I Wore Band-Aids Instead Of A Bra • Ladylike

I Wore Band-Aids Instead Of A Bra • Ladylike

– Christ. – Oh my god. – I wasn’t expecting that at all. (upbeat music) – Kristin here. Love the
talk shop about boobs. So, I read a BuzzFeed article about a 17 year old high
schooler in Florida, who didn’t wear a bra to school and was asked to put
Band-Aids over her nipples. The idea behind putting the
Band-Aids on the nipples was that it’s supposed to cover
the nipple so you can’t see, but she was a wearing
a really baggy shirt, so I don’t really know
what was to be seen anyway. Also, they made her put on
like an additional t-shirt and jump up and down to see
how much her boobs bounced, which is so ridiculous. It was this big controversy
with the school, the school came out and said that they had mishandled the situation, but the girl still should
have been wearing a bra. So, there’s a lot of outrage about forcing women
and girls to wear bras, when really it’s kind of your
choice about whether or not you want to wear an
undergarment that no one sees. But like beyond that, asking someone to put Band-Aids
on their nipples sucks. As someone who has sizeable nipples, the idea of putting Band-Aids there and then taking them off. I mean, you’ve taken off a Band-Aid that’s been stuck to your arm hair before, now imagine it’s your nipple. So I thought, you know what, I’m gonna make a video about it. I’m gonna show everyone
how awful it would be to be asked to put
Band-Aids on your nipples. I’m gonna wear a baggy
t-shirt to work tomorrow and I’m not gonna wear a bra and then at some point during the day, I’m going to put Band-Aids on my nips and see if anyone can tell. And then at the end of the
day, I’m gonna take them off and then ask people to
come look at my nipples, people I trust who are consenting to this, I’m gonna ask them to
come look at my nipples and kind of describe what they see. I also wanna say that no one
asked me to make this video, I just was up really late, reading an article and got really excited. So, we’re gonna see if anyone can tell that I even put Band-Aids on my nipples and then we’re gonna see how
much it hurts to take ’em off. We’re gonna do a rerun of this outfit. You may remember this from the outfit that Jazma styled me in
and now I’m gonna wear it because it’s the baggiest thing that I own and can wear as a complete outfit and we’re gonna see what it’s like to have moderately sized
cupcakes and no bra. In order for me to do this thing where I’m wearing Band-Aids on my nipples, we actually had to ask
Research to see if it was safe. And like apparently it
does cause skin irritation? – It’s not gonna cause
any long term damage, which is why we were like,
“yeah, sure, go for it,” but FYI there’s a lot of people on a lot of breastfeeding
blogs that are like, “don’t do it,” like, it will hurt. It could rip your skin off, the adhesive. But that’s like worst case, not everyone has that experience. – Can you tell whether
or not I’m wearing a bra? – Um, no. I can’t tell. I try not to look at my friends’ breasts. – Yeah, it’s cause that’s a
thing that you learn to not do. – You sound mad at me. Do you want me to look at them Kristin? – No. Can you tell whether or not
I’m wearing a bra right now? – No. – You can’t tell? – You’re not wearing a bra? – Truly can’t tell? – I really, truly can’t tell. But, it’s also pretty warm out, so we don’t have cold
temperatures to bring nips out. – Oh, I mean, nipples can find a way. I’m gonna put on my Band-Aids now. I got two for lefty and
then two for righty. Let’s do this. See, the thing is the circumference of my boobs is quite large, so actually two Band-Aids
is not quite enough to really cover the bullseye. Alright, oh that’s going
right on the areola. Alright, let’s do righty, c’mon righty. If I had to do this in high school, my mom would have been so mad. Alright we’re done, we’ve
put the Band-Aids on and as you can see, there
is no fucking difference. But now I have Band-Aids on my nipples. Can you tell that I’m
not wearing a bra today? – No. – Okay. – No, because your shirt’s really big, so I wouldn’t have even noticed. – Yeah. Would you guess that there are actually Band-Aids
