (They pose for their fans.) (Yes! We did great!) – Good job. / – Man. We did really well. Good work. They’re number one. – They’re so good. / – Goodness. You would’ve felt like crying, if you knew what “Billy Elliot” was about. “Billy Elliot” is my favorite movie and musical. It’s about a boy who can’t do ballet because his family is against it. I haven’t seen it yet. – He spoiled it. / – Don’t do that. That’s the beginning of the story. These 5 boys were chosen out of 200 boys… They’re the actual actors. who tried out. They were trained for one year. I think UNI.T must have identified with the story the most. You’re from different groups but formed a team. How do you feel after watching this? – It made me cry. / – I see. It reminded me of my trainee days when I had difficult times. – My parents… / – Yes. People around me consoled me. – Goodness. / – I was reminded. What’s your agency? Was it that tough? – It’s not like that. / – Goodness. She went through a lot. She’s crying because – girl groups… / – Why are you crying? – Why are you crying? / – He’s crying with her. I’m sorry. Was Basis an idol group? Why are you crying with her? They went through so much. – Stop it. / – They’re crying because idol members rarely get to go home. You miss your mom a lot, right? I have a younger brother – who is nine years old. / – He’s nine. – He’s a baby. / – He’s only nine. He’s 13 years younger than me. I miss him a lot. You don’t get a chance like this. So send a video message to your mom and brother. That’ll make her cry more. Mom, Dad, and Jinwoo. Thank you for always rooting for me. (Thank you for your support.) Tell them you love them, and you miss them. I love you and I miss you. (I love you and miss you a lot.) (Choi Jungwon versus Park Sangmin) You probably wondered as you were listening to the song. “Did Gil Okyun write” “‘As I Live’?” For a long time, it was known as a song that was passed down orally. But in 2004, based on people’s testimony and documents, it was discovered that Gil Okyun composed the song. I was planning on going to see the musical. I’m so happy that I got to see Billy on Immortal Songs. It was a touching performance. Could you please introduce yourselves? Hello, I play Billy in “Billy Elliot”. I’m Eric Taylor. Hello. I play Billy in “Billy Elliot”. I’m Sung Jihwan. Thank you. Hello. I play Billy in “Billy Elliot”. I’m Kim Hyunjoon. (She’s nervous.) Hello. I play Billy in “Billy Elliot”. I’m Shim Hyunseo. Hi. I play the same role in the same musical. I’m Cheon Woojin. (He’s very witty.) (Smiling) That was great. He read the audience’s reaction and decided to do it differently. (He’s clever as he’s the oldest.) Compared to before when she performed with her other colleagues, she looks different. How was practicing with them for Immortal Songs? I’ve always worked with other performers. But today, the lyrics suit them perfectly. Also, this is their first performance. As I was singing “As I Live”, – I felt like crying. / – You did. I see them get better every day. Today’s performance is going to be my best performance. – So I’m happy. / – I see. (We’re happy to see your best performance.) Let’s see whom the audience has chosen. Let’s see the result. (The result) (Choi Jungwon versus Park Sangmin) (Singing sadness with a voice like a paradise) (Light and shadow of emotion) It was a charismatic performance. Will Park Sangmin continue his winning streak? (A genius ballerino’s innocent passion) (Choi Jungwon and Billy’s soaring performance) Will Choi Jungwon who performed with ballerinos from “Billy Elliot” win? – Let’s see! / – Let’s see! (Who will be the winner?) (“As I Live”) (“Light and Shadow”) (Choi Jungwon) A score of 432. That’s an amazing score. With a score of 432, Choi Jungwon wins against Park Sangmin. (Choi Jungwon wins.) Sangmin is congratulating them. (Good job.) Goodness. Please give them another round of applause. (Billy, you’re the best!) A score of 432. Thank you so much. – I love you. / – Thank you. Thank you. Please come see us. I will now pick our ninth and tenth performers. As I watched Billy, I thought, “Gosh, those boys are amazing.” These guys are also amazing. I saw an interview that said they’ve never been in a relationship. Even if a guy is handsome, they don’t fall for him if his personality isn’t charming. – No. / – Wait a minute. (That’s not us.) – What? / – No. That’s not us. Every year, they have the same Christmas wish. They wish for a boyfriend. A team of nine charming girls. It’s UNI.T. (UNI.T) – It’s UNI.T. / – That’s you. – It’s us. / – When did we say that? – What? / – It’s her. When did you say that? – When? / – When Dongyeop