Ian Paice explains how he uses his Roland V-Drums TD-11KV

Ian Paice explains how he uses his Roland V-Drums TD-11KV

Hello. Ian Paice here. This is my little home studio and I’m working today with Roland and one of their wonderful V-Drums kits and we’re going to show you some of the magic things it will do and it helps me when I’m on the road. I do have the bigger kits (TD-50KV). They take a lot to move them around and my road manager has enough to do with my acoustic kit. So this is a lovely convenient size, as it says on the box it’s a compact kit. So I will just practice some simple rudiments and get that two or three minutes before I go on the stage. If I don’t do that, even after all these years, it take three or four minutes of being on stage before that understanding is immediate and it sounds strange, but that is the truth. It makes sure that the first note that I hit on stage is the right note. Acoustic drums are quite loud and playing on your knee does not quite make it, so to sit there with headphones on and go through some simple hand movements, which are very important, even if it is only for two or three minutes, it gets you on stage and the muscles are in tune and already knowing what they have to do. If you go on cold, it takes you two or three minutes to do what you should have done in the dressing room, so this little kit is fantastic for that. It’s so close to the way it reacts to the stick bouncing off of the heads, that it gets you to that point where you are ready to play properly on stage. Because you can set the tension on the drum heads, you can simulate the way your acoustic drum feels to you. If you have a slack snare drum or slack toms, you just loosen these off, of course it doesn’t affect the electronic sound, but the way that the stick reacts is something you would expect it to do. If you tune a little tighter, then you tune these up and the stick bounces the way you expect it to. So that’s really important too, and it’s a very simple solution. I’m off on tour on Thursday, this is Tuesday, Wednesday is packing day. This will be with me to help me through the tour. If it was not there, I would really miss it. It becomes part of the routine and it’s a very, very important thing to me now. When you have got a 10, 12, 14, 16 inch drum, you can be off by 2 or 3 inches, it does not matter. With these, if you are off by 2 or 3 inches, you have missed the drum. So, it actually just focusses your hands and where you need to be hitting the heads. I see my heads sometimes when I come off stage and there are pits all over the place, where I got a bit lazy and missed the middle of the head by 3 or 4 inches. Well, this help you try not to do that.


  1. If you play with headphones for a while do you get a headache (even if playing at low volumes)? I used to play a keyboard for many hours with headphones on and got a sort of digital nausea.

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