on my nipples right now? – No, I wouldn’t guess that, no. – Okay, cause I’m wearing Band-Aids on my nipples today to see. – Nice. Are you comfortable? – I mean, I don’t know. We’re gonna find out later. – Okay, we’re gonna find out. – I mean, have you ever worn
Band-Aids on your nipples? – Yes. I wear them everyday. – Wait, what? – I wear them everyday. Lately, literally for over a year now, almost a year and a half, I’ve not worn a bra and I like only, if I want to look seamless,
I’ll wear Band-Aids over them. – One thing I’ve noticed
is that if it’s cold, these Band-Aids don’t really do anything. Like, you can still see. – You can still see. – Like, can you see my nipple right now? – I can see, yep. – So basically, if it’s
warm, it doesn’t matter. But if it’s cold, nature finds a way. – Yeah, I mean these
Band-Aids aren’t steel. Like, they’re not made of steel. – No, they’re not small Band-Aids either. I used pretty decently sized Band-Aids. – Literally, I have
this shirt on underneath because I was just gonna wear this today, like this crop top, but my
Band-Aids show through the shirt. – Oh my god, yeah I
can see your Band-Aids. – So, I don’t know if
you can see it on camera, but they are right there, see up and down? – Yeah, I can see it, I
can see your Band-Aids. – Yeah, I mean you can still see my, it’s funny cause you can still
see a nipple through that. – Yeah, so basically it’s kinda pointless. – It doesn’t hurt for me, I mean it has a little bit of
a pull, but it doesn’t hurt, but it does leave a red mark for a couple hours after you take ’em off. – You can’t even tell I’m
wearing them to be honest. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, it’s actually really seamless. – Yeah, it’s pretty seamless, but also so was not wearing a bra earlier. – It’s really hot out, so if I had to wear Band-Aids on my boobs, I’d be really pissed. Like, it’s sweaty and hot. – It’s a little sweaty,
righty’s gettin’ a little itchy. – Yeah, oh my god. Poor boob, poor righty. – I know. I feel like instead
of covering up the nipple, what it’s mostly doing
is like when you try to put White Out over a wrong test answer. Like, we know it’s under there. – Yes, we can see it. – It’s sad though because
I do it because I choose to and not because of society and nipples. And when I read that
article about the girl, I was so mortified for her. It’s just like it’s part of
our body and it’s not like – It’s your choice. – Yeah, it’s my choice, yeah. – Like you, you are putting
Band-Aids on your nipples because you’re choosing to, fully knowing what may or may not happen. – A hundred million percent. – So I’ve been wearing these
Band-Aids for a few hours now and they were comfortable at first, but now they’re starting
to get a little irritating. We walked to lunch today
and it’s really hot outside, so I was kinda sweaty, so I
was thinking that the ends of the Band-Aids would start to curl up, but they are firmly locked in place. So, this is a pretty heavy duty adhesive. There’s no way to tastefully and professionally touch your boob at work and yet when there are Band-Aids on them, that’s all you want to do. Okay, I’ve made it to the end of the day. And now, I’ve gotta
take these Band-Aids off and see just how painful it will be. These are pretty secure, they haven’t actually
peeled up or anything, so this should be fun. Okay, okay ow. I have three more to
go, this was a bad idea. Ow, it hurts. I have to stick my thumb really close to very sensitive tissue and I keep clipping it
and it keeps hurting. – [Jen] Ohhhhh. – And I did it again. – [Jen] I hate painful nipple talk. – Really? – [Jen] I feel like it’s
like when you know, like, I feel like I’m living
vicariously through you. – Ow. Okay, two down, two to go. Ugh, fun, this was a fun thing. Okay, alright, ta-da. It did not feel good taking these off. Um, they are very red. Oh, yeah, there’s a lot of redness, you can definitely see where these were. It’s not quite as bad as
I thought it would be, but oh it burns. Here are the Band-Aids,
I’ve clumped them together. I feel like I just got a fresh
wax in a place with no hair. So, I’m gonna have the other ladies now, come in and take a look at my nips and see if they can see what I’m seeing. And we can talk about how