said they never dated, they said, “Not us”. (Which one has never been in a relationship?) No. People are suspicious of their unique names and wonder if they’re their real names. At first, I thought the same. It’s real. Gang Gilgu and Lee Bonggu came together and formed GB9. It’s GB9. (GB9) It’s GB9. (Their names rhyme perfectly.) It’s GB9. – Hey, NC.A. / – Yes? When we talked about never being – in a relationship, / – It’s a misunderstanding. you could have just sat quietly. She was so busy waving her hand. She was trying to say it’s not her. (NC.A. got mad at the misunderstanding.) We might not know. Which one of you never dated before? – The youngest? / – I don’t think… – Me? / – “Me?” That’s right. It must be awkward to point each other out. Okay, then. We won’t ask you who you are. First, let’s have UNI.T say a few words. We’ll do our best to win at least once. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. Great. What about our pigeon brothers? Why don’t you say a few words too? They’re pigeons. It made me think while watching others today. We should try swapping positions and learn some ballet too. (He has new goals.) It’s a waste of time. (Heejun is holding his hand out of pity.) All right. Just focus on your singing. I will. I think that’s what their agency would think. They’re such great singers. There’s no need to dance. – We’ll sing even harder. / – Actually, this is the most cheerful arrangement thus far. I think we’ll show you a new side of us. We’ll go up and have some fun. They’re the daughters of KBS. The amazing UNI.T, and the most beautiful harmony, GB9. – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! (Let’s head for the stage.) He received a standing ovation. He showed us what experience can do. Park Sangmin is back! (He stopped a winning streak.) (He is a child when he is off the stage.) – Park Sangmin! / – Park Sangmin! – Thank you. / – Park Sangmin! – It was really amazing. / – I was so touched. Many people were touched. I was barely standing when I finished singing. (He poured out everything on stage.) – I was like this. / – It was passionate. – You used your energy. / – I poured it all out. I almost fell, but I had to hang in there. It was an excellent performance. – Let’s applaud again. / – Thank you. (He always gives his all for every performance.) Now, I think many of us had a lot on our minds watching the Billys. I think Hyeonghun and Sejung would have found it extra special. I heard it was very hard to become singers. There are many people who want to do musicals. There are a limited number of spaces. Many of these people resort to other work. We also did a lot of other jobs. As for me, I took a job in Paju to transport books. I was piling them up – when it fell on me. / – It fell over. I had to take three months off to just rest. That’s why today’s stage is such an honor. Hyeonghun, did you also take many odd jobs? I thought too highly of myself and dreamed of becoming an idol singer once. What’s wrong with that? – It would suit you. / – Yes. I went to all three major agencies for auditions. I think these two are very prepared. – Audition videos? / – They sent us videos for Chiyeul’s Fierce Welcoming Ceremony. – They made videos. / – Videos? Did you want to show us that badly? – We better watch it. / – Shall we? Imagine this as an audition. SM, JYP, and YG are all watching you. Do your best thinking they’re all here. Cue the music. (A powerful sound signals the beginning.) (Full of high expectations) (Cute) He’s good. Your right hand goes like this. (Every gesture is cute.) Look at his hips. – He’s so good. / – This is crazy. (Their strong moves are full of masculinity.) Great! Immortal Songs, everyone. – Great! / – Great! (Their finale is powerful.) (They’re musical actors.) They practiced so much. The final bow. Let’s hear it from the judges. I’ll say a few words as SM’s representative. We decided not to recruit you. You’re hard workers, but it’s not a style of dance we’re looking for. He’s making it clear. – Time to shine. / – Time to shine. – Hello, we’re UNI.T. / – Hello, we’re UNI.T. (They’re a nine-member group from “The Unit”.) (Each member has a unique charm and talent.) (UNI.T. has come to Immortal Songs.) After “The Unit” finished, we started to perform as UNI.T. It’s an honor to perform at Immortal Songs. I’m worried about making a mistake. I had trouble sleeping. We prepared Gil Okyun’s “If You Go to LA”. We’ll be honored if we could win once. We’ll work our best to put up a good stage. This has been… – UNI.T. / – UNI.T. – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! (“If You Go to LA” is Sesaem Trio’s debut song.) (LA stands for Los Angeles.) (Many people had started to move abroad,) (so the lyrics spoke to immigrants.) (In 2014, the song was used in a movie) (titled “Miss Granny” and became more popular.) Here comes the ninth performer, UNI.T. (End of Part 1, Part 2 will air shortly.) Here comes the ninth performer, UNI.T. (The ninth performance by UNI.T) (UNI.T) (Queen Euijin) – Two, three, time to shine. / – Time to shine. – Hello, we’re UNI.T. / – Hello, we’re UNI.T. (“If You Go to LA” by UNI.T) (Queen Euijin) Bye. (Write a letter on a spring day,) (“If You Go to LA” by UNI.T) – Thank you. / – Thank you. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (Their refreshing charm makes them smile.) They sang Gil Okyun’s “If You Go to LA”. I didn’t know that UNI.T can sing and dance so well. For a show, “Qualifications of Men”, – I met Yoonjo. / – How did you meet her? She was in a chorus in the Harmony Special. (Yoonjo appeared in the Harmony Special.) – She overcame struggles. / – That’s right. I now see idol singers in a new light. Their effort is beautiful. Will they be able to win? I think it will be a tie. – A tie? / – A score of 432. I hope they win. That’s how much you feel for them. (Choi Jungwon versus UNI.T) Gil Okyun wrote the music and lyrics and Sesaem Trio sang “If You Go to LA”. As you know, it’s about LA. UNI.T is a girl group that made a recent debut through a KBS program, “The Unit”. How does it feel to be on the show? About four years ago, I visited the show as a 19-year-old. I performed with Lee Sejoon since he and I are in the same agency. It felt very different this time. I bet it did. For 150 days, the members lived together. Living together for a long time helped us get to know each other. Since we’re chosen from a competition show, our determination is on a different level. I hope to see you on various stages. Thank you. (Immortal Songs will cheer for UNI.T.) Let’s see whom the audience has chosen. Let’s see the result. (The result) (Choi Jungwon versus UNI.T) (“As I Live” became a musical number.) She gave a performance with “Billy Elliot”. Will Choi Jungwon win with a score of 432? (Nine girls’ nine charms, “If You Go to LA”) Will a girl group, UNI.T, beat Choi Jungwon and take a win? (Who will be…) – Let’s see! / – Let’s see! (Who will be the winner?) 432. (Choi Jungwon) 432. A score of 432 is high enough for a trophy. Choi Jungwon takes her second win. (Choi Jungwon took consecutive wins.) They are congratulating each other. Please give them a round of applause. We are talking about our past struggles. Yongjin, I heard that you used to play sports. – Really? / – In high school, my father suggested that I play golf. Before I began, the family fortune dwindled. I couldn’t learn golf. Did you have talent? I didn’t even get to discover it. You should have been a golf prodigy whose dream got discouraged. We don’t even know if he was a golf prodigy. Hello, I am GB9’s Gilgu. – I am Bonggu. Hello. / – Hello. (They have amazing singing skills.) (Their power commands the stage.) (When they are together, they have no fear.) (The talented duo, GB9) Gil Okyun’s songs are varied. The genres are varied as well. I think that’s why people love him. The song we will sing is “Daybreak Rain” by Gil Okyun. Although it was released in 1979, the song doesn’t sound old. I think it sounds stylish. We arranged the song so that it’s more cheerful and relatable. We made a performance people can enjoy. We will be thankful if you have fun. – Gilgu! / – Bonggu! Let’s go! (“Daybreak Rain” is the title song) (of Hae Eunlee’s eighth album.) (This song brought the disco craze in Korea.) (The success of this song led to “Do As You Want”,) (a movie that starred Hae Eunlee.) Here comes the tenth performer, GB9. (The tenth performance by GB9) (GB9) Hello. (“Daybreak Rain” by GB9) (Bonggu) – Oh, yes! / – Oh, yes! – Are you ready? / – Yes! – Are you really ready? / – Yes! Shall we sing together? In three, four. Say it! One more time! One more time! (The uncontrollably powerful harmony) (“Daybreak Rain” by GB9) – ♪ I’m leaving ♪ / – ♪ I’m leaving ♪ (Amazing) Gil Okyun composed “Daybreak Rain” and also wrote its lyrics in 1979. I think those guys in GB9 were determined to flaunt all of their charms today. I’ve seen many of Bonggu’s solo performances, but they hadn’t performed together in a long time. – Their teamwork is great. / – It was perfect. Their voices definitely suit – the funky sounds. / – That’s right. Their biggest strength comes through – when they sing high notes / – Yes, totally. – in their true voices / – That’s right. so accurately. They sound incredible together. – Will they