this is a ridiculous thing to do to your boobs if
you don’t wanna do it. So, I took my Band-Aids
off about 15 minutes ago. – Yep. – So, heres what’s goin’
on, right basically now. – Christ. – Oh my god. – I wasn’t expecting that at all, like I knew that you
said it was irritated, but it is red, it’s like welted. – And there’s an indent, there’s like indentations of
where the Band-Aid used to be, I can see it as if it was
emblazoned on your nip. – Oh yeah, actually
now that I’m seeing it, do you see cause it’s shiny? – Right there, yeah. – You can see the little flecks
of skin that it’s taken off. – Yeah. – Okay, so full disclosure, I sometimes put Band-Aids on my nipples when I have to like wear
a dress or whatever, it never does this to me. But like, you must be – I think I have bigger
nipples than you do. – Fair, fair. – It’s like when you scratch
a piece of skin for too long and then you just start
to remove the skin. – Yeah, it looks like that. – No one should be told that they have to do stuff like this, that inflicts literally an
indentation into your skin. – Yeah, and like to be
fair, this doesn’t hurt you and it hasn’t hurt other
people, but it can. – It can. – I was expecting like
a little bit of redness, just like a little bit,
this is like a welt. – That’s a welt. – Yeah, it’s like a mild sunburn. – It’s like a little burn. – It’s like my boobs had
too fun of a day in Cancun. – Except they didn’t. – Without me. – Well, did you talk
about the bounce test? – Oh yeah, I talked about
the bounce test too. – Oh, the bounce test. – They made her jump up and down to see how bouncy her boobs were too. Like, I’m not even simulating
any of the humiliation and the anxiety and the horrible feelings, I’m just doing the damn Band-Aids. – Let’s put some Band-Aids
on your damn foreskin, let’s just like wrap that sucker up with some Band-Aids, rip it off. (ripping sound) – Yeah, see how you like it. – I just involuntarily crossed my legs. – Are you guys banning gray
sweatpants for men at school? – Exactly. – Doubt it. – So, I think what I have learned today is that you two are great friends and will be excellent moms. – I will kill someone for you. – Oh, well. – Yeah, look at that. – Jennifer’s taking off her earrings. – We’ll die on this hill, we will. – To be clear, no one
forced me to do this, I did it myself as an experiment, but I appreciate how angry you
are on my theoretical behalf. Obviously, some people do
choose to wear Band-Aids on their nipples for like
whatever reason they want to. – But it’s my choice. – It’s your choice. So, uh, putting Band-Aids
on my nipples to see if they are painful to
remove later, lady tested. – Lady ouch. – Lady ouch, lady they
hurt, they did hurt. – We’re back, why? – Okay so, it’s been like 16 hours or so, it’s the next day and I wanted to show you what my nipples look like today. – I’m nervous. – I wanted to show you what
my nipples look like today. – Let’s be real, you just wanted to show us your nipples again. – Maybe. But also, I do
wanna show you my nipples so you can see. This is what this nipple looks like. – It’s still there. The
welts are still there. – Oh my god, it’s like a tattoo. (laughing) – Kristin. – You can see where the white cotton part of the Band-Aid is. – Yeah, oh my god. Oh, hell no. I don’t have on hoop earrings today y’all, but you know what I would be doing. – Oh my god, that one’s worse. Oh god, Kristin. I am so mad. First off, I didn’t know that
you got irritated like this. – Yeah, it’s actually, the one
thing I noticed this morning was like, “wow, this is
actually worse on day two.” – It’s worse on day two. – It doesn’t hurt, like it
kind of feels a little bit, like it feels sensitive like
a little bit like a sunburn. – You look like you had an allergy. – This is unhealthy and cruel and unusual. – Yeah, so basically, this
doesn’t happen to every nipple, probably, but it does happen
to at least some nipples. – Some, yeah. – At least two nipples that
I know of, this happens to. – I’m sorry Kristin. – It’s fine, I mean it
doesn’t actually itch, so it’s not like an allergic reaction, it just is a reminder of the patriarchy. – God damn it. – You’re a good friend. She’s throwing things for ’em. – Damn. (upbeat music)