win today? / – Well, I think that will be hard. – My gosh. / – That was so blunt. But you praised them. That will discourage them. – Kiyoung is objective. / – She definitely is. Yongjin, what did you think of it? I could really experience their powerful singing even just through the screen. Every time I watch their performance, I get completely immersed in their song. – Then who will win? / – Who will win this time? I think GB9 did an incredible job, but I think that Choi Jungwon will win. Her score is very high. (Choi Jungwon versus GB9) The song and lyrics were written by Gil Okyun, and it was sung by Hae Eunlee. It became a megahit back in the days. GB9. – Yes. / – Yes. Jungwon performed with the boys who play Billy in the musical and received an incredibly high score. What did everyone say in the waiting room? When the score was revealed, – everyone’s jaw dropped. / – Everyone was shocked. She received such a high score. Are you implying that she doesn’t deserve the score? – No, of course not. / – Don’t get us wrong. That’s not what we meant. When the boys came on stage and started doing this with the chairs, it was game over. That’s right. It was a phenomenal performance. – Yes, it was. / – Yes. GB9, you guys have become popular amongst youngsters through your appearances on our show. But I heard you’re sad you mainly have male fans. (GB9 rocks.) When we see our male fans cheering for us excitedly, it makes our day. But it doesn’t make us super happy. That’s right. When many female fans… (After all, we’re guys too.) When female fans cheer for us like this… But I’m sure being popular among guys – makes you happy too. / – Yes, of course. – Yes, we love it. / – It makes us proud. Did you eat a lot of bread again today? We all know how much you love bread. (When he was asked if he was here to win,) (he said that he came to eat bread.) (He ate nonstop.) (Gilgu showed us how much bread he can eat.) My mom kept saying I ate too much on the show, so I was holding back the urge to eat, but I got hungry and tired, so I gave in and ate two and a half buns. No one can probably tell, but he’s on a diet now. – Thank you. / – No problem. (Cheer up.) – I’ll be rooting for you. / – Thank you. Let’s see whom the audience has chosen. Please show us the result. (The result) (Choi Jungwon versus GB9) (The inspiring performance that gave us hope) Will Jungwon, who gave an amazing performance with the boys, take her third win? (Will she stay on her winning streak?) (The funky rhythm that made us want to dance) (“Daybreak Rain” by GB9) Will the duo, GB9, beat Jungwon and take their first win? – Let’s see! / – Let’s see! (Whom will the audience choose?) (The audience chose Choi Jungwon.) Her score is extremely high. With her score of 432, – Jungwon takes her third win. / – Congratulations. Now, I’ll pick our 11th and 12th performers. Oh, this performer… I’m not sure how I should introduce him because someone who’s dear to him left him recently. (Who is it?) Isn’t it sad? I heard that his dance instructor who used to teach him started letting out deep sighs and calling him less often. Then one day, he told him that he’s now too busy to teach him. It must’ve been heartbreaking. Seriously? He’s a man who sings with his sincere heart. His singing is all we need. It’s Kim Yongjin. (Kim Yongjin) So many singers appear on Immortal Songs, but she says her husband is most handsome. It’s the lovely couple, pansori singer Kim Nani and modern dancer Jung Seoksoon. (Kim Nani and Jung Seoksoon) Today’s finale will be performed by the couple, – Nani and Seoksoon. / – Oh, that’s right. Please tell us your goal for today. (They tell us their goal.) We prepared a sexy performance this time. (They have a sexy performance ready.) It doesn’t suit us, but we prepared something sexy. We hope to show you something new this time. I see. That’s great. Yongjin, you should show us your dance. – Has he improved? / – Show us how much you’ve been practicing before you perform. We need to see how much you’ve improved. There’s a dance move I learned most recently. We’d love to see it. (Even his dance instructor gave up and left him.) (He used to be such a terrible dancer.) (This is his last chance to prove himself.) – Was he the fourth tutor? / – Yes. One, two, three. This is it. (Stiff) That’s all I learned. Can you segue into a different move from it? I didn’t learn the next move. Just keep doing it. Give it a shot. Ready, go. – One, two, three. / – One, two, one, two. And go to the stage like that. – See you later. / – Keep walking like that. All right, that was great. Now, let’s meet the pure-hearted boys who performed