  1. Wear a bra if you want. I will say smaller breasts are less noticeable (obviously) then someone with large breasts.

  2. Ok so some girl, in my 7th grade year, that was in 8th grade NEVER wore a bra… I'm not judging her for not wearing a bra… I'm judging her for changing into PE clothes everyday in the middle of everyone… she could have gone into the showers, there is one that the water doesn't work, so she could've changed in there

  3. I go with silicone nipple covers, myself. I've used pasties before too, but I've found that they're better for covering some sensitive scars (like… on my leg)

  4. That poor girl! If the school say you have to wear a bra to school, they should send her home instead of asking her to put plasters on! it clearly doesn't do anything and is outrageous and ridiculous! THAT is what shouldn't b allowed.

  5. I used dollar tree band aids for a very long time and they were awesome, but I ran out and got some more band aids from equate and the adhesive burned my skin in some parts took over a week for them to heal. Now I don’t do it anymore:/

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  7. I mean for someone to notice the girl wasn't wearing a bra at school means someone like a teacher would had reported it meaning a teacher was staring at her boobs

  8. I honestly can’t imagine how awful it’d be to have to put bandaids on my nips and then rip them off, it sounds like a form or torture.

    And it makes me so angry that they made a teenage girl put them on and then proceed to jump up and down so they could watch them bounce.

  9. thank god my school doesn't care if we wear bras or not. I prefer not wearing a bra and just wear an undershirt/sando so it wont be that hot especially because we have to wear a uniform which feels really hot when you wear one. Can't imagine the shame this girl has to go through.

  10. But if you can see a guys nipples through his shirt no one cares and he won’t get in trouble and have to put on another shirt or band aids

  11. I am so glad you made this video. I didn’t know about that article. You did major justice for this young woman and all others. No one should be made to do what they did to her. And bouncing?!!!!! 😡 Aloe Vera and Neosporin girl do you can heal. Omg Such a trooper to be a voice for women.
    I’ll hold your earrings Freddie 😉 go kick that a— lol

  12. Ok if this is about how "boys will get distracted" THEN THEY SHOULD TEACH THEM NOT TO FU*** LOOK 😡😡😡

  13. Funny how Jenn WOULD NOT look, but Devin was like, ohh let me see! Lol
    Makes me wonder if Kristen is allergic to the bandaids. I am very allergic to a lot of bandaids, medical tape, gloves etc… damn latex

  14. I really dont understand this rule in my schools dress code. "Cant show undergarments or lack of undergarments' so youre saying if u can see im wearing a bra its a problem and when u cant tell im wearing a bra its again a problem

  15. This was the first ladylike video I ever saw because I was so furious over the article. Thank you for introducing the channel to me

  16. Omg I’m not far into the video and I had to do this when I had a weird dress and had to hide the nips. Anyways, it messed up my skin. I was bleeding and got the worst scabs and infection

  17. When i was in highschool i was 13… ihad a cancerous lump removed from my right boob. Wasn't allowed to wear a bra then. School had issues but shut up quickly when told to f off by my mum.she was probably more diplomatic than that. It was fantastic not having to worry about a bra.

  18. Oh my lord, not wearing a bra when it's hot outside is so sweaty and awful…thanks for doing all this so that we don't have to! I love you, Kristin! You're the best! 😊❤️❤️❤️

  19. If my high school had done that to me, lord save them from my mother. I'm allergic to adhesive (band-aids, any kind of tape, etc) and WILL break out in a rash with hives and welts.

  20. PSA: If you have an adhesive reaction this severe, please screen yourself for a genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome by looking at this list: edhs.info/symptoms and/or look up an allergy condition called mast cell activation syndrome. Most people with adhesive allergy won't have these conditions, but due to how little the conditions are diagnosed vs. how many people have them, I try to spread the word as much as possible whenever comorbids or symptoms come up (I have it).

  21. i always use to put band aids on my ears instead of earring tape cuz i didn’t have any and i remember taking it of and thinking my ear ripped 😂

  22. So the school asked a student, a MINOR to bounce her boobs infront of probably a bunch of adult men. No one thought this was sexual harrassment?

  23. I heard about that article and that makes me so angry that they would do such a thing. Being a high schooler myself the band-aid wouldn't bother me however the things she had to do and I would be fuming I would crawl in a hole and die then make my mother sue everyone at that school that made me do that

  24. I know I'm super late to this… but who was the perv staring at adolescent girls' chests to make sure they were wearing bras in the first place? Ugh.

  25. The girl can pressed charges for sexual harrassment. She is 17 and was forced to bounce her breast. That is INAPPROPRIATE

  26. So most people don't know that adhesive like on tape and band aids has laytex in it. It's not alot but people with allergies or in my case sensitivity it sucks. Just on my arm it sucks and itches like crazy. Even when they say latex free it's not because it's in the adhesive. Now imagine that sensitivity on your damn nipple and it itches. For days afterwards. And if you scratch it it hurts even more

  27. I have my nipples pierced and they are fairly small so when they get infected I put bandaids on them and it helps me a lot. I never get red Mark's after either but I use johnson and johnson brand.

  28. I've definitely done this but only for short periods of time – like for a night out or a really thin top. It wasn't for a super long time but it worked! I'm also very petite so that could be part of it.

  29. Did this before for 5th grade graduation-Lmao. No bra straps were allowed to be shown, and I was wearing a cute green dress that showed my top half (shoulders, neck)
    It does hurt OML- taking them off like seriously-

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  32. if anyone was wondering, Kristen may have reacted badly to the bandaids because most bandaid adhesives contain Epoxy, which she stated in her 50 facts about me video that she is incredibly allergic to!

  33. I got dress coded today because I was wearing a cami with a sweater and the lady told me that teachers were saying the cami was falling down during class lowkey kinda cried ngl

  34. I use adhesive remover to take off the adhesive dressing I have to use daily to cover my chest catheter. I can’t imagine trying to rip bandaids off your nipples with nothing.

  35. at my school we are not supposed to wear crop tops or super short shorts, but they are not that strict I am thankful. a lot of girls still wear shirts showing some of their tummy and they dont care.

  36. I'm horrified! I'm highly allergic to bandaid adhesive and it burns my skin off on my arm after an hour. I can't imagine how painful that would be

  37. Let us women be free of what we decide to look like and what we wear. I would like to see men trying to put band aids around their private area and see how they feel about and maybe try to understand us better. WOMEN ARE PEOPLE JUST LIKE ANY OTHER HUMAN IN THIS WORLD

  38. School is suppose be a safe. It’s already hard being in school and fitting in especially with body images. Making a minor put band aids on her nipples and bounce test her boobs is teaching her that “you body is wrong no matter what you”. It’s no safe. It’s not right. I can wear two bras and still bounce to kingdom come. I really hope that school learned a lesson. This is horrible.

  39. Oh wow so if a male went to school in sweatpants commando would he have to tape his “thing” down and jump to see if it moves?

  40. This whole bounce test is just like the dress codes in schools. I truly think that schools should be teaching teen boys and male teachers to respect women by not looking at them in a wrong way, instead of forcing girls to wear more “conservative” clothes. It’s our choice to choose what we want to wear. This just seems that society is just blaming the “perverted stuff” on the ladies, when it is just the whole mind and body thing for both guys and girls. They don’t see how this “conservative dress codes” can affect girls emotionally. If I were to say I saw a guy’s bulge through sweatpants, would the principal ban boys to wear sweatpants from here on out? No, they would not care about this. Then why are they suddenly so caring about girl’s clothing?
    If schools can’t stand these things and worry so much about these, they can just design a school uniform for the WHOLE SCHOOL to wear. Problem solved.

  41. The amount of sexualization and attention adult put into children's bodies disgusts me to my core. She's a minor, you shouldn't have been looking at her breasts long enough to notice (or at all.). As we have seen in this video it takes a long deliberate stare to discern whether or not someone is wearing a bra.

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