with Jungwon. They’ll join us now. Welcome, boys! It’s so nice to meet you. Please stand here and face the cameras. Everyone will hear you if you answer loudly. – Okay! / – Okay! This is your first time on Immortal Songs. Did you enjoy performing on the stage? – Yes! / – Yes! I’m glad to hear that you boys are so excited. I saw your tap dance on stage earlier. Would we be able to see it again now? – Yes! / – They’re so cute. Then we’ll play music for you. Please show us. Music, please! – Five, six, seven, eight! / – Five, six, seven, eight! They’re unbelievably good. (The feet movements are so rhythmical.) Oh, my gosh. Oh, my goodness. – ♪ Squeal with ♪ / – ♪ Squeal with ♪ – ♪ A drumstick ♪ / – ♪ A drumstick ♪ – One, two! / – One, two! – Three, four! / – Three, four! My gosh, they’re really good. – Oh, my. / – My goodness! (Tapping their feet as if they’re walking) – Five, six, seven, eight! / – Five, six, seven, eight! (Five Billy sing for hope.) They’re so adorable. – ♪ I’m actually ♪ / – ♪ I’m actually ♪ My gosh. (Their cute ending pose) – The end! / – The end! (Everyone automatically gives a standing ovation.) – You’re so adorable! / – They’re really good. – They’re so talented. / – I’m very impressed. I have a question for you boys. Did you start learning it at such a young age – How adorable. / – because your mom forced you to? Or was it because you wanted to learn it? – I wanted to learn it. / – I wanted to learn it. – I’ve never seen that. / – Four of you did. We just saw their tap dance, right? Now, they’ll show us a ballet move. – My gosh. / – It’s a challenging move. – The heels must stay up. / – The grand plie. It’s a ballet move called the grand plie. – Can all of you do it? / – Yes. – Can we see it? / – Sure. All right. My, look at that posture. – Gosh. / – Look at their feet. (Graceful poise) – Look at their legs. / – Goodness. (Rip) Wait. Someone’s pants just ripped. (He quickly checks his pants.) – Are your pants okay? / – Yes. Are you okay? – Are your pants okay? / – Yes. Okay. – He’s very positive. / – Keep going. Can you do a turn? They’re so cute. – Five, six, seven, eight. / – Five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three. (Turning) – Goodness. / – Gosh. (He does perfect turns despite the ripped pants.) (They’re great!) They’re so good. Please give them another round of applause. – Bye. / – You did a great job. They’re the best. Hello, I’m Kim Yongjin. (Kim Yongjin is loved for his deep voice.) (Kim Yongjin and Kim Sohyun won.) Gil Okyun’s songs have such lyrical melodies. Anyone who hears his songs will love them. The song I chose is written by Gil Okyun and sung by Patti Kim. It’s “Farewell”. This song is very famous. I was reminded a lot of my mother when I was practicing it. Since my father passed away, she felt his absence. I think she must feel what the lyrics say. I prepared this song thinking about how my mother would feel. (“Farewell”, which was released in 1973,) (is Patti Kim’s biggest hit.) (The album was sold over 100,000 copies.) (In the same year,) (a movie with the same title was released.) (It attracted more than 140,000 viewers.) (It became number one Korean box office hit.) Here comes the 11th performer, Kim Yongjin. (The 11th performance by Kim Yongjin) (Kim Yongjin) I will sing “Farewell” written by Gil Okyun and sung by Patti Kim. This song was the most difficult to prepare. Because my dad passed away 14, 15 years ago. (After his father passed away) I thought this was how my mother would’ve felt. That’s why I chose this song. Please enjoy. Thank you. (“Farewell” by Kim Yongjin) (A longing you can’t forget,) (“Farewell” by Kim Yongjin) Thank you. Thank you. (His performance made everyone cry.) Kim Yongjin sang “Farewell” with Youth Choir. That was very touching. – Sangmin cried so much. / – Yes. He’s crying. I was reminded of my father. During the interview, Yongjin said that this song resembles his mother who sent her husband away. That’s why he chose it. I think Yongjin sang it while thinking of how his mother would have felt. I think that’s why his emotions were able to reach us. Taewon, what did you think of the song? He has a very rare tone. His tone. There are few people who sing emotionally in the same keys. It’s rare. You said that Yongjin has a rare voice. Do you think his song will win today? I think it’s possible. Sangmin, do you agree? I remember one thing when I hear this song. Just before he died, Gil Okyun was at a hospital with his guitar. They showed him singing on television once. I cried about ten minutes. (He couldn’t stop crying for a while.) This is what music means. It really moved me. He did well. – It was similar. / – I think – Yongjin will win. / – Do you think he’ll win? (Choi Jungwon versus Kim Yongjin) Did you get emotional while singing? While I was practicing this song, it was very difficult for me. It reminded me of my mother. (It was hard for Yongjin because of his mother.) My mother was left behind after my father passed. It made me cry. (He could relate to his mother.) (He could finally see how his mother must have felt.) I believe this is the power of music. -All right. Jungwon. / – Yes. You might be getting a little greedy now. After listening to “Farewell”, I feel humble. Out of all the goodbyes you can have, the one with a family member lasts with you. I think Yongjin expressed it very well. Yes. Being able to see diverse stages is one of the charms of Immortal Songs. Let’s see whom the audience has chosen. Let’s see the result. (The result) (Choi Jungwon versus Kim Yongjin) (She’s on a winning streak.) She’s the musical diva. Will Choi Jungwon get her fourth win? (His “Farewell” is full of longing.) Kim Yongjin sang with the Youth Choir. Will he be able to beat Choi Jungwon? (Who will be the winner?) (Choi Jungwon) It’s still 432. It’s a high score. Please give both of them another round of applause. Choi Jungwon beats Kim Yongjin to get her fourth win. (Choi Jungwon continues her winning streak.) You can’t beat the kids. They showed the greatest teamwork. It’s GB9. (GB9) Welcome. They mentioned it would be their most cheerful song, but Gilgu looked exactly the same as before. You didn’t move. That was him being very excited. – Really? / – I smiled really big. – Did you smile? / – Yes, I did. I thought you were emotional. I was smiling. I was surprised because the part you asked us to sing along – was way too high. / – It was also difficult. You handed over the microphone. (Singing) (Do you expect us to sing that?) Jaehyung was singing along the first time, but when you did it again he said, “It’s too high!” It’s too high. He got annoyed. – I see. / – It was too high. – This style of music / – Exactly. suits you too. Thank you for your performance. Hello. I’m pansori singer Kim Nani. I’m dancer Jung Seoksoon. (They express with their voice and body.) (Kim Nani and Jung Seoksoon) (always move us.) (Both our ears and eyes are entertained.) Actually, he’s someone from a time before I was born. But I actually knew many of his songs already. His songs are like jewels. They’re very stylish. Anyone could relate to his music. That must be why he’s loved so much. We will be singing Gil Okyun’s “Love, Once Again”. Legend Gil Okyun introduced jazz in the 1970s and added a Korean twist to it when jazz was still unfamiliar in Korea. I’ll use a traditional way of singing to sing this song. I thought it would be more meaningful as we remember and commemorate him. Please look forward to our stage today. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. (Patti Kim) (“Love, Once Again” was released in 1973) (by Gil Okyun and Patti Kim.) (It’s about a woman who misses) (the good days she had with her ex-boyfriend.) Here come the last and 12th performers, Kim Nani and Jung Seoksoon. (Kim Nani and Jung Seoksoon) The song we’ll be singing today is Gil Okyun’s “Love, Once Again”. You’ll be able to see a side of us you never got to see before. We’ll do our best. Thank you. (Nani, Seoksoon) (“Love, Once Again”) (by Kim Nani and Jung Seoksoon) (Longing for the lover that left) (“Love, Once Again”) (by Kim Nani and Jung Seoksoon) (Touched) “Love, Once Again”. It was written in 1973. Nani and Seoksoon performed the song for us. I guess it’s a match between two dance genres, ballet versus modern dance. Seoksoon’s modern dance performance really shined on stage today. Jemin, how did you enjoy their performance? I loved every performer’s song arrangement – and performance, / – Right. but what really touched me was realizing that Gil Okyun wrote so many incredible masterpieces. – Totally. / – They’re all songs that we’ve heard before, but even the lyrics felt new today. I must say, everyone who’s here is a winner today. – But… / – We weren’t actually asking you about the show overall. How do you think Nani and Seoksoon did? We’ve been eliminated, so I don’t care who wins. (I don’t really care who wins.) He’s not interested because Boohwal won’t win. “It has nothing to do with us now.” – Taewon, say something. / – As you know, we’re older, so if the recording drags on, – we start to zone out. / – You lose interest. It was a moving performance. – You were moved by it. / – Yes. (Choi Jungwon versus) (Kim Nani and Jung Seoksoon) “Love, Once Again”. It was originally sung by Patti Kim. It’s a song about how a woman feels as she reminisces the happy days with her past lover. Nani sang, and her husband danced to her song. Wasn’t that image just so beautiful? – What did you think? / – Definitely. I’m jealous. – Right. / – Also, Seoksoon expressed the emotions so effectively. I was totally immersed in their performance. You two waited a long time for this moment. This special episode started last week, and you were picked as the 12th performers. We think it’s meaningful. Our performance was the finale of today’s show, and we think that it’s a huge honor. Right. If you win now, you two will become the final winners. I think that’s why people always say that luck plays a big role. But I’m sure Jungwon also wants to win the trophy today. All right. Immortal Songs, Singing the Legend. Composer Gil Okyun Special. Only the final result awaits us now. Will Jungwon, who’s won four times with her score of 432, win again and become today’s final winner? Or will the couple, Nani and Seoksoon who performed last, dramatically win the trophy today? Let’s see whom the audience has chosen. Show us the result. (The result) (Choi Jungwon versus) (Kim Nani and Jung Seoksoon) It’s Park Sangmin. (The match with the husky-voiced singer, Sangmin,) (gave Jungwon her first win of the day.) It’s the girl group, UNI.T. (The match with UNI.T followed.) (And she won again.) 432 votes. GB9. (After that, she was challenged by GB9.) (But she stayed on her winning streak!) Her score is extremely high. It’s Kim Yongjin. (Then Yongjin competed against her.) (She took her fourth win with the score of 432.) 432 votes. (The last team tries to stop her.) (The couple, Kim Nani and Jung Seoksoon) (Jungwon who’s won four times today) (The couple will win the trophy if they win now.) (Who will become the final winner?) (The audience chose Choi Jungwon.) She took her fifth win and became the final winner. The performance Jungwon gave with the leads of “Billy Elliot” received 432 votes and won 5 times. It also means that she’s the winner of the trophy. Congratulations. All right. You should show the boys this trophy later and thank them. Thank you very much. Thank you all. Please give her another round of applause. (Composer Gil Okyun Special) (Next week) (What does spring mean to you?) (To some, it means a beginning.) (It could also give solace to some people.) (It could make some people nostalgic as well.) (Special time to talk about spring) (Immortal Songs, Let’s Sing Spring) It begins now. (To Mamamoo, spring means love.) (“Violet Fragrance” sung in their sweet harmony) (To this couple, spring means hometown.) (Traditional music and EDM meet in their “With You”.) (To Weki Meki, spring means youth.) (“Sweety” sung by the charming girls) (The sweet voice that’s like a gift) (But he’s on a variety show today!) (Their talents can’t be hidden.) (They’re brimming with wits.) (To GB9, spring means family.) (“You and I” by the talented vocal duo) (To Lee Sejoon, spring means longing.) (“Thought of You” sung in his beautiful voice) (To MeloMance, spring means romance.) (“Goodbye” sung with their delicate sentiments) (To Youme, spring means a new beginning.) (“Wild Rose” in her voice that touches our hearts) (Let’s go on a spring trip together next week.) (The legend is coming.) (The legend who set the most number of records) (The legend of all legends is coming.) (The first) (The first artist whose albums) (sold over 10 million copies cumulatively.) (The first artist who sold a million copies in Japan.) (The first Korean singer to perform at Carnegie Hall.) (His solo concert drew an audience) (of 100,000 in the shortest amount of time.) (His song topped the chart for 69 weeks in total.) (He’s performed at Carnegie Hall many times.) (He was named Artist of the Year) (four times in “KBS Song Festival”.) (He was named the 20th century’s best singer) (and the greatest singer in Korea’s history.) (He was also named the biggest influencer.) (The man who set these records, Cho Yongpil) (The new history begins.) (“Shine” by Pentagon)


  1. IS2 would be the greatest if they could make this line up happen SOON in 1 of its episodes for 2018 :
    – Jung Dongha
    – Jung Junyoung
    – Roy Kim
    – Kim Yongjin
    – Tei
    – KCM
    – Sandeul

  2. It would be really lovely to see SPICA sing here again, like all 5 of them! 😢😢😢 missing them sooo much… its also sad to hear very little part from Jiwon oenni…


  3. So this is the best of girl groups according to KBS Unit show? Well this for sure happens if you eliminate all good singers. Thx NC.A, you saved them.

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